Prior Forum - 2007

2007 - Second Annual Employment & Labor Law Scholars' Forum

This Forum was designed to provide junior scholars with commentary and critique by their more senior colleagues in the legal academy and, more broadly, to foster development and understanding of new scholarly currents across employment and labor law. To that end, Seton Hall convened its first annual Employment & Labor Law Scholars' Forum on October 19th-20th, 2007.


Orly Lobel
University of San Diego
School of Law
Legal Loyalties

Russell K. Robinson
UCLA Law School
Perceptual Segregation

Paul M. Secunda
University of Mississippi School of Law
(to join Marquette Law School)
Whither the Pickering Rights of Federal Employees


Adrian A. Smith
McGill University Faculty of Law
Business Restructuring & the Future of Labor Law: Lessons from Canada, the EU & the US


Comment and Critique 

Bruce Barry

Owen Graduate School of Management

Vanderbilt University

Cynthia Estlund
New York University School of Law




Jacques Rojot
University of Paris I

Michael Selmi
The George Washington University School of Law





Timothy P. Glynn
Seton Hall Law School

Charles A. Sullivan
Seton Hall Law School






Tristin K. Green
Seton Hall Law School

Michael J. Zimmer
Seton Hall Law School



Additional Resources

John Howe
Melbourne Law School, visiting professor at Temple University
Melbourne Law School's Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law

Seth Harris
Professor, New York Law School