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In the Spotlight   

Paulette Brown '76

Paulette Brown '76 Speaking at the 2015 Orientation

Integrity, loyalty, engagement characterize the Seton Hall lawyer. This year’s Orientation speakers epitomize those attributes.

Seton Hall Law alumni feel an uncommonly close bond to the students and young graduates who follow in their path. This year, two graduates, Kevin H. Marino ‘84 and Paulette Brown ‘76, both of whom have both made their mark on the national stage this year, will help Seton Hall Law welcome the incoming class at this year’s Orientation.

Thursday, August 20  

As the 2015-16 President of the American Bar Association, Paulette Brown ’76 is the first woman of color to lead the ABA and believes the diversity she reflects should radiate throughout the legal profession. During her keynote speech at the ABA meeting in Chicago, Brown called for the 400,000 members of the ABA to serve as “social engineers for justice,” in the words of attorney and civil rights leader Charles Hamilton Houston:

This is a critical time for our profession. In a day and age where there is so much acrimony in our body politic, mistrust in the law, and even contempt for the legal process, I believe it is our responsibility, as an association, to rebuild the trust in America’s justice system and to fulfill our nation’s promise of equal justice under the law…

As lawyers — regardless of our ideology, age, practice area, or place of employment — we all believe that this nation’s laws must be applied equally. We deeply value the concept that the justice system must not only be fair, but must be perceived as fair by everyone in order to be effective.

Paulette Brown will speak at Orientation on Thursday, August 20 at 11:00 a.m. in the Larson Auditorium.