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New Scholarships Keep Seton Hall Law Rising

“Because of your generosity, my fellow scholarship recipients and I have been given the opportunity to live our dreams. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the alumni who have made that possible for us.” - Bradford Muller ’09, Seton Hall Law scholarship recipient

Scholarships are created for special reasons: because a graduate treasures the experience he or she had as a Seton Hall Law student, because a firm appreciates the hard work of the Seton Hall Law alumni it hires, because someone wishes to honor the memory of a loved one or a respected professor. While each has his or her own individual reason for giving, what all donors share is the desire to pave the way for others to receive a quality legal education. For the students who receive scholarships, the impact is immediate and long lasting. The gift of a scholarship can open the doors to a legal education, relieve the burden of heavy loan repayments, and make it possible to pursue additional learning opportunities - a study abroad program, a public interest externship, a summer position with the state or federal government, or another practical learning experience that would have been out of reach.

Now more than ever, scholarship support is critical for attracting the best students. Through the generous contributions of alumni and friends, 28 new scholarships totaling more than $2.5 million have been created to date as part of the Seton Hall Law Rising campaign. To remain competitive with other top law schools, the goal is raise an additional $1 million+ in scholarship support by the campaign’s end on June 30, 2011.

To find out how you can be a part of keeping Seton Hall Law rising, please contact Andrea DeChellis, Scholarship Coordinator, at 973-642-8092, or Vicki Fleischer, Assistant Dean for Alumni & Development, at 973-642-8293.