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Involving Alumni in the Life of the Law School

Reunion Celebration in Atrium at Seton Hall LawAs with any law school, Seton Hall Law depends upon the support and loyalty of its alumni to continue building on its reputation of excellence. A strong and loyal base of alumni also conveys to prospective students that Seton Hall Law is not just an institution – but a community – that truly cares about providing them with a quality legal education and preparing them for their legal careers. Among Seton Hall Law’s regional peers, annual giving rates range from 8.9 percent to 27.9 percent of all alumni. Those institutions consist of Brooklyn Law, Columbia, CUNY Law, Fordham, New York University, Penn, Rutgers, and Villanova. Currently, Seton Hall Law’s alumni support is among the lowest. Campaign Co-Chair Joseph LaSala, ’72, explains that to position Seton Hall Law as a top ranked law school it needs to exceed the top rates of its peer institutions. “Our hope is that Seton Hall Law alumni will rediscover the value of their law school experience and become part of raising our annual giving rate,” he says. “With a strong annual alumni giving rate, we can be assured that Seton Hall Law will continue to have a strong foundation to build upon now and into the future.” But it is not just dollars the law school is seeking, he says, but rather an involved base of alumni who enjoy remaining a part of Seton Hall Law.  “The connection to Seton Hall Law does not end the day we receive our law degree and hang it in our office,” notes fellow campaign Co-Chair Patrick Dunican, ’91. “The Seton Hall Law experience is a life-long connection that can bring lasting satisfaction knowing you are part of an outstanding law school.” Such connections can be maintained – or reestablished – by taking part in class reunions or alumni events, serving as an adjunct professor or as a judge for one of the law school’s many legal competitions, or in one of the many other ways the law school offers to involve alumni in the life of Seton Hall Law, says Dunican. “Seton Hall Law depends upon the energy, insight, and commitment of alumni to enlarge the law school experience for current students,” he adds. “There also is great satisfaction that comes from realizing you are a part of helping new lawyers to make their way in the world.” To find out how you can get involved, contact Lori Thimmel, Director of Alumni Relations at 973-642-8712, or thimmelo@shu.edu.