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Helping Students with a Passion for Public Service

As part of growing a strong scholarship program, the Seton Hall Law Rising campaign has placed a major emphasis on supporting students with an interest in pursuing a legal career path within government or public interest. Already in place is the Samuel J. Heyman Fellowship Program, which encourages students and graduates to enter federal government service. Samuel J. Heyman, Chairman of International Specialty Products, former Assistant Attorney General under Robert Kennedy, and former Chief Assistant Attorney for the District of Connecticut, has made a six-figure commitment to the campaign for this program. Another new program is launching this year in conjunction with the Community Health Law Project (CHLP). Named in memory of Alexander Menza, former Superior Court Judge, State Senator, and Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall Law, the program will provide a Seton Hall Law graduate with a two-year fellowship working with CHLP on civil liberty cases and the rights of people with disabilities. CHLP provides legal and advocacy services, training, education, and other related assistance to persons with disabilities and organizations representing their interests. Described as a “voice for the voiceless,” Menza, who passed away March 2, 2007, spent much of his life focused on protecting the rights of the disabled. The fellowship further expands Seton Hall Law’s ability to support students with a passion for public interest work, notes Veena Seelochan, Director of Seton Hall Law’s Public Interest and Public Service Programs.  “Given the rising costs of a legal education, developing strong scholarships interested in government and public interest is critical for ensuring students are able to pursue a career focused on service to others,” says Seelochan. “This fellowship merges together two very important efforts – Alex’s legislative work as a chief advocate for the mentally disabled, and CHLP’s legal, public policy, and advocacy efforts for persons with disabilities,” adds Harold Garwin, CHLP President and Executive Director. Gifts to support the growth of public service and public interest scholarships, including the Alexander Menza Fellowship, can be made by noting that specification with your contribution. A $50,000 contribution also can create an endowed scholarship to provide funding in perpetuity.