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Charting a Course for Policy Reform


In 2007, Seton Hall Law established   The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law to provide a forum for public policy discussions among industry, physician, consumer, and government representatives on issues at the intersection of medicine, the pharmaceutical and device industries, and public health.

The first forum, "Drawing the Line Between Physician Education and Product Promotion: Charting a Course for Policy Reform," took place January 30 at the Law School.

The forum focused on identifying new directions for public policy to address key issues in production promotion and conflicts of interest in continuing medical education. Taking part in the invitation-only meeting were individuals representing industry, government, physicians, consumer advocacy groups, academia, and organizations representing medical professionals.

The forum represented the first step in building relationships among industry, government, medicine, and consumer representatives for frank discussions to facilitate the development of workable solutions to critical public issues. In the months ahead, the Center will produce a white paper, as well as several articles, on the policy recommendations emerging from the first discussion. Further information may be found on the forum's Web site.