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Enriching the Law School Experience

“We have a student group to appeal to any interest a student might have,” notes Cindy Ball Wilson, ’00, director of student services. “If a student is interested in health law, we have a group for that; if they’re interested in animal rights, we have a group for that; and if they want to explore their faith, there’s a group for that, too.” 

Along with overseeing a strong network of student organizations and four student journals, Wilson also assists students in times of crisis, with academic advising, and counsels the Student Bar Association on ways to enrich the quality of life for students.  

Sometimes described as a “den mother,” Wilson explains, “I try to do anything I can to make it easier for students while they are on this wild ride called law school.”


Cindy Ball Wilson (second from left) with members of the Class of 2008 (l-r) Michael Yellin, A.J. Corimski, Mary Hurley, and Ashley Vallillo  

In honor of the value Wilson and her office bring to the student experience, the Class of 2008 has committed more than $25,000 to name the Director of Student Services’ office and to support the Annual Fund, which provides funding for student organizations and support programs. 

“We wanted to do this because Cindy truly cares and is absolutely an advocate for Seton Hall Law students,” explains Mike Yellin, Student Bar Association President. “Law school is incredibly hard and without a strong student service program and a good outlet, it could be an overwhelming process.”  

As director of student services, Wilson oversees and assists 36 student organizations, holding dozens of events a year. More than just a way for students to develop stronger relationships with one another, the groups provide students with “greater exposure to opportunities in the world of law, different opinions, and diversity,” says Wilson. 

“Student organizations help you to learn the law in ways classrooms alone can’t teach you,” says Brad Davidsen, 2L, who worked with Wilson as her research assistant during the 2007-08 academic year. “Student organizations are a way for students to make the law their own.” 

Before joining Seton Hall Law as director of student services, Wilson was an attorney with Paradiso, Dack, Taub & Sinay P.C. in Maryland, representing clients in complex domestic relations matters. The mother of a young daughter – Mackenzie, age 3 – she has a busy schedule juggling work, family, and home. She attends every event scheduled by the student organizations. She points out, however, that her mother Gail and husband, Jamie, are a great support to her, who both “love that I love my job.”  

She also adds that she is proud to be a part of Seton Hall Law during this stage in its growth as a top law school. “Dean (Patrick) Hobbs is such a great leader,” she says. “As an alumna, I find his vision especially inspiring. I feel privileged to be a part of making that happen.”