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The First Annual Scholarship Reception

Even in today’s electronic age when countless relationships are built and maintained virtually, there is still something special about meeting face-to-face. This past February, those who have supported student scholarships at Seton Hall Law received that opportunity when they were able to meet with the recipients who are benefiting from their generosity. “It was very special to have that experience and to be able to connect on that level,” noted Robert G. Rose ’74, Partner at Day Pitney in Morristown, who with his family has funded the Marcia Richman Scholarship at Seton Hall Law for more than a decade. 


Robert G. Rose and his wife, Ellen, meet with Amy McKinsey (center), the recipient of the scholarship established in memory of his cousin Marcia Richman

More than a dozen contributors and 30 scholarship recipients gathered at the Law School on February 5 for the First Annual Scholarship Reception. The contributors included those who have funded student scholarships for several years now and recent contributors who have established scholarships as part of the Seton Hall Law Rising campaign.

“Those of us who work at the Law School have the wonderful advantage of seeing, firsthand, the tremendous altruism that accompanies every scholarship donation, as well as our students’ sincere gratitude when they receive such awards,” noted Vicki Fleischer, Assistant Dean, Alumni and Development. “We thought it was important for both parties to meet one another: for donors to see how their scholarship has impacted one or more students, and to let those students know that scholarships tend to be created for very special reasons.”

The reception allowed Mr. Rose and his wife, Ellen, to meet for the first time with a recipient of the scholarship their family created in the early 1990s in memory of his cousin Marcia Richman. A1967 graduate of Seton Hall Law, Ms. Richman served as the first Chief of the Juvenile Justice Section of the New Jersey Public Defender’s Office. “She was a very special person with a real heart for helping young people,” noted Mr. Rose. “She also played a significant guiding role in encouraging me to attend law school and Seton Hall Law in particular.”

Meeting with this year’s recipient Amy McKinsey, he said, “left us feeling very grateful that in some small way we have been able to help a law student.”

Richard Cino ’90, Managing Partner of Jackson Lewis in Morristown, and his brother Vincent knew that due to a scheduling conflict they would not be able to meet with the recipient of the Employment Law Scholarship the firm has established at Seton Hall Law. But they still wanted to take part in the evening. “It’s a nice gesture by the Law School. Funding a scholarship should be more than writing a check and we were very pleased to meet so many of the scholarship sponsors and recipients,” he said. Although the recipient, Eric Guglielmotti, was unable to attend the reception, Mr. Cino and his brother did get to know Eric when he worked at Jackson Lewis as a 2008 summer associate.

Serving as a special guest speaker for the evening was Deborah Streiter, accompanied by her husband, William, who shared why they wanted to establish a scholarship in memory of their son Billy and daughter Ashley. Billy, a first-year law student, and Ashley both were tragically killed in a car accident in 2003. Mrs. Streiter explained that it was important for her and her husband to honor their children by helping others to reach their dream of becoming a lawyer.

The student speaker for the evening was Bradford Muller, 3L, who has received two scholarships: the Andrew B. Crummy Memorial Scholarship and the John J. Barry Memorial Scholarship of the Association of the Federal Bar of the State of New Jersey.

“Law school is an incredible three- or four-year journey for each of us, but it is a journey that comes with a lot of expenses,” noted Bradford. “Because of your generosity, my fellow scholarship recipients and I have been given added peace of mind, extra financial security, and the opportunity to remain in law school and live out our dreams.”

Photos of the reception can be viewed at Flickr.