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Reunion Classes Show Their Support

Reunions - a time for catching up, renewing connections, and joining together in true school spirit. This year, the classes of 1968, 1978, 1988, 1993, and 1998 as part of their reunions committed to pledging more than $180,000 to the Seton Hall Law Rising campaign. Here alumni from each class share their thoughts on giving and maintaining an active role in the life of Seton Hall Law.

TomBThe Class of 1968 “What I experienced at Seton Hall Law in the 1960s was a high-caliber faculty whose strong values and practical experience were imparted in the classroom and in conversation. The faculty clearly had an impact on how I think and what I’ve accomplished. Since then, the law school has continued to rise in prominence, in reputation, and in the caliber of its students. Like a good wine, it’s the quality of the grapes and the skill of the winemaker that make a difference. Through strong leadership and a commitment to excellence, Seton Hall Law has evolved into a real world-class vintage. Clearly, the school’s “rising” – and my being a part of that ascendancy - is important to me. Seton Hall Law is an institution that alumni can be most proud of, and it merits our support.” Thomas Bruinooge ’68 Principal Attorney, Bruinooge & Associates

BrianMCorrectSmallThe Class of 1978 “Seton Hall Law enjoys an excellent reputation in the state and federal courts, and among large firms in the tri-state area. The law school’s emphasis on practical experience, with many distinguished members of the state and federal judiciary on the adjunct faculty, offers a unique advantage for Seton Hall Law School students. I feel it is important for the alumni to help Seton Hall Law School ease the financial burden of deserving law students especially in the current economic climate.” Brian Molloy ’78 Managing Partner, Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer

DianeNardoneandAnthonySMALLThe Class of 1988Seton Hall Law means the world to me and it always will. Why? Because I am indebted to the professors who taught me that being a successful lawyer means more than winning cases and earning a living. It means standing up for the under-represented and the disenfranchised; it means championing just causes even when they are unpopular; it means challenging laws that infringe on our fundamental rights; it means fighting to maintain laws and procedures that protect those same fundamental rights. As we celebrate 20 years since we graduated from Seton Hall Law, we have the opportunity to ensure that the next generation of Seton Hall Law School graduates are equally committed to the legal tenets that are so critical to promoting social and economic equality. Please make a contribution to the Class of 1988 Scholarship Fund. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will truly be appreciated by the students who benefit from our class scholarship. Diane Nardone ’88 Sole Practitioner

SteveMIISMALLThe Class of 1993 “I received an excellent education at Seton Hall Law that prepared me well for the practice of law, not only the academics, but the faculty and students helped me to mature. They took me from being an undergraduate to a graduate student who was serious about my studies. I’ve remained involved in the law school largely as a result of Dean Hobbs, Dean Boozang and Professor Saunders who reached out to me and made me feel I am a welcomed part of the Seton Hall Law family. I also believe it is important for alumni to remain active because it’s in our best interest to make sure there is value to the degree that we hung on the wall. Alumni support is critical for increasing the name and reputation of our school. Also if we can help alumni and students to get into good positions, they, in turn, hopefully, will do the same for others.” Steven Mannion ’93 Partner, DeCotiis FitzPatrick Cole & Wisler

ShoshannaSMALLThe Class of 1998 "Seton Hall Law taught me how to be a good lawyer, and enabled me to have this career and achieve a measure of success. The professors were very hands-on and interested in providing students with a well-rounded education. As part of our education, we were provided with numerous practical experiences. I also had the opportunity to do an internship and work on a journal. Since then, Seton Hall Law has continued to grow and gain in stature as evidenced by the LSAT scores and grades of the current student body. When hiring, I always try to hire from Seton Hall Law because I know I’ll find students who are very smart, hard working, and well prepared. I also feel it is important as a graduate of Seton Hall Law to give back in whatever way I can. The participation and involvement of alumni is a critical for ensuring the school’s ongoing success. Our involvement shows that the school is strong and growing.” Shoshana Schiff ’98 Partner, Trenk DiPasQuale & Webster