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Summer Employment Sets the Stage for Future Career Success

As our alumni know, the summer months provide Seton Hall Law students with the opportunity to burnish their credentials, expand their professional networks and position themselves as skilled legal professionals ready to hit the ground running from the day they graduate. The success stories are broad and varied.  

Victor_Campos_'13Victor Campos ’13 was chosen as one of this year’s Arent Fox Diversity Scholarship recipients, receiving a $15,000 award and a position in the Arent Fox summer associate program. The selection process is extraordinarily competitive: despite the rigorous screening process, each year only three recipients are chosen from hundreds of applications from across the nation. Campos is the first Seton Hall Law student to receive the Scholarship. He summarized, “I had a phenomenal experience working at Arent Fox this summer. Arent Fox is a general practice firm and that enabled me to work in a variety of practice groups: labor and employment, insurance, construction, health care, litigation, and trademark. I was also able to assist in a Pro Bono matter that the firm was handling. I was impressed by the level of the work that I was doing. I was able to do substantive, real-world work that had tangible results. I gained a realistic perspective of working at Arent Fox and how life would be as a practicing lawyer. It was a very enriching experience!”  

Justine_DigeronimoJustine Degeronimo ’12 spent 10 weeks as a summer intern with the Federal Public Defender’s office in Newark, thanks to Seton Hall Law’s fall on-campus interview program and a grant from the Seton Hall Law Public Interest Law Fellowship. She conducted legal research, wrote memos, and observed court proceedings and attorney meetings such as sentencing hearings, initial hearings, bail hearings, supervised release violation hearings, oral arguments, proffer meetings, and jury selections. She noted, “My experience this past summer at the Office of the Federal Public Defender in Newark was extremely rewarding and eye-opening. Not only was I able to learn a great deal about federal criminal law, but I was able to directly impact issues at sentencing hearings as well as conduct research used in appellate briefs. My involvement with this type of work solidified my decision to seek a public interest position after law school graduation.”  

Audrey_DayAudrey Day Bordeaux ’13 spent her summer in California, participating in a 10-week Graduate School Fellowship program through Education Pioneers, a national nonprofit organization that attracts and develops influential leaders, managers, and reformers to ensure a thriving public education system in an ultimate effort to accelerate education reform. The organization engages carefully selected business, law, policy, and education graduate students and provides them with exposure to top education organizations and the most impactful initiatives throughout the sector. Bordeaux said, "I chose to apply for Education Pioneers because the opportunity gave me the chance to be on the ground, marrying my legal research skills and background in public education. The work challenged my legal research skills, as I investigated charter school law in over 41 states. The work was invigorating and inspiring. To have even a small impact on changing the way we deliver educational services to children is precisely why I came to Seton Hall Law."  

Summer employment opportunities open doors for Seton Hall Law students as no other career experience can, and they may be available within your organization. Our career professionals can meet to discuss available positions, or to help you explore establishing a summer opportunity for one of our students. For more information, please contact David Weinberg, Assistant Dean, Office of Career Services, at david.weinberg@shu.edu, or call 973-642-8595.