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A Letter from Alumni Council President Jacqueline Pirone '04

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” -- Herman Melville

Jacqueline_PironeWhen we began our legal education at Seton Hall Law however long ago, we came as individuals with the excitement and fears of a new student, the fervent desire to embrace our legal studies, and the hope of becoming a professional who could make a difference in the field of law. And, when we walked out of Seton Hall Law on graduation day, we departed knowing not only that we had received a great education, but also that we were prepared for any challenge we would face in our legal careers.

Most importantly, though, we left knowing that the community created and shaped by the students, professors, administrators, and alumni of Seton Hall Law would continue to be with us throughout our legal journey as it was from the time we first set foot in the Law School.

As a new generation of students enters the halls of Seton Hall Law, as we did before, let us make sure that they feel the same sense of community that we felt—and still feel. Our connection to the Law School, its students, and our fellow alumni is precisely what makes Seton Hall Law a special place and what keeps our Law School family together through good and bad economic times, abundant and tough job markets.

For this reason, I appeal to you, for the benefit of the larger family of which you are a part, stay connected to the Law School. Bring your knowledge, skills, and experience to the table and allow others to learn from you. Volunteer to lead a lecture series for students, judge a moot court competition, mentor a 3L, help a fellow alumnus choose a new career path…the list of ways you can contribute to the Seton Hall Law community is endless.

But, it all begins with your willingness to connect, and stay connected, to the Law School and those who have come before us and those who will come after us. Your commitment to Seton Hall Law is a crucial thread that will bind our community together and allow our Law School, its students and its alumni to continue to thrive. One easy way to sustain your ties with your classmates is to log in to Seton Hall Law Connect, the Law School’s new alumni networking tool. Use it for referrals, event registration, a way to share your career news and to reconnect with old friends.

I thank you for renewing your connection and commitment to Seton Hall Law and look forward to serving as your Alumni Council President.

Jacqueline C. Pirone '04
President, Alumni Council
Seton Hall University School of Law