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Celebrating and Reconnecting at the Alumni Reunion

Alumni_Reunion_Dean_Hobbs_Marita_Erbeck_John_Shadanian_Professor_RiccioThe Seton Hall Law alumni reunion for the Classes of 1972, 1997 and 2002 took place at The Brownstone House in Paterson on October 19, with more than 150 in attendance. Pat Koch '72, John Shadanian '97, Marita Erbeck '02 and Douglas Mehan '02 share their reflections on their opportunities to catch up with classmates, many of whom are now professional colleagues and good friends.

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The next reunion evening will take place on December 1 at the Montclair Art Museum, with a celebration for the Classes of 1982, 1987 and 1992. Click here to make your reservation. We hope to see you there!

(Pictured above, from left: Dean Patrick E. Hobbs, Marita Erbeck, Reunion Committee member for the Class of 2002, John Shadanian, Reunion Committee member for the Class of 1997 and Professor Ronald Riccio '71).

Pat Koch ’72:

“Our class reunion was great fun, since many classmates attended and made it special. Yet many more were missed.

Alumni_reunion_Class_of_'72"For those who came, there was plenty of storytelling and memories; the 40 Clinton Street basement level "student lounge," our professors - some of whom also attended our reunion - the daily elevator or stairs to the seventh floor (decision depending on how early you were for class), the constant "shushing" of the librarian and of course gathering at Arnolds for 50¢ drafts!

"Personally, I felt both nostalgic and proud to reconnect with classmates that Friday night. There is so much personal and professional accomplishment represented in all of our class. Yet, it was truly amazing to be able to pick up where we left off; rather than notice changes in each other brought on by the years, you just couldn’t help but go right back to the times we spent together.

"Our years as law students were marked by major, deserved, social unrest and student movement, and our class went on to be excellent people who have achieved great things.

"The best part of the evening, though, was experiencing again those same personalities we spent years enjoying. In this way especially, no one has changed. It would be fun to try it again. I'd make the trip!”

Pictured, from left: Class of 1972 members Mitch Baumeister, Wilma Solomon, Pat Koch and Stuart Kritzer.

John Shadanian ’97:

Alumni_reunion_Class_of_'97“The reunion was a great night! It brought people back to the law school and gave us all a chance to see so old classmates and to reconnect. My academic and personal experience at Seton Hall Law is a significant part of my life and helped shape the person I am today. In fact, my class was one of the first to attend law school after the new building was dedicated. My father also went to Seton Hall Law as an evening student, so it’s something of a family tradition.

“As a member of the Class of 1997 and in the legal profession for 15 years now, I believe we’ve reached a level professionally where we are responsible - to both our colleagues and to the students today - to give our time and financial support to the young lawyers who now follow us. I joined the Reunion Committee because I wanted to impart that message to my classmates. Seton Hall Law has grown in such prominence in the last decade thanks to Dean Hobbs’ leadership, and it has given our legal degree that much more value in the passing years. That’s why I want to give back, and encourage my classmates to do the same.”

Pictured, from left, Class of 1997 members John Shadanian, William Nossen, Anil Arora, Davin Cellura and Amato Galasso.

Marita Erbeck ’02:

Alumni_reunion_Class_of_2002b“I was a 1L when Professor Lillquist - now Vice Dean Lillquist - taught his first class at Seton Hall Law. I became his research assistant and a tutor in his Contracts class. So, it was a pleasure and a surprise that he recommended me as a member of the Class of 2002 Reunion Committee. My participation gave me the opportunity to reach out to classmates I hadn’t spoken to in years. I was glad to see so many members of our class join us at the Reunion, but as a Committee member, it was also fun to call and reconnect with classmates from out of state who could not attend.

“I graduated from Seton Hall Law with five close friends I know I’ll have for my lifetime. My experience on the Committee, and then attending the Reunion, reminded me of all the terrific people I graduated with 10 years ago. I know I’ll stay in better touch with them now that we had a chance to talk and celebrate together on October 19!”

Pictured, from left, Class of 2002 members Mary Browning, Marita Erbeck, Dani Nodelman along with Vice Dean Erik Lillquist.

Doug Mehan ’02:

Alumni_reunion_Class_of_2002”Our reunion was not only an opportunity to spend a few hours with old friends, but also a reminder that so many of our classmates still live and work nearby. This 10-year anniversary provided the perfect opportunity for our alumni to reconnect - whether they were able to attend the reunion or not. Seton Hall Law is a community, and I hope that the Class of 2002 will stand out not only for its career achievements, but also for its contributions to that community."

Doug Mehan is pictured second row, far left, with fellow graduates of the Class of 2002.