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A Letter from David Calviello '96, Alumni Council President

Dave Calviello

This issue of Alumni News and Notes is just another tangible reminder of the rising caliber of our alma mater - Seton Hall Law. One of the reasons I chose Seton Hall Law years ago was because it had just built a state-of-the-art building that was the envy of New York area law schools at the time. Back then, alumni used to tell me "you have it so good" with the new building and the other aspects of the law school's growing popularity. I had to agree.

As you can see throughout this edition, today's Seton Hall Law students have it even better. They attend a law school whose national ranking continues to rise despite lower admission numbers that all law schools are experiencing and a job market that is struggling. U.S. News and World Report ranked Seton Hall Law # 64 out of 200 law schools! And our Health Law program continues to hold "Top Ten" status and is ranked 6th in the nation! Our rising national ranking is just one of the reasons why today's students come from places far beyond the tri-state area. Add that to the stellar faculty and career-enhancing course selection, Seton Hall Law is clearly a "top-shelf" law school. As a Seton Hall Law alum, you should be proud of how far we have come as an institution and excited about the direction we are heading.

I still believe, however, that our law school's greatest asset and most precious resource are you - our alumni. It seems everywhere you turn there is a Seton Hall Lawyer in a position of significant leadership. Perhaps today more than at any other time in our school's history, Seton Hall Law alumni hold more prominently roles in major law firms, the bench, and in government. Heck, we even have a governor.

And our alumni continue to give back to the law school in so many ways. Whether through their generous financial contributions to the Annual Fund, serving as moot court judges, hiring a recent graduate, or simply mentoring a rising student, our alumni provide a tremendous resource to our students and our school. Now more than ever is it time to stay connected to Seton Hall Law. If you haven't joined us for an alumni function yet, made it to a reunion, or attended one of our free CLE programs, make it a point to do so and reconnect this year. Check out our events calendar for a list of upcoming events that you can participate in. Also, consider serving as a mentor to a law student or recent graduate. Have you joined Seton Hall Law’s online community yet - Seton Hall Law Connect? If not, log in today and tap into the networking opportunities available with the only online network created exclusively for Seton Hall Law alums.

The events featured in Alumni News and Notes provide just a snapshot of the successes our law school continues to achieve. With your participation and those of other successful alumni, our next edition will continue to highlight all the good Seton Hall Law alumni do for our law school and the greater legal community. Be a part of it and I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

David Calviello '96
President, Seton Hall Law School Alumni Council