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Juris Doctor & Master of Diplomacy and International Relations
Joint Degree Program with the School of Diplomacy at Seton Hall University

Why might I consider studying for an M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations
(M.A.D.I.R.) while obtaining a law degree?

The J.D. program at Seton Hall prepares students for a wide variety of careers within the
legal profession, including business and government service. The M.A.D.I.R. program
educates students specifically interested in international law with knowledge to be successful
managers and leaders of international organizations and businesses, non-governmental
organizations, and government agencies involved in international matters. Pursuing the joint
degree program presents a unique opportunity to combine the rigor of a legal education with
a thorough understanding of international policy issues.

Does the M.A.D.I.R. degree offer any specialized areas of study?
As a M.A.D.I.R student at Seton Hall, you will have the option of completing your joint degree program with a functional or geographic regional specialization in mind. Specialization areas include:

  • Foreign Policy Analysis
    Global Health and Human Security
    Human Rights
    Global Negotiation and Conflict Management
    International Economics and Development
    International Organizations
    International Law
    Latin America and the Caribbean
    Middle East

How many credits will I need to graduate, and how long will it take?
The joint program requires full-time study for four academic years. The J.D. program
requires 85 credits. The M.A.D.I.R program requires 30 credits for students enrolled in the
J.D./M.A.D.I.R program. In total, 115 credits will be completed. While the vast majority of
work will be completed during fall and spring semesters, summer terms are also utilized.

Must I study on a full-time basis?
Yes, at least initially. While some students may be able to successfully petition the law and
diplomacy schools for part-time study, a program of part-time study will only be approved
two full study such Seton Hall Law after having completed two-years of full-time study. As such, the joint program is not appropriate for you if you require part-time study.

What courses will I be required to take at the law school?
Students will be required to meet all of the requirements for the J.D. degree. There are no
changes to or reduction in the degree requirements. Additionally, to receive the M.A.D.I.R
degree, students will be required to take 12 credits of electives in the “International Legal
Studies” course group, excluding International Organizations, a course to be taken at the
School of Diplomacy.

What courses will I be required to take at the School of Diplomacy?
Required courses in the M.A.D.I.R. program include International Relations Theory, Politics of Culture & Ethnic Pluralism, International Organizations, and Art and Science of International Negotiation. Students must also take International Political Economy, or Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations. Additionally, students take 12 credits of electives (with an optional specialization focus), and a for-credit internship. Students who have a legal clerkship may substitute the internship requirement for an additional 3-credit diplomacy elective.

How do I apply and what are the deadlines?
Students wishing to apply to the joint program must submit concurrent applications to
both the law school and the diplomacy school. The priority deadline for admission to the
law school is April 1st. The preferred deadline for admission to the diplomacy school is May
1st. Since the 1st year curriculum in the joint program is the first-year law school
program with no diplomacy courses, Seton Hall Law students have the option of applying
to the joint program, so long as their application is submitted prior to the conclusion of their
first year of legal studies. Since the admissions committee of each school makes an
independent evaluation of your application, it is possible that one school may offer admission
while one school does not. If this happens, you may decide to attend the program to which
you were admitted.

Is there any pre-requisite language requirements for the J.D./M.A.D.I.R. program?

Can I be exempted from the LSAT or GRE?
The LSAT is required for your admissions application to the J.D. program. Students who
submit an LSAT score as part of a J.D. admissions application need not take any additional
standardized testing to be considered by the M.A.D.I.R. program.