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Kristen E. Boon joined the Seton Hall Law School faculty in 2006 and teaches courses in international law and contracts. She has authored and co-authored articles on such topics as legislative reform in post-conflict zones, international criminal courts, and federalism and the challenges of aboriginal self-government.

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Law and the Global Community

Managing Change in the Face of Globalization

Twenty-first century law practice is global, and Seton Hall Law students are wholly positioned to take advantage of the ever-expanding boundaries of legal practice. Our faculty have worked in developing countries on democracy and constitution building, electoral reform and judicial independence in countries such as Ghana, Armenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Guinea Bissau. They have participated in fact-finding missions in China, Cuba, Kosovo, Gaza, the West Bank and Armenia. In addition to a broad array of international course work and relationships with the United Nations (UN), Seton Hall Law offers several innovative study abroad programs.

The International Law program at Seton Hall Law prepares lawyers to become global leaders, problem solvers, and bridge builders for the resolution of issues stretching across borders. Students can choose to focus on public international law assisting with issues related to the political systems of nation states; private international law dealing with matters between private persons and/or non-governmental organizations; or international law and the U.S. courts. Along with a faculty of highly respected experts in international law and policy, Seton Hall Law offers a range of practical learning opportunities to build upon specific areas of interests including the global political economy, intellectual property law, and human rights. Students can take part in clinical programs through the Center for Social Justice, review emerging issues in one of our study-abroad programs, work with faculty on matters ranging from immigration law, to the treatment of detainees, to economic reform, to the extension of borders, and much more. Take a look around and discover how you can assume your role in today’s global world.