Current Students

Curriculum Requirements   

A student enrolled in the combined degree program must complete 85 credits (88 credits beginning with Fall 2009 entering class) at the Law School and another 30 credits at the Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, for a total of 115 credits (118 credits effective Fall 2009), instead of the 130 credits (133 credits effective Fall 2009) that would be required to complete the two programs separately.

At the Whitehead School, students must complete 18 credits of required courses and 12 credits of electives. At a student’s option, 9 of these elective credits may be concentrated in a functional or regional specialization. As part of coursework at the Law School, students must complete 12 credits within the International Legal Studies Group (except INTL 9607 International Organizations). Students must also complete INDEPENDENT RESEARCH (2 credits – WRTG 9142) or a second ADVANCED WRITING REQUIREMENT course drawn from the International Legal Studies Group at the Law School in addition to the AWR requirement for the JD.

No credits earned at the SODIR may be counted towards the JD degree. The 12 credits and 2-3 credits taken as part of the 85 credits at the Law School are accepted by the SODIR in place of the 31st-45th credits for the MADIR. This is the maximum number of Law School credits that may be applied to the MADIR - the 30 required Diplomacy credits must be taken at the SODIR.

School of Diplomacy Course Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credits
DIPL 6000 International Relations Theory 3
DIPL 6001 Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism 3
DIPL 6002 International Organizations 3
DIPL 6105 or 6155 International Political Economy or
Advanced Economic Aspects
DIPL 6104 Art and Science of International Negotiation 3
DIPL 7111 Internship* 3
DIPL xxxx Diplomacy Electives 3

*A student with a clerkship may substitute a Diplomacy elective for the internship requirement.

Course Number Course Name Credits
INT 7601 Comparative Law 3
INT 7603 Admiralty 2
INT 7608 European Union Law 3
INT 7612 Business Transactions in the European Union
(Parma program only)
INT 7617 International Criminal Law 2
INT 7625 United States Foreign Relations Law 3
INT 7632 Comparative Law and Religion 3
INT 8600 International Law 3
INT 8601 International Economic Law 3
INT 8610 International Trade Law 2
INT 8613 International Oil & Gas Law
(Cairo program only)
INT 9600 International Criminal Law 2
INT 9601 International Trade Law* 2 or 3
INT 9604 Selected Problems in
International Human Rights
2 or 3
INT 9606 Comparative Constitutional Law* 2 or 3
INT 9616 Comparative Constitutional Design* 2 or 3
INT 9617 International & Comparative Family Law 2 or 3
WRTG 9142 Independent Research 3

*May satisfy the JD/MADIR writing requirement when offered as an AWR seminar.

Some of these courses are offered only in the Law School's Summer Abroad programs in Parma, Cairo and Ireland. New courses added to the International Legal Studies Group (except INTL 9607 International Organizations) are also acceptable. Under exceptional circumstances, a course not included in the above list may be approved for MADIR credit by the Academic Dean of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations.  

Because of residency requirements and other considerations, the combined JD-MADIR program can generally be completed only by students enrolled on a full-time basis.  With the joint consent of the Dean of Students of the Law School and the Academic Dean of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, and for good cause, a student may be allowed to remain in the program although enrolled on a part-time basis only after the completion of the second year of full-time participation in the program.  Such approval for part-time status must be renewed every semester.  No waiver of the full-time status requirement may be granted during the first two years of the programs.  

The combined JD-MADIR degree requires that the student complete all law school requirements for graduation.