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Joint Degree program students shall take the following courses at the School of Diplomacy:

At the Whitehead School, students must complete 18 credits of required courses and 12 credits of electives for a minimum of 30 credits of Diplomacy courses. At a student’s option, 9 of these elective credits may be concentrated in a functional or regional specialization.

School of Diplomacy Course Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credits
DIPL 6000 International Relations Theory 3
DIPL 6001 Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism 3
DIPL 6002 International Organizations 3
DIPL 6105 or 6155 International Political Economy or
Advanced Economic Aspects
DIPL 6104 Art and Science of International Negotiation 3
DIPL 7111 Internship* 3
DIPL xxxx Diplomacy Electives 3

*A student with a clerkship may substitute a Diplomacy elective for the internship requirement.

As part of their Law School coursework, Joint Degree students must also satisfy the following requirements:

A. Students must complete 12 credits within the International Legal Studies Group (except INTL 9607 International Organizations).

B. In addition to A above, Students must complete INDEPENDENT RESEARCH (2 credits – WRTG 9142) or a second ADVANCED WRITING REQUIREMENT course drawn from the International Legal Studies Group in addition to the AWR requirement for the JD.

NOTE that students cannot apply for the MADIR until accepted to both programs.