Current Students

JD/MBA Curriculum Requirements   

Joint Degree program students shall take the following courses at the School of Business:

Pre-Qualification Sequence

Course Number Course Credits
BMBA 8011 Economics Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8013 Finance Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8014 MIS Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8018 Math Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8019 Statistics Pre-Qualifier N/A

Essential Knowledge Sequence

Course Number Course Credits
BMBA 9201 Social Responsibility 2
BMBA 9202 International Perspective 2
  Subtotal 4

Foundation Sequence

Course Number Course Credits
BMBA 9101 Finance & Economics (Hub I) 4
BMBA 9102 Technology & Operations (Hub II) 4
BMBA 9104 Human Interaction and Market Orientation (Hub IV) 4
In lieu of Hub III, take either:
BMBA 9305* Management Accounting or 2
BMBA 6101 Financial Accounting 3
  Subtotal 14/15

*Equivalent of BACC 6101 or waiver of same is a pre-requisite to BMBA 9305.

Breadth Sequence

Course Number Course Credits
Students may cross-credit up to 12 credits between the two programs

Specialization Credits

Course Number Course Credits
Choose one: Accounting, Healthcare Administration, Finance, Financial Institutions, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Management, Sport Management, International Business 1
  Subtotal 12

Note: A concentration in accounting requires 15 credits.

Service Project**

** 20 Hour community service project outlined in BMBA 9201 Social Responsibility


Course Number Course Credits
BMBA 9400 Business Capstone 2  
  Total credits to complete MBA 40-48*

1Must have appropriate pre-requisites prior to taking specialization courses.

2No student may register for BMBA 9400 without having met the 3.0 requirement.  BMBA 9400 can only be taken in the last semester.

*includes cross-credits. Pre-approved Stillman cross credit courses that may be transferred to the School of Law are: BACC 7117, ECON 7441, ECON 7950, BFIN 7216, BFIN 7225, BFIN 7229 and BMGT 7517.