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Policies and Procedures

Dismissal and Readmission   

Dismissal notice. A student in failed standing will be given notice of automatic dismissal from the law school, without right to appeal.

Readmission: Dismissed Students.

No student dismissed for academic reasons may be readmitted unless all of the following are satisfied:

  1. At least one year has elapsed since the student's dismissal.
  2. The student files a written petition stating the grounds for readmission,
  3. The Associate Dean and Committee majority concur that the student be readmitted as a beginning student, having concluded, after a hearing, that the student is likely to succeed in law school.

Among what may be considered in deciding whether to readmit a student are:

  1. A student's prior academic record,
  2. The causes for the student's dismissal,
  3. Whether the causes in B. 2. have been overcome, and are unlikely to reoccur,
  4. The character and quality of the student's activities since dismissal,
  5. Written submissions and oral testimony by the student and others,
  6. The student's demonstrating an increased capacity for law studies.

Upon readmission, the Associate Dean and Committee may impose reasonable requirements or restrictions upon a student to promote the student's academic success.

Procedures on readmission. A statement of the considerations that led to readmission will be placed in the readmittee's file by the Associate Dean. The prior academic record will not be removed, but will not be considered for purposes of academic standing or graduation. Transcripts will reflect all academic grades taken before and after readmission; however, grade point average and class rank will be computed anew from the date of readmission.

Readmitted students: minimum performance. All readmitted students must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the first academic year following readmission, and will be automatically dismissed from the Law School upon failure to do so.