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Refund, Withdrawal, & Dismissal Policies and Regulations   

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Refund, Withdrawal & Dismissal Policy


Any student who withdraws or is dismissed from the study abroad program after the application deadline indicated for Program admission will forfeit the deposit for the Program. Additionally, they will be required to pay any other costs incurred on their behalf including, but not limited to, monies used for airfare, accommodations, payments to other institutions, etc. Students who withdraw with the permission of the Program Director after the Program has begun may be entitled to a partial refund of tuition costs billed through Seton Hall Law School as specified in its refund policies for tuition.

Students who withdraw from the Program and wish to return home, once a Program has begun, will be required to do so at their own expense and will be ineligible for a refund.

Students who are dismissed from the study abroad program will be withdrawn from their course(s). They will also be removed from their Program-provided housing, and be expected to return to the United States as soon as possible. In the case of a dismissal, students are not entitled to a refund and must bear any additional cost associated with the cost of returning home as a result of the dismissal.




When students participate in a study abroad program, they agree to abide by the policies and regulations set forth in the Seton Hall Law School Registration Handbook, and the Code of Student Conduct and other relevant publications. Students are responsible, at a minimum, for compliance with these regulations as well as local laws, host university policies and regulations of their housing provider.

Certain behavior while participating in the study abroad program may result in dismissal from the Program, including but not limited to: illegal drug use, abuse of alcohol, failure to attend classes and/or other required academic activities, unauthorized absence from the study abroad program, unauthorized changes in housing, arrest for infractions of local laws, and violations of other stated policies.

Students are financially responsible for any breakage and/or damage that they cause in a dormitory, hotel, university, or any other location while abroad.

By signing below, I verify that the information provided in the application and all required forms is true and accurate and that I have read and agree to the regulations and policies set forth above.