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Exam Rules and Procedures   

The American Bar Association, as an accrediting agency for the Law School, requires a written final examination in all regular courses. The final examination grade is the major component of the course grade. Professors are encouraged to give mid-term examinations to first year students. As determined by the professor, these examinations may or may not count toward the final grade.

At Seton Hall, the examination requirement applies to all courses except seminars, clinical, skills, and moot court programs, journals, externships, Legal Research & Writing and Independent Research.

The examination schedule is published by the Registrar during the 4th or 5th week of the semester.  For classes with enrollments of 35 or fewer, final exams will be conducted under a “self-scheduled” system, whereby students will choose when to take an exam, within the limits of the exam period, in a proctored room.  Instructors also may opt to offer take-home exams in smaller classes.  Take-home exams are announced at the time of registration, and again when the class meets, prior to the conclusion of the drop/add period.

  1. Anonymous Exam Numbers
  2. Exam Emergencies
  3. Rescheduling Exams
  4. Make-up Exams
  5. Conduct During Exams
  6. Review of Exams