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State Scholarships   


This New Jersey state grant is awarded to students who meet the following criteria: (1) are New Jersey residents for one year preceding application; (2) are enrolled full-time (at least 9 credits); (3) maintain good academic standing; and (4) meet the requirements of the current New Jersey financial eligibility standards (available from the financial aid office). Students may also be eligible if they are minority disadvantaged students who demonstrate financial need, are former or current recipients of a New Jersey EOF undergraduate grant, or are students who would have been eligible as undergraduates for a New Jersey EOF grant. The grant is renewable pending state funding and continued eligibility. The Office of Financial Resource Management will post the application deadline at the time of availability.


To be eligible for a graduate state-funded EOF grant, the student must have received EOF as an undergraduate or have been eligible to receive EOF. All others may receive the grant if: (1) are New Jersey residents for one year prior to  applying for the grant, (2) are enrolled full-time (9 credits); (3) meet the income criteria established by the State of New Jersey; (4) have at least a 2.00 GPA; and (5) are approved by the EOF Coordinator at Seton Hall University. Students are awarded up to $2,850. For further information regarding eligibility, students should contact the Coordinator of Minority Graduate Programs at 973-761-9161. Applications are available at the Law School Office of Financial Resource Management.
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