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Arab Law Students Association   

The Arab Law Student Association provides an ethnic organization, the first of its kind that represents and addresses pertinent issues germane to the underrepresented minority of students who come from an Arab descent, or who identify as Arab. ALSA also seeks to unite the student body by putting aside all religious ties and exposing students, faculty and alumni to the Arabic culture, customs, politics and rule of law in the Arab world. The organization sheds light on the livelihood and way of life of the Arab people abroad and in the Diaspora while maintaining a stance against normalization, and standing for justice for all those oppressed. ALSA promotes understanding of the values and identity of the Arab people abroad and Arab Americans domestically, highlighting their role in the legal profession domestically and internationally, while at the same time debunking stereotypes of the people and the region. ALSA seeks to spotlight the role of immigration law, international law, humanitarian law, corporate law, oil & gas law, and property law have on the region in general. ALSA hopes to raise awareness, promote career networking for students of Arab descent and non-Arab students on campus, and educate the Seton Hall Law community of the events that occur in the region abroad or those affecting the community domestically. In 2014, Seton Hall Law awarded its first-ever scholarship to a deserving member of the Arab Law Students Association, making it the first ABA-accredited law school in the U.S. to do so.

Board Members

Vice President - Asma Alqudah -