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Master of Science in Jurisprudence Organization (MSJ)   

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Master of Science in Jurisprudence Organization (MSJO) is a student organization at Seton Hall Law School dedicated to enrich the educational experience of MSJ students.

Who we are
The MSJO student executive board consists of a president, a vice president, a treasurer, and a secretary. Currently, the vice president also chairs the employment opportunity (EO) committee, whereas the secretary also chairs the website committee. The MSJO constitution further describes the duty and responsibility of all the executive board members.

What we do
MSJO provides students with various extracurricular opportunities:

(1) to network among MSJ alumni and other MSJ and JD students,
(2) to pursue special areas of interest via talks and forums, and
(3) to seek additional academic support outside the classroom.

MSJO also promotes the MSJ program to all students and faculty.

You are most welcome to join
MSJ students are automatically considered as active members of the MSJ Organization. Membership is open to all students of Seton Hall Law School. All interested students are welcome to join.

Linked-In Network
MSJO has established a networking site for students, alumni, and professionals of the MSJ community. (See below)

Join LinkedIn "Seton Hall Law MSJ"
You are most welcome to join the Seton Hall Law MSJ Network. This is a professional networking organization for those with connections to the MSJ community. By joining you will become part of a strong network of friends and members of the MSJ Community!

To begin, click here and you will be asked to join the MSJ Professional Network. If you are not a member of LinkedIn, register by clicking here.

If you have trouble joining or have questions, please contact Robin Ratkowski.