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Professor Paula Franzese and Paolo Bruno ‘12  

It was his middle-school civics class, taught by Seton Hall Law Professor Paula Franzese, that determined Paolo Bruno’s career path. “Professor Franzese’s class affirmed for me that my ambition is to become a lawyer.”

Professor Paula Franzese & Paolo Bruno

It took 10 years, but Paolo Bruno ’12 and Professor Paula Franzese are in school together again. Professor Franzese has taught an elective class, “Civics, Character and Loving the Law” at St. Catherine of Siena School in Cedar Grove, her home town, and over the years has inspired many students to join her in the legal profession. Paolo Bruno is one of them.

Professor Franzese remembers meeting Paolo in 1999: “This extraordinary boy quickly earned distinction, both for the brilliance of his intellect as well as his exceptional capacity to grasp and apply the legal method of inquiry. Not yet 13, Paolo had the kind of poise, savvy and wisdom that inspired every guest speaker that semester to pause and ask, ‘Who is that young man?’ I would reply, ‘A fantastic future lawyer.’”

Paolo, who graduated from NYU in 2009 as a Politics and History double major, chose to attend Seton Hall Law because of Professor Franzese. “I always had an idea, even as a young kid, that I wanted to attend law school. My class with Professor Franzese affirmed that choice for me, even in eighth grade. She’s been a guide and an inspiration ever since and I’m lucky to have her in my life.”

Professor Franzese and Paolo have kept in touch since their days in middle school. “I was so hoping that Paolo would choose a career in the law. I’ve been following, with great pride, his many accomplishments, from high school to NYU. When he told me that he would indeed be applying to law school, I exclaimed, ‘Come to Seton Hall!’ I am overjoyed that he has.”

Paolo has found a rich experience in his first year at Seton Hall Law. “The work is hard, but my professors have been great. Professor McLaughlin, Professor Denbeaux, and Professor Maldonado are all fascinating, and each brings a unique perspective to the process. I’ve learned so much from them. And I hope, of course, to take a course with Professor Franzese.”

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