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Seton Hall Law Mourns the Passing of Samuel J. Heyman

The Heyman Public Service Program enables Seton Hall Law students and alumni to pursue government service

Samuel J. Heyman believed that government requires talented people in its employ if it is to fulfill its purpose. He regarded his time as Assistant Attorney General under Robert Kennedy and later as Assistant U.S. Attorney in Connecticut, as among the most rewarding periods of his professional life. As a result of that experience, Mr. Heyman, who became a successful businessman, inspired others to serve within the federal government.

Today, Seton Hall Law remembers Mr. Heyman and his dedication to federal government service, reflected in his founding of the Heyman Public Service Program in 2006, which offers fellowships to Seton Hall Law students and alumni so they may fulfill their aspirations in government roles. Since then, 17 students and alumni have been named Fellows. A similar program, supported by Mr. Heyman, currently exists at Yale and Harvard law schools.

“The Heyman Public Service Program is a point of pride for Seton Hall Law, and we are grateful to Sam Heyman for his unsurpassed generosity,” said Dean Patrick E. Hobbs. “In the past few days I’ve heard from many former Heyman Fellows who expressed their grief over Sam’s passing. Their careers have taken fascinating turns thanks to the opportunity that Sam provided. On behalf of the Heyman Fellows, and all of Seton Hall Law, we send condolences to his wife, Ronnie, and to the entire Heyman family.”

The Heyman Fellowship Program encourages Seton Hall Law School students with outstanding credentials to make an early commitment to federal government work, to assist students with identifying and obtaining challenging federal positions, and to provide financial assistance to graduates who have secured a position in federal government. Jennifer Davenport ’03, Assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of New Jersey, was awarded a Heyman Fellowship in 2008. She said, “Not only has Mr. Heyman's vision and philanthropy served as an inspiration, his efforts have reminded law students and lawyers of how we can help to serve our government. “

Andy Camacho ’04, who was named a Heyman Fellow in 2007 and is now a trial attorney at the Department of Justice, commented, “Mr. Heyman's passion for public service and generosity had a significant impact in my career. If not for his generosity in establishing the Samuel J. Heyman Fellowship at Seton Hall Law School, I would not be where I am today. I was faced with the difficult economic decision of leaving private practice to pursue my passion in public service, or deferring that decision until I was better situated financially to make the transition with my family. With the help of Mr. Heyman's Fellowship, I overcame that financial challenge. I am currently doing my part at the Department of Justice to ensure fairness and justice to all. “

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