Civil Litigation Clinic: Foreclosure Defense Project   

About the Project

The Foreclosure Defense Project is operated by the Civil Litigation Clinic at the Seton Hall Law School Center for Social Justice through the generous support of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. The Project is operated by attorneys licensed to practice in New Jersey, with the assistance of students from Seton Hall Law School. The Project represents individuals with foreclosure related legal issues, including defense of foreclosure actions, affirmative claims related to foreclosure, representation of tenants affected by foreclosure, victims of foreclosure scams, and foreclosure mediation. We also support appellate work through amicus participation in impactful cases. In addition, we conduct Community Education and Outreach sessions and seminars for individuals, community leaders, housing counselors, and attorneys.

Students assist with foreclosure related legal issues.

When to Seek Legal Advice?

For individuals, the earlier you seek legal advice, the better. As soon as you fall behind or think you are headed in the direction of falling behind on your housing payment, seek advice. Sometimes a free HUD-certified housing counselor can be a big help in finding sources of assistance and applying for them. A lawyer can help you understand your options and instruct you on gathering the information you need either to defend yourself, bring an affirmative claim, or apply for a modification.

  1. As soon as your lender refuses to accept a payment, seek advice. If your lender refuses to take your monthly payment, save it. Don’t spend it on something else until you have received advice.
  2. As soon as you think your lender is not following the terms of a modification it promised you, seek advice.
  3. If you are a tenant and someone other than your landlord demands a payment but can’t show you a recorded deed, seek advice.
  4. Seek advice from a HUD-certified housing counselor or attorney before signing on to a new loan or entering a sale agreement that is supposed to bail you out of foreclosure or help you prevent a foreclosure or improve your credit score.


Resources & Contact Information

For information of interest, please visit our Facebook page here. If you are seeking help or want to alert us to a systemic problem or request a speaker, please contact us at 973-642-8700 or [email protected].