Gaming Law, Compliance and Integrity Program


Gaming Law, Compliance and Integrity Program


Gaming Law, Compliance and Integrity Program


Program Schedule

(March 9-11, 2020)

Day 1: Overview of Gaming Law & Regulation

  1. Promoting an ethical business culture and business integrity
  2. History and trajectory of gaming
  3. Basics of gaming and online betting and gambling (introduction to categories and products, terminology, legal and other risks)
  4. Key aspects of and distinctions in the U.S. regulatory structure (federal and state laws and enforcement, online and live gaming)
  5. Key aspects of EU regulatory structure and comparative perspectives
  6. US and EU regulatory guidance on best practices
  7. Compliance issues unique to tribal gaming regulations
  8. Daily fantasy sports vs. online sports gambling
  9. Interjurisdictional issues, including contract enforcement and collections

Day 2: Compliance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption

  1. Compliance requirements and internal controls
  2. Responsible gambling/gambling addition monitoring and oversight
  3. Maintaining sports integrity
  4. Compliance and integrity tools, including AI and data analytics
  5. AML compliance and prevention of money laundering
  6. Anti-corruption and anti-fraud laws, and enforcement
  7. Compliance with relevant banking and finance laws
  8. The role of the compliance professional

Day 3: Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property, and Emergent Issues

  1. Privacy and cybersecurity with regard to consumer data
  2. Cybersecurity: geo-fencing and geo-tracking
  3. Intellectual property concerns
  4. Licensing issues
  5. Hot topics and emerging issues in gaming law and compliance including:
    1. online lotteries
    2. horse racing
    3. eSports
    4. exchange wagering
    5. gender and sexual discrimination
    6. diversity concerns

NJ/PA CLE Credits

27 NJ CLE Credits (26 general, 1 ethics)
22 PA CLE Credits (21 substantive, 1 ethics)

GVC Foundation U.S. logoFunding for the program has been provided by GVC Foundation US, a first-of-its-kind nonprofit dedicated to promoting responsible gambling, sports integrity and corporate compliance in the U.S.