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Classroom Seating Charts   

Classroom Seating Charts

Note: All seating charts are available below in a PowerPoint slide format.

Room 70

Auditorium - Right

Room 270

Room 370

Room 71

Auditorium - Left

Room 271

Room 371

Room 72

Room 100

Room 272

Room 372

Room 73

Room 101

Room 273

Room 373

Room 74




Room 75





 Instructions to place student photo on seating charts:

  1. Save seating chart on your computer

    • Click on a seating chart from above (PowerPoint slide);

    • Click on the PowerPoint icon powerpoint_icon and save the slide on your computer;

    • or, click "File" on the menu toolbar and select "Save As" to save the file to your computer.

  2. Students pictures are available in the Faculty Nework (Data on 'shls-faculty-1' (E:)) in a folder named "common\student_pictures", follow the following instructions to place student pictures on seating charts (Must be in the building to access the Faculty network):

    • Login to the Faculty Network;

    • Open the seating charts you saved from above;

    • Click on the box which represents a student, then select "Insert", "Picture", "From File", "f\common\student_pictures", select "Files of type:" as "All files" and then select a student picture from the list. Note: Student pictures are saved in order of students' last names;