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General Library Rules   

The following guidelines are implemented in the Law Library in order to maintain a suitable environment for research and study:

  1. Food is not permitted in the library. But drinks in spill-proof containers are permitted.
  2. Quiet conversation is only permitted on level 4 of the Library, except in the Rodino Reading Room. Patrons on levels 3, 5, and in the 4th floor Rodino Reading Room should not converse. Students in study rooms may engage in quiet conversation. Persons talking loudly or engaging in behavior disturbing to other patrons may be asked to leave the Law Library.
  3. SMOKING is not permitted anywhere in the building.
  4. Library material may not be "saved" on a study carrel or table. However, members of the Seton Hall Law School student journals may be issued temporary "save" slips at the discretion of the Circulation Supervisor or a Reference Librarian. "Save" slips are limited to a maximum period of two days and a maximum number of ten volumes.
  5. Cellular phone use is not permitted in the Law Library.


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