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Audio Visual (33.47 linear feet)

The Audio-Visual Series contains materials divided into 3 sub-series:  Video and Film; Audio; and Photographs.

Video and Film

Includes 128 video recordings on ¾-inch U-Matic cassettes, ½-inch VHS, ½-inch Beta, and 2-inch reel-to-reel video tape. The largest component of the collection provides video documentation of the 1974 House Impeachment Inquiry against President Richard Nixon, in hearings led by Rodino in his role as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. The original recordings from July 24 to July 30 are contained on 49 ¾-inch U-Matic cassettes supplied by CBS News. The collection also includes 49 ½-inch VHS copies of these cassettes. Other videos include media interviews with or coverage of Rodino, recordings of ceremonial occasions at which Rodino spoke or in which he participated, and recordings of Rodino’s classroom lectures and seminars. Arrangement is chronological by format

Audio Bulk: 1974-1985

The Audio sub-series contains 128 sound recordings in the form of reel-to-reel audio tape, audiocassettes, and disks.

Sound recordings include copies of interviews and events from Mr. Rodino’s career, however the bulk of the material are recordings from the “Rodino Talks to the People” radio show and Oral Histories.

Rodino Talks to the People was a radio show in which Mr. Rodino addressed concerns of his constituents and major issues of the day. Prior to the 1978 election, the show was taped every two weeks and aired on WNJR every Sunday at 2 p.m. It was cancelled prior to the 1978 election because FCC “equal time” provisions would have presented difficulties for the radio station. The bi-weekly radio program featured discussion between Mr. Rodino and a guest who had a particular knowledge in a current issue, demanding attention in Washington and Newark, of interest to the constituents of the 10th District. In February 1979, Mr. Rodino contacted Bill Franklin at WNJR to discuss resuming the broadcasts. Volume 2 of the show began in March 1981.

Audio is available from the earliest version of the show which appears to have aired in the mid-1970s, and through 1983. It is not believed to be a comprehensive collection of all audio for the radio show.

Oral History interviews with Mr. Rodino were conducted with Bill Berlin between the years 1997 and 2003. In these taped conversations, Mr. Rodino discusses his life, including his upbringing in Newark, New Jersey in the early part of the 20th century, his military experience and his family. In addition to all aspects of his political life, of particular focus are the events of the Impeachment Inquiry, his relationships with the Presidents of the United States, and specific issues such as his fight for the Green Berets, Italian-American issues, Abscam, and Columbus Day.

Photographs Bulk: 1950-1988

The Photographs in this collection are a rich cache of images documenting Mr. Rodino’s familial and political life. The bulk of the images were taken by Ace Alagna, publisher of the Italian Tribune, and Congressional photographers (K. Jewell and Dev O’Neill being the most prominent). The prints are arranged by subject or event name, with a small amount of material arranged by decade of event. Subjects include the awards, Columbus Day parades, trips, and visitors to Mr. Rodino’s office. There are also a number of pictures related to political leaders and celebrities. A small number of photo albums document Mr. Rodino’s trips to Italy for events at the Marianna Stango Rodino Center for the Aged. Oversized photographs are also available.