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Campaigns 1948-1988 (14.4 linear feet)

The Campaigns series documents Mr. Rodino’s campaigns, and those of his tenth district opponents, in both the primary and general elections. Mr. Rodino took office in 1949, replacing Republican Fred Hartley, Jr., and remained until 1989, when he was succeeded by Democrat Donald M. Payne. With available records beginning in 1950, the Campaigns series is arranged chronologically by campaign year, and then alphabetically by subject. Elections for the House of Representatives elections occur every two years, making it so that almost immediately upon his re-election, Mr. Rodino’s staff began preparing for the next election. Campaign files from the late 1940’s through the 1950’s are not well documented in this collection.

For each election, the available records typically document campaign strategies, fundraising events, and overall campaign management. Campaign strategies include polls, detailed analysis and background information on opponents, campaign issues, and endorsements. With a constant need to generate campaign income, fundraising and event planning were on-going activities; this is reflected in the detailed information on contributions and fundraisers, and correspondence and expenditure reports from both the Rodino for Congress and Citizens for Rodino committees. Documentation of campaign management includes Mr. Rodino’s statement of candidacy, campaign finances and expenses, and information exchange between campaign consultants. Campaign ephemera, such as mass mailing brochures and pocket calendars, are included in these files.

This series includes information on opponents for the 10th Congressional district seat or potential challengers, as well as attacks on Mr. Rodino’s credibility from opponents or their supporters. Campaign issues of the times have a direct influence on the content of the campaigns files since these were the issues on which Mr. Rodino and his opponents focused.

Records of Mr. Rodino’s role in the 1976 Democratic National Convention can be located in folders labeled "Democratic National Convention" as well as in the Carter Transition and Campaign files in the Political Series. The Trips sub-series in the Personal Series contains details of Mr. Rodino’s endorsement of candidates including those running for President, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and Governor of New Jersey. See Memorabilia Series for pins, ribbons, and other three dimensional campaign materials. See Scrapbooks Series for additional information on campaigns, which include newsclippings, photographs, and campaign ephemera.


Certificate of Election 1948, 1952, 1956


Newsclippings 1950 or earlier


Campaigns 1950


Certificate of Election 1950


Certificate of Nomination 1950, 1952


Newsclippings 1952


Statement of the Determination of the Board December 2, 1952


Certificate of Election 1954


Correspondence 1954


Certificate of Elections 1958


Campaign Mini-Poster and Postcard 1960s or earlier


Glen Ridge Address List 1960s


Re-Elect Peter W. Rodino Jr. Poster 1960s


Re-Elect Peter W. Rodino Poster late 1960s


Rodino North, South and East and Minish West & Central Address List 1960s


Campaigns 1960


Campaigns File 1960


Certificate of Election 1960


Election Results 1960


Campaigns File 1962


Certificate of Election 1962


Re-Elect Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Card 1962


Campaigns File 1964


Correspondence 1964


Democratic Congressional Dinner March 19, 1964


Endorsements 1964


Hearing Before the Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures 1964


Italians 1964


Town Address List July 20, 1964


Campaigns File 1965-1966


Endorsements 1966


Hughes, Richard Campaign 1965-1966


Newsclippings 1966


Speeches 1966


Correspondence 1965-1966


Campaign Consumer File 1968


Campaign Crime File 1968


Campaign Housing File 1968


Campaign Materials 1968


Campaign Tax Reform File 1968


Citrino, Robert J.: Reform Republican 1968


Clemente, Dr. Celestino: Republican Candidate 1968


Correspondence 1967-1968


Democratic Congressional Dinner 1967


Campaigns File 1967-1968


Campaign Materials: Re-Elect Peter W. Rodino Jr. Poster 1968


Campaign Materials: Re-Elijan Peter W. Rodino Poster 1968


Democratic National Committee 1968


Democratic National Convention 1968


Election Results 1968


Investigation of Auto Insurance March 12-14, 1968


Israel-Arab Campaign Issue 1968


Newsclippings 1967-1968


Remarks 1968


Strategic Trade with Enemy 1968


Addonizio, Hugh Re-Election 1970


Campaign Files 1970


Campaign Files 1970


Contributors 1970


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee 1969-1970


Democratic Congressional Dinner 1969-1970


Democratic County Committee Lists 1970


Democratic National Committee 1969-1970


Democratic Policy Council 1970


Democratic State Committee 1970


Election Results 1970


Issues 1970


Correspondence 1970


Jones, Griffith 1970


Jones, Griffith: Newsclippings 1970


Lacey, Frederick 1970


NAACP Campaign 1970


National Voter Registration Act 1969


New Jersey Congressional Elections Files 1969-1970


New Jersey Elections Governor and Assembly 1969


New York Times Editorial 1970


Photograph of Child with Rodino Campaign Pin 1970


PWR's Pamphlets, Stickers, Brochures 1970


South Ward Leaders 1970


Tenth District 1970


Primary Election Campaign Anti-Rodino Literature 1972


Primary Campaign CBS-TV Debate 1972


Primary Campaign Crossover Voting 1972


Primary Campaign Letters from Members of Congress 1972


Primary Campaign LJD Notes and Names 1972


Primary Campaign Materials 1972


Primary Campaign Members Efforts in Behalf of PWR 1972


Primary Campaign Miscellaneous 1972


Primary Campaign Telephone Message 1972


Primary Election Radio Spots Schedule 1972


Black Electorate 1972


C.A.R.D. 1971-1972


Campaign and Committee Projects, Anticipated 1972


Campaign Correspondence 1972


Itinerary Notebook May-June 1972


Campaign Endorsements 1972


Campaign Files 1972


Campaign Files 1972


Campaign Files 1972


Campaign Files 1972


Campaign Files 1972


Campaign Files May-June 1972


Campaign Finances 1971-1972


Campaign Financial Reports 1972


Campaign Issues - Etc. 1972


Campaign List 1972


Campaign Volunteers 1972


Circle One Resturant Reception Correspondence March 27, 1972


Citizens for Rodino Contributions September-November 1972


Common Cause 1972


Congress Project Member of Congress Questionnaire June 7, 1972


Contributors 1972


Correspondence 1972


D.C. Friends of Rodino 1972


Democratic Committee Reform Rules 1972


Democratic Congressional Dinners 1971


Campaign Issues - Etc.: DSG Reports 1972


Democratic Fact Book 1972


Democratic National Committee 1971


Democrtaic National Committee Campaign Material 1972


Democratic National Convention 1972


Democratic State Committee 1971


District Lists 1972


District Supermarkets 1972


Election Results 1972


Essex County Democrtaic Party May 17, 1972


Expenditures 1972


Form Ltrs Sent Out 1972


Future Invitations 1972


Gary, Indiana Black National Convention Material May 1972


General Election 1972


General Election Results November 7, 1972


Issues 1972


Itinerary Binder: Fundraiser October 13, 1972


Leaders 1972


Legislative Issues 1972


McGovern, George: Campaign 1972


McGovern, George: Ethnic Vote 1972


Newsclippings November 1971-January 1972


Newsclippings April 15-May 4, 1972


Newsclippings May 5-18, 1972


Newsclippings May 18-29, 1972


Newsclippings May 30-June 9, 1972


Newsclippings June 11, 1972-October 22, 1972


Itinerary Binder October-November 1972


Newsclippings: Area Issues April-May 1972


Newsclippings: Black Newsclippings April-May 1972


Newsclippings: Blacks Political Strategy January-March 1972


Newsclippings: Campaign Material Issues 1972


Newsclippings: Primary Campaign 1972


Non-Partisan Election Information Supplement October 1972


Primary Campaign Labor, Potential Contributors 1972


PWR Vice President 1972


Re-Elect Peter W. Rodino Committee 1972


Redistricting File 1971-1972


Rodino Campaign: Labor 1972


Rodino for Congress Committee Contributors 1972


Rodino for Congress Committee Correspondence 1972


Rodino for Congress Committee Reports to the Clerk 1972


Rodino Reception and Fundraiser Invite Lists October 11, 1972


Rodino Campaign 1972


South Ward Lists 1972


Special Lists 1972


Telegrams Done 1972


Tenth District Black Churches 1972


Tenth District Ckergy Lists 1972


Tenth District Factories 1972


Tenth District Grocery Stores 1972


Tenth District Lists 1972


Thank-you Correspondence October-November 1972


Volunteers 1972


Volunteers Primary Election Correspondence 1972


Voter Registration 1971


Young Delegates November 1971-January 1972


Washington Correspondence 1972


Primary Campaign Materials: Brochure Test Print 1972


Women's Political Caucus January 1972


Non-Partisan Election Information Supplement October 1972


Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Report 1973


Campaign File 1973-1974


Campaign File 1974


Campaign File 1974


Campaign Financial Reports 1973


Campaign Gimmics 1973 or after


Congressional District Representatives Mini-Poster 1973-1974


Contributions 1974


Contributors 1973


Cross-Over Primary 1973


Democratic National Convention: Democratic Charter 1974


Democratic National Convention: Two Reports on Delegate Selection 1973-1974


Green Canvassing Binder 1973 or after


Mass Mailings and Proofs 1974


Newsclippings 1974


Political Survey for PWR on his Congressional District August 1973


PWR General Election and Primary Results 1974 or after


Re-Elect Peter W. Rodino Committee 1973-1974


Rodino for Congress Committee Correspondence 1973-1974


Rodino for Congress Committee Reports to the Clerk 1973-1974


Rowan Poll 1973


Democratic County Committee List 1973-1974


Student Vote 1973


Campaign Files 1975


Campaign Financial Reports 1976


Church, Frank 1976


Cliff Evans National Survey December 1975-January 1976


Compliance with Federal Election Campaign Requirements Guide 1976


Congressional District Representatives Mini-Poster 1975-1976


Correspondence September 1975-February 1976


Correspondence Re PWR for National Office: Commendations for President 1974-1975


Correspondence Re PWR for National Office: PWR for President 1974-1976


Correspondence Re PWR for National Office: Vice Presidency 1976


Correspondence Re PWR for Vice President: Draft Letter to the Editor June 1976


Correspondence Re PWR for Vice President: Draft Letters May 1976


Correspondence Re PWR for Vice President: Eye Condition July-August 1976


Correspondence Re PWR for Vice President: Interview with Charles Kirbo undated


Correspondence Re PWR for Vice President: Negative Correspondence June 1976


Correspondence Re PWR for Vice President: Positive Correspondence May-August 1976


Draft Letters to Governor Carter Re: PWR's Support June 1976


Democratic Congressional Dinner May 11, 1976


Democratic National Convention: 1976 Presidential Nominating Process Publication 1976


Democratic National Convention: The Call for the 1976 Democratic National Convention Publication October 14, 1975


Democratic National Convention: Copies of Invitations to Affairs Related to the Convention June-July 1976


Democratic National Convention: Correspondence July 1975-July 1976


Democratic National Convention: CQ Guide to the Democratic Convention July 12-15, 1976


Democratic National Convention: Delegate Selection Dates Primary and Non-Primary States 1976


Democratic National Convention: The Democratic Party of the United States in Convention July 12-15, 1976


Democratic National Convention: Information from Democratic National Convention Committee May-June 1976


Democratic National Convention: Information on Past Convetions July 12-15, 1976


Democratic National Convention: Itinerary July 12-15, 1976


Democratic National Convention: Letters Re: Nominating Speech Negative July-August 1976


Democratic National Convention: Media Coverage July 12-15, 1976


Democratic National Convention: Miscellaneous 1976


Democratic National Convention: National Democratic Platform July 12-15, 1976


Democratic National Convention: Newsclippings March-July 1976


Democratic National Convention: Positive Letters Re: Nominating Speech July-August 1976


Democratic National Convention: Procedures for Selection of Delegates to the 1976 Convention Publication February 1976


Democratic National Convention: Tickets to the Convention 1976


Democratic National Convention: Speech July 14, 1976


Ladies Auxiliary Card Party and Fashion Show April 30, 1976


Miscellaneous 1976


New Jersey Primary: Correspondence April-June 1976


New Jersey Primary: Corresponcence: Favorite Son March-June 1976


New Jersey Primary: Information Re: PWR's Resignation from New Jersey Delegate Slate 1976


New Jersey Primary: Newsclippings 1976


New Jersey Primary: Newsclippings: PWR as Favorite Son 1976


OGGI Magazine June 21, 1976


Political Endorsements by PWR 1976


Priorities for '76 a Choice for the Democratic Party Publication 1976


Public Financing of Elections: A Constitutional Division of Wealth, Thomas J. Schwartz 1975


PWR Personal and Legislative Biography Binder 1976 or after


PWR's Campaign for Reelection 1976


PWR's Campaign for Reelection: Correspondence 1976


Rolling Stone Issue No. 224 The Family 1976 by Richard Avedon October 21, 1976


Supreme Court Decision on the Federal Election Law and the Federal Election Commission 1976


Broadcast Rules 1978


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee 1978


Democratic Mini-Convention December 8-10, 1978


District Voting Statistics 1978


Endorsements 1978


Ethics Files 1978


List of PACs 1978


PWR Campaign 1978


Re-Elect Your Congressman Rodino Poster late 1970s or early 1980s


Campaign Breakfast Hyatt Regency July 22, 1980


Campaign Buffett Romeo & Juliet April 22, 1980


Campaign Financial Reports 1980


Campaign Fundraiser 1980


Campaign Law Changes 1980


Campaign Letter to Helpers, VIPs, Non-VIPs, Union 1980


Campaign Media 1980


Campaign Strategy Notes 1980


Census Results 1980


Contributions 1980


Copies of Campaign Receipts 1980


Election Results 1980


FEC Reports 1980


Fundraising November 1980 or after


Fundraising: Yankee Stadium Event 1980


National Election Results 1980


Newsclippings 1980


Polls and Surveys 1980


Primary Election Results (Dist.) 1980


Cammerzell, Fritz 1982


Campaign Expenditures 1981


Campaign Files 1981


Campaign Files 1981-1982


Campaign Files 1982


Campaign Files 1982


Campaign Files: Hillside 1982


Campaign Files: Irvington 1982


Campaign Files: South Orange 1982


Campaign Financial Reports 1982


Campaign Law Changes 1982


Campaign Workshops and Guidebooks 1982


Certificate of Nomination 1982


Citizens for Rodino 1982


Citizens for Rodino Committee Romeo and Juliet Labor Campaign Fundraiser 1981


Contribution Legislation 1982


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee 1981-1982


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Letters to Susan Rantf Enclosing Contributions June 1982


Democratic Congressional Campaign Dinner February-April 1982


Disclosure 1981


Disclosure 1982


DSG and Cooperative Campaign Efforts 1981


Eckart, Dennis 1982


Election Certificate 1982


Election Files 1982


Election Files 1982


Endorsement 1982


Federal Election Commission 1981-1982


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Correspondence September-December 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Fundraising 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Mailing Lists 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Media 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Miscellaneous 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Political Florio Mass Italian Mail 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Political Florio Member Mailing 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Political Florio Scalera Fundraiser 1981


Florio Gubernatorial Campaign: Rutger's Report October-November 1981


Florio, Jim: Governor 1981


Florio, Jim: Reception and Fundraiser 1981


Florio, Jim: Fundraising 1982


Gibson, Kenneth for Governor 1981


Glancy, David 1981


Gubernatorial Campaign 1981


Hartigan, Neil 1981


Immigration and Refugee Achievements 1982 or after?


Mailing List Sort 1982


Polls and Surveys 1982


Public Relations Firms 1981


Sheraton-Carlton Campaign Receipts December 10, 1981


Sigmund, Barbara for Senate 1982


Union Contributors 1982


Untitled 1982


Campaign Brochure Negative and Test Print 1984


Campaign Cards for Mass Mailings 1984


Campaign Expenses 1983-1984


Campaign Files 1984


Campaign Binder Book One 1984


Campaign Binder Book Two 1984


Campaign Funds: House Rules October 1-2, 1984


Campaign Miscellaneous 1984


Certificate of Election 1984


Chamber Endorsements 1984


Chicago Board of Trade 1984


Citizens for Rodino 1983


Congressional Election Results and Analysis 1984


Correspondence: Mass Mailings 1984


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Chairman's Council Dinner 1984


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Congressional Dinner 1984


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Women 1984


Democratic Media Center 1984


Democratic National Committee 1983-1984


Democratic National Convention 1984


Democratic National Convention: Delegates 1984


Democratic National Convention: Formalities 1984


Democratic National Convention: Reception, Buffets, Etc. 1984


Democratic National Party July 5, 1984


Democratic Telethon 1983


Democrats Abroad (Israel) May 1984


Dinner Lists 1984


Disclosure 1983


Disclosure and Tax 1984


Donnarumma, Alfred 1984


DSG Schedule Democrat Fundraisers 1984


Fascell, Dante: Fundraiser 1984


Ferraro, Geraldine 1984


Financial 1984


Flannery, John for Congress 1984


Florio, Jim: Correspondence 1984


Frost, Martin: Budget Chairman Request December 1984


Fundraiser October 1983


Fundraiser Hyatt Regency Hotel September 24, 1984


Maps of New Jersey Congressional Districts 1983


Newsclippings 1984


Political Candidates: Dirks, Steve Utah CD1; O'Connor, Joe PA State Senate 15; Kearney, Dennis Boston Mayor 1983


PWR Campaign: Jackson, Jessie 1984-1986


PWR Campaign Ads/News Spots 1984


PWR Campaign Consultants: Creative Concepts Inc. 1984


PWR Campaign Consultants: Cromer, Young Group 1984


PWR Campaign Consultants: Hart, Peter 1984


PWR Campaign Consultants: Russonello, John 1984


PWR Campaign Consultants: Strother, Ray 1984


PWR Campaign Consultants: White, Joe Slade 1984


PWR Campaign Endorsements 1984


PWR Campaign Endorsements: 1980 Endorsements, Statements 1984


PWR Campaign Endorsements: Letters of Thanks 1984


PWR Campaign Endorsements: Master List 1984


PWR Campaign Endorsements: Press Releases, Statements 1984


PWR Campaign Finances 1984


PWR Campaign Fundraisers June 21, 1984


PWR Campaign Fundraisers: Imperator 1984


PWR Campaign Fundraisers: J.D. Williams 1984


PWR Campaign Fundraisers: Romeo and Juliet 1984


PWR Campaign Issues: Draft of Issue Backgrounder 1984


PWR Campaign Issues: Women 1984


PWR Campaign Jones Primary: Background 1983-1984


PWR Campaign Jones Primary: FEC Filings 1984


PWR Campaign Jones Primary: Finances 1984


PWR Campaign Primary: Background/Miscellaneous 1984


PWR Campaign Primary: Results 1984


PWR Campaign Primary: Statement of Candidacy 1984


PWR Campaign Publications: Flyers 1984


PWR Campaign Publications: Labor Brochures 1984


PWR Campaign Publications: Primary Brochure 1984


PWR Campaign Publications: Primary Brochure/Background 1984


Statement for Candidacy 1984


Statistics of the Presidential and Congressional Election November 6, 1984


Bayard Rustin Mailing 1986


Campaign Cards for Mass Mailings 1986


Campaign Endorsements 1986


Campaign Expenses 1985-1986


Campaigns File 1986


Caucus Rules February 1, 1985


Certificate for Oath of Office for the 99th Congress January 3, 1985


Certificate of Nomination 1986


Clarke, James for Congress 1986


Congressional Quarterly Report 1986


Crockett, G.W. Jr.: PWR to Sponsor for Fundraiser Invite June 26, 1985


Democratic Caucus: Preamble and Rules January 29, 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: 22nd Annual Dinner May 8, 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: McIntyre McClosky Issue January 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Project 500 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Report Card from Congressional Dinner 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Report on 35 Targeted Member's of Congress March 1985


Democratic National Committee 1986


Democratic National Committee Chairman 1985


Disclosure 1985


Disclosure 1986


Dursco, Mike: New York State Senate Campaign 1986


Election Notes 1986


Election Results 1986


Farrakan, Louis 1985


Friends of Sharpe James October 1985


Fundraiser Dinners 1986


Fundraiser L'Enfant Plaza April 22, 1986


Fundraiser Los Angeles, California May 19, 1986


Financial Reports 1986


Fundraiser Montclair, New Jersey May 21, 1986


Fundraiser Sheraton Grand September 19, 1985


Generic Fundraising Form 1986


Jackson, Jesse: 1986 Campaign 1986


Jeno Paulucci Fundraising Letter July 1, 1986


Mass Mailings 1986


NAACP Tribute May 1986


NDC Fundraiser September 9, 1986


Newsclippings 1986


Newsclippings March 1986


Newsclippings April 1986


Newsclippings May 1986


Newsclippings June 1986


Newsclippings November 1986


NIAF Dinner October 18, 1986


Opponent Jones, Arthur S. 1986


Opponent Payne, Donald 1986


Payne, Donald: F.E.C. Reports 1986


Pending June 10, 1986


Primary Campaign: Arthur S. Jones 1986


Political Candidate: Edgar, Bob 1985


Political Candidate: Owens, Wayne 1985


Political Shapiro Gubenatorial 1985


Primary Campaign 1986


Radio Stations for Advertising 1986


Re-Election Announcement 1986


Reception Invitations January 1985


Rodino Campaign: New Jersey Democratic Party Constitution 1986


Rodino Campaign: Peter D. Hart Research Assoc. 1986


Rodino Campaign: Russonello Communications 1986


Rodino Campaign Debate 1986


Rodino Campaigning 1986


Rodino Primary Campaign: Endorsements 1986


Rodino Re-Election Campaign 1986


Swearing-In 99th Congress January 3, 1985


Union Letters 1986


Thank Yous 1986


White, Joe: Radio Spots 1986


Women's Campaign Fund 1986


Beard, Sam for Senate 1988?


Brochures 1988?


Bryan, Dick for Senate 1988


Bumpers, Dale 1987


Campaign Expenses 1987-1988


Campaigns File 1988


Campaigns File 1988


Completitiveness and Campaign 1988


Congressional District Representatives Mini-Poster 1987-1988


Date Change Attempts for New Jersey Primary 1988


Democratic Congressional Campaign March 6, 1987


Democratic National Convention 1988


Democratic National Convention: Atlanta Trip July 1988


Democratic National Convention: PWR as Delegate 1988


Democratic National Convention: Invites 1988


Disclosure 1987


Dowdy, Wayne 1988


Dukakis, Michael 1988


Financial Disclosure 1987


Financial Reports 1988


Gephardt, Richard 1988


Gore, Al 1988


Hart, Gary 1988


Jackson, Jesse 1987-1988


Konnyu, Ernest 1988


Miscellaneous 1988


Moody, Jim for Senate 1988


Palone, Frank for Congress 1988


Presidential Debate 1988


Sheraton Grand Fundraiser November 17, 1987


Sheraton Grand Fundraiser July 28, 1988


Simon, Paul 1988


Vignolla, Joe for Senate 1988