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Correspondence 1949-1988 (30.38 linear feet)

The Correspondence series is divided into 22 sub-series which encompass decades of Rodino's personal and professional correspondence.


Commendations are arranged chronologically and consists of letters of praise to and from Mr. Rodino. Those to Mr. Rodino are for his votes on legislation, his campaigns, letters from former staff members, letters of support, and his recognition of the efforts of organizations. There is some overlap between this sub-series and that of Congratulations To and From PWR and Greetings To and From PWR. This sub-series is arranged chronologically with the date spans of 1952-1954, 1964, 1967-1977, 1988.   

Commendations from and to PWR 1973-1974   

Commendations from PWR 1967-1968   

Commendations from PWR 1969-1971   

Commendations from PWR 1975   

Commendations from PWR 1988   

Commendations to PWR 1952   

Commendations to PWR 1953   

Commendations to PWR 1954   

Commendations to PWR 1964, 1967-1969   

Commendations to PWR 1966-1968   

Commendations to PWR 1967, 1969-1970   

Commendations to PWR 1968-1970   

Commendations to PWR 1969   

Commendations to PWR 1971, 1972   

Commendations to PWR 1975   

Commendations to PWR 1976   

Commendations to PWR 1977   

Commendations to PWR - Legislation 1971 


Condolences are arranged chronologically and cover the years 1967 to1971, 1973 and 1975 to 1988. The records include condolences written to family members of soldiers killed in Vietnam from his district and letters representative of those Mr. Rodino sent to constituents.   

Condolences 1967-1969   

Condolences 1969-1970   

Condolences 1971   

Condolences 1973   

Condolences 1975   

Condolences 1976   

Condolences 1977   

Condolences 1978   

Condolences 1979   

Condolences 1980   

Condolences 1981   

Condolences 1982   

Condolences 1983   

Condolences 1984   

Condolences 1985   

Condolences 1986   

Condolences 1987   

Condolences 1988 

Congratulations From PWR

Congratulations From PWR are arranged chronologically and covers the years 1967 to 1988 with the exclusion of 1969 and 1972. Contained in this sub-series is correspondence commending constituents, colleagues and friends for their personal achievements. There is some overlap between these types of letters and Commendations.  

Congratulations from PWR 1967-1968   

Congratulations from PWR 1970   

Congratulations from PWR 1970   

Congratulations from PWR 1971   

Congratulations from PWR 1971   

Congratulations from PWR 1973   

Congratulations from PWR 1974   

Congratulations from PWR 1975   

Congratulations from PWR 1976   

Congratulations from PWR 1977   

Congratulations from PWR 1977   

Congratulations from PWR 1977   

Congratulations from PWR 1978   

Congratulations from PWR 1978   

Congratulations from PWR 1979   

Congratulations from PWR 1980   

Congratulations from PWR 1981   

Congratulations from PWR 1982   

Congratulations from PWR 1983   

Congratulations from PWR 1984   

Congratulations from PWR 1985   

Congratulations from PWR 1986   

Congratulations from PWR 1987   

Congratulations from PWR 1988 

Congratulations to PWR

Congratulations to PWR are arranged chronologically from 1963 to 1987, excluding the years: 1969, 1974, 1979, and 1983. Recorded here are letters from colleagues, constituents, and friends congratulating Mr. Rodino for his work.  

Congratulations to PWR 1963-1967   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1968   

Congratulations to PWR 1970   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1970   

Congratulations to PWR - Renomination 1972   

Congratulations to PWR 1972   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1972   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1972   

Congratulations to PWR 1972   

Congratulations to PWR - Chairmanship 1973   

Congratulations to PWR 1975   

Congratulations to PWR 1976   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1976   

Congratulations to PWR 1977   

Congratulations to PWR 1978   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1978   

Congratulations to PWR - Federal Building, Newark, NJ 1978   

Congratulations to PWR 1980   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1980   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1980   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1980   

Congratulations to PWR 1981   

Congratulations to PWR 1982   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1982   

Congratulations to PWR 1984   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1984   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1984   

Congratulations to PWR 1985   

Congratulations to PWR 1986   

Congratulations to PWR - Election 1986   

Congratulations to PWR 1987 


The Gatherings sub-series contains letters to hosts and hostesses thanking them for holding a gathering for Mr. Rodino in their homes. Also included are letters to the guests of the gatherings thanking them for their attendance and support. These events were held for the 1984 primary campaign.  

Gatherings, District 1975   

Gatherings, District 1984 


General correspondence is arranged chronologically and runs from 1966 to 1988. For the late 1960’s, correspondence includes letters to and from other members of Congress and the press, in addition to correspondence with constituents regarding issues. In the 1970’s, the scope of correspondence widens from Mr. Rodino’s constituent base to a broader range. While letters regarding issues central to the 10th Congressional District in New Jersey, such as housing, community initiatives and concerns continue to represented, letters regarding the lessons of Watergate, improvement of the criminal justice system and other issues come to light. In the 1980’s, many of the letters received by Mr. Rodino’s office originated from small businesses in the district seeking help.  

General Correspondence 1966   

General Correspondence 1969-1970   

General Correspondence 1974   

General Correspondence 1975   

General Correspondence 1976   

General Correspondence 1985   

General Correspondence 1985   

General Correspondence 1985   

General Correspondence 1986   

General Correspondence 1987   

General Correspondence 1987   

General Correspondence 1987   

General Correspondence 1987   

General Correspondence 1988   

General Correspondence 1988   

General Correspondence April 1977   

General Correspondence April 1978   

General Correspondence April 1981   

General Correspondence April-December 1983   

General Correspondence April-June 1982   

General Correspondence April-May 1980   

General Correspondence April-May 1986   

General Correspondence August 1978   

General Correspondence August-December 1986   

General Correspondence August-September 1977   

General Correspondence August-September 1980   

General Correspondence January-February 1977   

General Correspondence January-February 1978   

General Correspondence January-February 1979   

General Correspondence January-February 1981   

General Correspondence January-June 1984   

General Correspondence January-March 1980   

General Correspondence January-March 1982   

General Correspondence January-March 1983   

General Correspondence January-March 1986   

General Correspondence January-March 1988   

General Correspondence July 1977   

General Correspondence July 1978   

General Correspondence July 1980   

General Correspondence July-August 1979   

General Correspondence July-August 1981   

General Correspondence July-December 1984   

General Correspondence July-November 1982   

General Correspondence June 1977   

General Correspondence June 1980   

General Correspondence June-July 1986   

General Correspondence March 1977   

General Correspondence March 1978   

General Correspondence March 1981   

General Correspondence March-April 1979   

General Correspondence May 1977   

General Correspondence May-June 1978   

General Correspondence May-June 1979   

General Correspondence May-June 1981   

General Correspondence November-December 1978   

General Correspondence October-December 1977   

General Correspondence October-December 1980   

General Correspondence October-December 1981   

General Correspondence September -October 1978   

General Correspondence September-December 1979 


Grants are arranged chronologically, covering the years 1975 to 1988 excluding 1985 and 1986. This sub-series contains announcements from government agencies regarding grants awarded to organizations in New Jersey, particularly the tenth congressional district, along with Mr. Rodino’s letter to the grantees notifying them of the awards. Information available in these typically includes: the granting agency, grantee, amount of grant, and purpose of grant. Also included are copies of grants forwarded to Mr. Rodino’s office by grant seeking organizations. Where these are available, they provide in depth information on the programs of interest to the Newark community.  

Grants 1976   

Grants 1977   

Grants 1978   

Grants 1978   

Grants 1979   

Grants 1980   

Grants 1981   

Grants 1982   

Grants 1983   

Grants 1984   

Grants 1987   

Grants 1988 

Greetings from PWR

Greetings from PWR are arranged chronologically from 1967 to 1988, excluding 1969. It contains follow-up letters to meetings, and greeting to organizations, which sometimes include the invitation and program to the event to which Mr. Rodino was sending his greetings. There are also response letters to constituents who have written to Mr. Rodino regarding certain pieces of legislation or to share a viewpoint on an issue of the day. In few of these instances, Mr. Rodino expresses his opinion on the matter. Mr. Rodino also used this type of letter to celebrate milestones of businesses and organizations in the district, as well as recognize the positive work done by individuals and organizations in the communities. Where individuals are working in areas of interest to Mr. Rodino, such as drug education and housing, he expands on his views on that topic. Get well wishes and acknowledgements of birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations were weeded from this sub-series. See also: Invitations, Congratulations, and Thanks You to PWR (for follow-up letters from individuals.)   

Greetings from PWR 1967-1968   

Greetings from PWR 1970   

Greetings from PWR 1971   

Greetings from PWR 1971   

Greetings from PWR 1972   

Greetings from PWR 1972   

Greetings from PWR 1973   

Greetings from PWR 1974   

Greetings from PWR 1975   

Greetings from PWR 1976   

Greetings from PWR 1977   

Greetings from PWR 1977   

Greetings from PWR 1978   

Greetings from PWR 1979   

Greetings from PWR 1980   

Greetings from PWR 1981   

Greetings from PWR 1982   

Greetings from PWR 1983   

Greetings from PWR 1984   

Greetings from PWR 1985   

Greetings from PWR 1986   

Greetings from PWR 1986   

Greetings from PWR 1987   

Greetings from PWR 1988 

Greetings to PWR

Greetings to PWR are arranged chronologically, spanning from 1970-1988, excluding 1972 and 1987. It contains letters to Mr. Rodino from family, friends, members of Congress, former employees, constituents and businesspeople to follow-up on meetings or acknowledge an event. Some files include photographs from these encounters.   

Greetings to PWR 1970   

Greetings to PWR 1971   

Greetings to PWR 1973   

Greetings to PWR 1975   

Greetings to PWR 1976   

Greetings to PWR 1977   

Greetings to PWR 1978   

Greetings to PWR 1979   

Greetings to PWR 1980   

Greetings to PWR 1981   

Greetings to PWR 1982   

Greetings to PWR 1983   

Greetings to PWR 1984   

Greetings to PWR 1985   

Greetings to PWR 1986   

Greetings to PWR 1987   

Greetings to PWR 1988 


Holds are arranged chronologically with the years 1973 and 1977 to 1981 recorded. It contains letters appearing to originate from the District Office in Newark. Included are meeting requests outlining issues of interest to Mr. Rodino including race relations and immigration. There is some similarity in content to Project Files in dealing with community based issues.   

Holds 1973   

Holds 1977   

Holds 1978   

Holds 1979   

Holds 1980   

Holds 1981 


Intercongressional correspondence is arranged chronologically and includes the years 1967 to 1973, 1982 to 1986, and 1988. The sub-series records correspondence from members of Congress: thanking Mr. Rodino for his support on particular legislative actions; on the occasion of their retirement or loss of an election; in support of candidacy or naming for an appointment; regarding meeting people of common acquaintance; and congratulations on winning an election.   

Intercongressional 1967   

Intercongressional 1968   

Intercongressional 1969   

Intercongressional 1969-1970   

Intercongressional 1971   

Intercongressional 1972   

Intercongressional 1973   

Intercongressional 1982-1983   

Intercongressional 1985   

Intercongressional 1986   

Intercongressional 1988 

Negative Comments

Negative Comments are arranged chronologically for the years 1974 and 1975. These files contain letters in which the writer is negative or hostile towards Mr. Rodino, particularly for his role in the Impeachment Inquiry.  

Negative Comments 1974   

Negative Comments 1975 


NFA correspondence is arranged chronologically in bulk by month for the years 1971 through 1979. This designation was given in instances where constituents and others shared views with or asked questions of Mr. Rodino, to which he responded in a way that no further action was required by his staff. Issues of interest include: education, energy, housing, public assistance, revenue sharing, transportation, veterans’ issues, and issues specific to localities in New Jersey.   

NFA 1977-1978   

NFA 1978    

NFA 1979   

NFA April 1976- 1977   

NFA August 1976- 1977   

NFA December 1975-1977   

NFA February 1972-1977   

NFA January 1971-1977   

NFA July 1976- 1977   

NFA June 1972-1977   

March 1972-1977   

NFA May 1973-1976   

NFA November 1975-1977   

NFA October 1971-1977   

NFA September 1975-1977  

PWR Personal

PWR Personal files are in two runs. The first is chronological spanning from 1957 through 1988. The second is alphabetical by the last name of the writer, the name of the business or organization, or the issue at hand. The early files in the chronological run largely record correspondence following meetings or introductions with other politicians or business leaders. In the 1970’s the nature of the correspondence transitions to lengthier and more familiar letters with associates. These chronicle some of Mr. Rodino’s personal interactions as they coincide with his political perspectives. The alphabetical run contains materials starting in 1949 running through 1988. These letters were exchanged with family, friends, business leaders, and politicians and cover a wide variety of topics. Records of note include: the letter from Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti stating the finding that any allegations related to Mr. Rodino in the Abscam scandal were groundless, reports from the Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Institute for Criminal Justice at Jersey City State College, in addition to Mr. Rodino’s work on particular issues working with such individuals as George Radcliffe, Jack Valenti, and John Wallace. The records appear to have originated in Mr. Rodino’s District Office.   

PWR Personal 1957-1967, undated   

PWR Personal 1963   

PWR Personal 1964   

PWR Personal 1968   

PWR Personal 1969   

PWR Personal 1970   

PWR Personal 1971   

PWR Personal 1972    

PWR Personal 1973   

PWR Personal 1974   

PWR Personal 1974-1979   

PWR Personal 1975   

PWR Personal 1976   

PWR Personal 1977   

PWR Personal 1977   

PWR Personal 1978   

PWR Personal 1978   

PWR Personal 1979   

PWR Personal 1980   

PWR Personal 1980   

PWR Personal 1981   

PWR Personal 1981   

PWR Personal 1982   

PWR Personal 1983   

PWR Personal 1983   

PWR Personal 1984   

PWR Personal 1985   

PWR Personal 1986   

PWR Personal 1987   

PWR Personal 1988   

PWR Personal 1988   

PWR Personal April-June 1965   

PWR Personal January-June 1966   

PWR Personal January-June 1967   

PWR Personal January-June 1979   

PWR Personal January-March 1965   

PWR Personal July-December 1965   

PWR Personal July-December 1967   

PWR Personal July-December 1979   

PWR Personal May-December 1966   

PWR Personal: Abscam 1980-1981   

PWR Personal: Addonizio, Hugh J. 1962-1965   

PWR Personal: Agnelli, Foundation 1980   

PWR Personal: Alagna, Ace 1949-1964   

PWR Personal: Albert, Eddie 1979   

PWR Personal: Amvets 1969   

PWR Personal: Annunzio, Frank 1965-1970, 1977-1978, 1983   

PWR Personal: Appellate Court Clerks 1980   

PWR Personal: Augelli, Anthony 1964   

PWR Personal: Bakke, Alan 1977   

PWR Personal: Baraka, Imamu Amiri 1973-1974   

PWR Personal: Baumgart, Merle 1975   

PWR Personal: Benucci, Joesph 1949-1964   

PWR Personal: Benucci, Joseph 1946, 1963-1966, 1968   

PWR Personal: Bludhorn, Charles 1975   

PWR Personal: Bregman, Dr. J.I. 1965   

PWR Personal: Brookings Institution 1978   

PWR Personal: Cahill, William T. 1970   

PWR Personal: Callaghan, Harry July-October 1964   

PWR Personal: Celler, Emanuel 1958   

PWR Personal: Chelf, Frank 1973   

PWR Personal: Clients' Security Fund 1973, 1977   

PWR Personal: Clinco, Mario L. 1962, 1964-1968, 1970-1971, 1974-1976   

PWR Personal: Colamonici, Antonio 1965-1975   

PWR Personal: Colucci, Vincent 1980   

PWR Personal: Columbus Day Material 1975, 1977, 1978, undated   

PWR Personal: Commisa, Vincent 1972-1973   

PWR Personal: Common Cause 1972   

PWR Personal: Conte, Ralph G. 1965, 1967, 1968   

PWR Personal: Cooper, John January 1957-February 1958   

PWR Personal: Cowan, Dr. James 1976   

PWR Personal: Culver, John C. November 2, 1973   

PWR Personal: Curtis, Edward A. 1968   

PWR Personal: deChiara, Enzo 1976-1980   

PWR Personal: DiNallo, Eugene L. 1968   

PWR Personal: Distasio & VanBuren Inc. 1964, 1966, 1967   

PWR Personal: Driscoll, Colonel John J. 1965   

PWR Personal: Eisenberg, Kenneth 1965   

PWR Personal: Enders, Arthur Philip 1971   

PWR Personal: Foderaro, Salvatore 1965-1967   

PWR Personal: Fox, Donal C. 1953-1960   

PWR Personal: Gaja, Roberto April-May 1976   

PWR Personal: Gallagher, Cornelius E. June 1966   

PWR Personal: Galloni, Giovanni 1980   

PWR Personal: Gardner, Richard N. 1977-1980   

PWR Personal: Goldberg, David 1972   

PWR Personal: Gullace, Gino May 1976   

PWR Personal: Haney, George 1963-1964, 1967-1968, undated

PWR Personal: Healey, Joseph M. 1949-1959 

PWR Personal: Hellring, Bernard 1955, 1957, 1959, 1962-1965, 1967, 1970-1973   

PWR Personal: Hoffman-LaRoche (Mattia, V.D.) 1949-1969   

PWR Personal: Humphrey, Hubert H. 1966   

PWR Personal: Immigration Material 1971, 1981   

PWR Personal: Imperiale, Anthony January 1973   

PWR Personal: Institute for Social Justice, Jersey City State College 1980   

PWR Personal: Interferon - Carter, Dr. William   

PWR Personal: Italian American Foundation 1977-1980   

PWR Personal: Italian Communist Party: Its Foreign and Domestic Policy in Its Own Words 1980   

PWR Personal: Italian Correspondence 1980-1981   PWR Personal: Italian Matters 1977   

PWR Personal: Italian Matters 1977-1978, 1980   PWR Personal: Italy: Nordio, Dr. Umberto 1979   

PWR Personal: Italy: Report on the Progress of Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Program in Italy 1980   

PWR Personal: Italy: The Strategy of Cooperation: A Progress Report 1980   

PWR Personal: Janeway, Eliot 1960-1962, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1972   

PWR Personal: Jerzita, Maria 1973, 1976-1977   

PWR Personal: Johnson, Lyndon B. 1964, 1970   

PWR Personal: Judgeships: Potential Candidates 1980   

PWR Personal: Kalter, Robert 1964-1965   

PWR Personal: Kennedy, John F. 1960-1961, 1963   

PWR Personal: Kidde, Walter April-May 1970   

PWR Personal: Krebs, Paul 1972-1973   

PWR Personal: L - Miscellaneous Correspondence 1964, 1965, 1968   

PWR Personal: Labor's Peace Corps 1963-1964   

PWR Personal: Lazink, Estelle 1973-1975   

PWR Personal: Leece, William A. April 1975   

PWR Personal: Lerner, Harry 1972, 1975, 1977   

PWR Personal: Lo Moro, Bruno 1964, 1965, undated   

PWR Personal: Longo, Dom 1968   

PWR Personal: Lordi, Joseph P. 1973   

PWR Personal: M - Miscellaneous Correspondence 1966-1967, 1970, 1976, 1982, 1984-1985, undated   

PWR Personal: Mal-Bros Construction Company 1964, undated   

PWR Personal: Mankiewicz, Frank after 1974   

PWR Personal: Mattia, V.D., Dr. 1969-1970   

PWR Personal: McClusky/McIntyre Part I 1985   

PWR Personal: McClusky/McIntyre Part II 1985   

PWR Personal: McGrory, Mary 1975   

PWR Personal: Merlino, Joseph P. 1982   

PWR Personal: Meskill, Thomas J. 1974-1975   

PWR Personal: Moorhead, Robert J., Col. July 1965   

PWR Personal: Morrison, Bruce 1984   

PWR Personal: NAACP 1980   

PWR Personal: Nader, Ralph 1985   

PWR Personal: National Industry Supply Company 1965   

PWR Personal: New York Law School 1979   

PWR Personal: Newark Housing Development and Rehabilitation Corporation (NHDRC) October 17, 1978   

PWR Personal: Noto, Mario J. 1977, 1979   

PWR Personal: O'Connor, Joseph February-March 1983   

PWR Personal: Orrechio, Frank A. 1965, 1967, 1973   

PWR Personal: Owens, Ronnie undated   

PWR Personal: P Correspondence (Miscellaneous) 1962, 1969, 1975   

PWR Personal: Picone, Joseph 1961-1969   

PWR Personal: Price, Martin 1974, 1979   

PWR Personal: Quinlan, James undated   

PWR Personal: Radcliffe, George August 1961-June 1963   

PWR Personal: Raffaldini, Jerome L. (Lino) 1975   

PWR Personal: Re, Edward D. 1963-1964, 1966, 1977-1979   

PWR Personal: Re, Edward D. 1964-1969   

PWR Personal: Retirement 1988   

PWR Personal: Richardson, George June 1968   

PWR Personal: Rivisto, Mike 1962-1968   

PWR Personal: Rockefeller, Happy 1976   

PWR Personal: Rodino, Margaret (Peggy) 1963-1964   

PWR Personal: Rodino, Mariana Stango 1978   

PWR Personal: Rodino, Peter W., III 1963, undated   

PWR Personal: Rooney, John B. 1965, 1967-1969   

PWR Personal: Rooney, John B. July 1950-March 1965   

PWR Personal: Rowan, Michael 1972   

PWR Personal: Sammartino, Michael 1966, 1968   

PWR Personal: Sanford Holding Company - Steinberg, Irwin 1964   

PWR Personal: Schettino, C. Thomas 1965   

PWR Personal: Smith, Frank M. - Capital Cities Broadcasting Company 1963, 1965-1967, 1969   

PWR Personal: Squadrilli, Contessa Ambrosini 1959, 1965, undated   

PWR Personal: Stanziale, Charles A. March 11, 1970   

PWR Personal: Sulmonetti, Alfred T. 1966-1967   

PWR Personal: Suriano, Tony 1974-1975   

PWR Personal: Terres, Kate 1984   

PWR Personal: Thank You Letters (Wife's Illness) 1977-1978   

PWR Personal: Toricelli, Robert G. 1987-1988   

PWR Personal: Turin Consulate 1979   

PWR Personal: UAW: Gray, Edward 1982   

PWR Personal: Uber, Thomas 1983   

PWR Personal: Valenti, Jack 1980-1983   

PWR Personal: Vitale, Michael 1962-1969, 1975, 1977   

PWR Personal: Wallace, John 1965-1966   

PWR Personal: Wallace, John 1967   

PWR Personal: Wallace, John 1968-1970   

PWR Personal: Westerlind, King 1964   

PWR Personal: Williams, Harrison A., Jr. 1958-1959, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1969   

PWR Personal: Willis, Frank (Watergate Guard) September 1974   

PWR Personal: Wolfgang, Jacques 1964, 1966, 1969   


Recommendations files cover the years 1978, 1979, 1980, 1983 and 1986 and include recommendations by Mr. Rodino for cabinet, judicial, and other high level government appointments were retained.  

Recommendations 1978-1980, 1983, 1986 


After announcing his Retirement on March 15, 1988, Mr. Rodino received letters of congratulations from around the country. These letters are retained here along with sample response letters sent by Mr. Rodino’s office.  

Retirement Letters Former Staff and Friends 1988   

Retirement Letters General Public 1988   

Retirement Letters Letters from Organizations 1988   

Retirement Letters Responses 1988   

Retirement Letters VIPs 1988 

Sample Letters

Sample Letters contain drafts of wording for standard responses to constituents and those seeking employment.  

Sample Employment Letters undated   

Sample Letters undated 

Thank You From PWR

Thank You from PWR correspondence is arranged chronologically and represents the years 1966, 1968 to 1988. These are letters sent by Mr. Rodino’s office to constituents, members of Congress, business leaders in appreciation of support, awards, memberships, and work on his fundraisers. In the earlier years, Mr. Rodino’s office acknowledged instances where news or wire services mentioned his name in news stories.  

Thank You from PWR 1966   

Thank You from PWR 1968   

Thank You from PWR 1969   

Thank You from PWR 1970   

Thank You from PWR 1971   

Thank You from PWR 1972   

Thank You from PWR 1972   

Thank You from PWR 1972   

Thank You from PWR 1973   

Thank You from PWR 1974   

Thank You from PWR 1975   

Thank You from PWR 1975   

Thank You from PWR 1976   

Thank You from PWR 1977   

Thank You from PWR 1978   

Thank You from PWR 1979   

Thank You from PWR 1980   

Thank You from PWR 1981   

Thank You from PWR 1982   

Thank You from PWR 1983   

Thank You from PWR 1984   

Thank You from PWR 1985   

Thank You from PWR 1986   

Thank You from PWR 1987   

Thank You from PWR 1988   

Thank You from PWR - Retirement 1988 

Thank You to PWR

Thank You to PWR correspondence is arranged chronologically and covers the years 1968 to 1988. Includes letters from individuals, businesses (Beecham Inc., Bristol Meyers, Hoffman-LaRoche Inc., C.F. Mueller Company, the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America); local and national organizations (AMVETS, Essex County Bar Foundation, Harrison Firemen’s Benevolent Association, Justinian Society of Lawyers, NAACP, National Council of Jewish Women); staff; and government officials. Many letters of thanks are in response to congratulations, condolences, or commendations sent by Mr. Rodino, while others acknowledge Mr. Rodino’s assistance, attendance, or recommendation.   

Thank You to PWR 1968   

Thank You to PWR 1969   

Thank You to PWR 1970   

Thank You to PWR (A-K) 1971   

Thank You to PWR (L-Z) 1971   

Thank You to PWR 1972   

Thank You to PWR 1973   

Thank You to PWR 1975   

Thank You to PWR 1976   

Thank You to PWR 1977   

Thank You to PWR 1978   

Thank You to PWR 1978   

Thank You to PWR 1979   

Thank You to PWR 1980   

Thank You to PWR 1981   

Thank You to PWR 1982   

Thank You to PWR 1983   

Thank You to PWR 1984   

Thank You to PWR 1985   

Thank You to PWR 1986   

Thank You to PWR 1987   

Thank You to PWR 1988 


VIP Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the letter writer for letters received 1958 through 1981, and from 1985 through 1988. These letters are arranged chronologically. For the letters from prominent leaders 1958 through 1981, there is a master list that indexes each letter by date, as well as by last name of the writer. Authors include presidents, vice presidents, members of Congress, and political leaders.

VIP: A 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980   

VIP: Annunzio, Frank August 5, 1966   

VIP: B 1958, 1976-1981, undated   

VIP: Byrne, Brendan 1973, 1978   

VIP: C 1968, 1973, 1977-1980   

VIP: Carter, Jimmy 1976-1978   

VIP: Carter, Jimmy 1978-1980   

VIP: Celler, Emanual 1964, 1970, 1972, 1978-1980   

VIP: Copy File - Letters from Prominent Leaders 1958-1981   

VIP: Cox, Archibald October 1988   

VIP: D 1975, 1977, 1979-1981   

VIP: Edwards, Don July 25, 1979   

VIP: Ervin, Sam August 27, 1984   

VIP: F 1958, 1964, 1972-1973, 1977-1978   

VIP: Ford, Gerald R. 1974-1976   

VIP: G 1958, 1974, 1977   

VIP: H 1978-1979, 1981   

VIP: Hughes, Richard J. 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1977   

VIP: Humphrey, Hubert H. 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1972, 1975, 1977   

VIP: J 1968, 1975, 1977   

VIP: Johnson, Lyndon B. 1964, 1966, 1968, 1971   

VIP: K 1964-1965, 1973, 1977, 1979, undated   

VIP: Kennedy, Edward M. 1968, 1978, 1979   

VIP: Kennedy, John F. 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963   

VIP: Kennedy, John F. 1964   

VIP: L 1977, 1978, 1981   

VIP: M 1968, 1970, 1977-1979   

VIP: Mc May 22, 1964   

VIP: McCormack, John 1958, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1971, 1976, 1977, 1978   

VIP: Mondale, Walter 1976-1979   

VIP: Nixon, Richard M. 1969-1971, 1973   

VIP: O 1972, 1974, 1981   

VIP: O'Brien, Lawrence F. 1972, 1974, 1981   

VIP: O'Neill, Thomas P. (Tip) 1972, 1977-1978   

VIP: P 1974, 1978, 1981   

VIP: R 1960, 1974, 1977-1978, 1981   

VIP: Richardson, Elliot L. 1971, 1973   

VIP: S 1966, 1968, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1979   

VIP: T 1970, 1971, 1977, 1978   

VIP: Unidentifiable   

VIP: V 1970, 1973   

VIP: W 1970, 1975, 1977-1979, 1980   

VIP: Z September 23, 1977   

VIP 1985   

VIP 1986   

VIP 1986, 1988, undated   

VIP 1987   

VIP 1988   

VIP 1988 

White House

The White House letters are arranged chronologically, recording the years 1960 to 1970, 1979, and 1980 to 1982. These files contain mostly letters from White House staffers, responding to inquiries made by Mr. Rodino or passing along information from the president or vice-president. There are a few letters from the presidents and vice-presidents.   

White House 1960-1970, 1979   

White House 1980-1981   

White House 1982