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Office Files 1953-1988 (11.7 linear feet)

The Office Files series records the working files from Mr. Rodino’s office from 1953-1988, with the bulk of the material from the 1970s and 1980s. These files document all aspects of the administration and management of the Rodino office. There are no office files prior to 1953, and 1950s-1960s office files are not well documented in this collection.

Office Files are arranged into three alphabetical runs and two chronological runs. The alphabetical runs come first in the sub-series and include a run each for the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. These alphabetical runs of files contain administrative files including financial information and staff management files, research information, and correspondence to Rodino and staff. Also included are various other files which document Rodino’s day-to-day actions, having to do with political and personal issues of the time. The two chronological runs of files include a run of district office files and a run of guest register files. District office files document the administrative files of the district office in Newark, New Jersey from 1953-1971. There are only a small amount of district office files in the collection. Guest registers document who visited the congressional office from 1965-1969.

See Office Files for additional information regarding Caucus and Coalitions, Democratic Caucus, ICEM, Ethnic Lists in the Political series. See Office Files for additional information regarding Correspondence, Awards, Honors, and Honorary Degrees, Trips, Campaign, and Schedule files in the Personal series. See Office Files for additional information regarding the Legislative series.


Contributions and Paid Bills 1964-1965


Contributions and Paid Bills 1966-1968


Donations and Recepits 1969-1971


American Council on Germany 1974


Coors Beer Articles 1975


Criminal Justice Refore Act 1975-1976


Current Staff 1975-1984


Democratic Caucus 1973


Democratic Policy Council 1971


Democratic Congressional Dinner 1974


Democratic Congressional Dinner 1975


Awards 1971


Barrett Housing Tour July 1974


Reuben (Hurricane) Carter 1975


CATV 1973


Child Pornography Newsclippings May 1977


Commemoration Ceremony in Honor of the 200th Anniversary of the First Continential Congress Publication September 1974


Committee to Restore Faith in Government Undated


Congressman Nix 1973


Democratic Mid-Term Convention Kansas City, MO December 1974


Honorary Boards 1971


Honorary Boards 1972


Honorary Boards 1973


House Committee Print Re: Justice William Douglas 91st Congress 2nd Session June 20, 1970


ICEM 1971-1972


ICEM 1973


Immigrant Visa Numbers 1973


Inauguration 1973


Italian Americans in Congress 1971-1973


Italian Chamber of Commerce 1973


Democratic Steering Committee 1973


Italy Trip 1971


Judiciary Committee 1973


Judiciary Committee: I. Meetings 1973


Judiciary Committee: II. Claims 1974


Judiciary Committee: Miscellaneous 93rd Congress 1974


Judiciary Committee: Organization, Membership, Funding 93rd Congress 1974


Democratic Telethon 1974


Drugs 1971, undated


DSG Legislative Reports 1973


Endorsements for Other Members 1974


File Lists 1972-1973


Georgetown 1973


Gibbons, Judge 1973


Judiciary Committee Staff Lists 1974


Minutes: Subcommittee Chief Counsel Meetings September 28, 1979


Miscellaneous Staff Memos 1973, undated


Naporano, Andy, Jr. Naporano Iron and Metal Company October 1979


Narcotics 1970s


National Association of Broadcasters 1979


National Distillers and Chemical Corporation August 1979


NATO 1974


New Jersey Congresssional Delegation 1971


New Jersey Delegation 1974


New Jersey E.P.A. Intergovernmental Personnel December 1979


Juvenile Justice Reform Confirmation October 12, 1979


New Members 1973


New York City's Financial Problems: A Bill to Amend the Bankruptcy Act October 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: An Overview November 11, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: The Challenge of the Cities David Rockerfeller July 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Carl Albert Statement November 4, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Congressman Jerry Patterson's Collague Letter on New York November 11, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Correspondence November-December 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: D November 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Editorials October-November 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: "How Come The Hate Us In Omaha" New York News Frank Van Ripper November 9, 1975


Lowry Medical Center 1979


New York City's Financial Problems: HR 10454 November 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: HR 10624 a Summary Undated


Mail Passed on to Jerry or Janet 1974


Thomas E. Mann: Congressional Fellow Program October 1979


Material from PWR for LT's Information 1976


Members of Congress for Peace through Law 1974


Members Receiving Honors from Italian Government 1971


Mentally Retarded 1972-1973


New York City's Financial Problems: Judiciary Committee Memoranda on Chapter IX of the Bankruptcy Act October 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Why New York Has to be Saved" By Pete Hamill November 1975


New York Times Op-Ed Piece August 9, 1979


Newspaper 1973


Nussbaum, Bernard W. September 1974


O'Connel, Robert 1979


Of Interest to PWR 1972


Office Analysis Rough 1977


Parlapiano, Joseph J. 1979 or after


Past Staff 1973-1979


Pay Increases for Members of Congress September 20, 1979


New York City's Financial Problems: Majority Whip Letter November 11, 1975


Press People 1973


Prime Minister of Italy 1973


POW Returnees 1973


PWR Personal: Contributions and Donations 1976


PWR Personal: I.R.S. Releases Members Tax Returns 1974


PWR Personal: Office Administration 1976


New York City's Financial Problems: Memoranda April-November 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: New York City's Financial Crisis a Study Prepared for Joint Economic Comm. November 3, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems:New York City's Fiscal Problem Background Paper One Congress Budget Office October 10, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: New York Magazine "An Open Letter to the Democratic Majority: N.Y. City is the Test" November 10, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Statement of Rodino and Edwards before the House Rules Committee HR 10624 December 4, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: Whip Issue Paper November 3, 1975


New York City's Financial Problems: White House Version of Bill to Alleviate New York Fiscal Crisis November 1975


PWR Personal: Tax Information 1976


Rutgers University 1973


Sam Ervin the Constitution Film Publication Undated


Sample Letter Binder 1975


Sample Letters 1968-1972, undated


SANE 1974


Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy October 29, 1979


Specific Replies 1972-1973


Speeches: Procedures, Etc. May-July 1979


State Democrats 1974


Study of New Jersey Broadcasters Association 1975


PWR Radio Material 1973


Sub I. 1973


Sub I. 1974


Sub IV. 1974


Sub 5 1973


PWR Record 1979-1980


Recommendations 1973


Referral 1973


Remarks 1973


Remarks by Chief Justice J. Hughes U. of Miami April 30, 1976


Rodino Alien Bill 1972


Roncallo, Angelo 1974


Travel 1966, 1969-1972


Travel 1972


Unico 1974-1975


Sub V. 1974


Unique Radio Group, Inc.: Raul Alarcon Jr. 1979-1980


Visitors 1973


Walking Tour List 1974


Waterfront Commission 1973


West Essex Parents of Exceptional Children Organization 1973


White House Fellows 1974-1975


Who's Who 1979-1980


Sub on Crime 1974


Sub on Criminal Justice 1974


Successful Cases 1969-1972


The Third Branch Publication: Interview with PWR April 1976


Tickler Reports April-August 1978


Tony 1974


Tory Tickets 1973


Abscam: Nelson, Joe Discussions with Prosecutors 1970s-1980s


B&B Caterers Per Vikki Durbin 1985


Baldi, Gina 1987


Ballot Security Task Force Republican National Committee 1982


Bancroft Convertible Fund December 1986-January 1987


Barry, Marion Correspondence 1986


Bennucci, Joseph 1982


Bergen, Dr. Stanley: Selection for Ethics Committee March-June 1987


Berkeley Bedell Event August 27, 1983


Biaggi, Mario March 12, 1987


Black Caucus Employment Letter June 12, 1987


Congressman Akaka Re Walter Kupau August 1986


Black Revolutionary War Patriots Foundation 1987-1988


Blue Cross Blue Shield 1980-1981


Alagna, Ace: Request for Lee Iacocca Award October 13, 1985


Alleghany Corporation 1984


Annunzio (Italian American) 1982-1984


Antioch School of Law: Accredidation Letters from Members June 5, 1985


APA Transport Corporation May-June 1984


Armed Services Committee Chairmanship Battle 100th Congress January 1987


Association of American Medical Colleges: Stanley Bergen Nomination July 22, 1986


Boggs, Tommy 1981


Brown, Robert: Orange Mayors Race 1988


Bumpers, Dale 1988


Burda, Michael 1987


Burton, Lawrence 1980-1981


Burton, Dr. Lawrence March 10, 1986


CAB Delegation Letter October 29, 1984


Cafaro, J.J. 1982


Carr, Robert (Bob) 1982


Carter, Dr. William: HEM Research 1981-1983


Carter, Dr. William: HEM Research 1982


Congressman Boner, William January-February 1986


Case Information 1982


Caucus: Membership Etc. 1986


Bophuthatswana 1982


Boreman, Frank 1982


Boyd, Tommy Jr November 1985-January 1986


Bradley, Bill: Breakfast Carteret Saving February 1986


Assemblyman Brown, Willie 1983


Bucciero, Michael 1982


Budget Committee Chairmanship 101st Congress May-October 1987


Caucus: Membership Etc. 1986


Cline, Jim: Vienna Trip Letter to PWR June 18, 1985


Committee on House Administration 1981


Committee on the Judiciary October 1980


Committee on the Judiciary Staff Options Paper on H.R. 6121 1980


Common Sense Ed Fund, Inc. Congressional Office Research Project August 13, 1986


Congressional Black Caucus 1982-1983


Congressional Dinner, 20th Annual 1983


Congressional Tribute to PWR 1985-1986


Conrail 1985


Conte, Silvo O. 1981


Century Air Freight 1981


Continential Airlines 1987


Contributions: Public Financing of the Office of Governor of New Jersey 1981


CRI Tribute December 18, 1985


CRS Material on Redistricting and Reapportionment 1985


Crystal Bowl Gift from Irish Ambassador May 18, 1988


Cueno, Ernest L.: Re: Burial at Arlington 1980s


Cuomo, Mario M. 1984


Curran, Edward M. 1981


D'Ambola, Thomas 1987


Chiara, Enzo De 1982


Chiara, Enzo De: RNC 1985


Chiara, Enzo De: SBA 1982


CIBA-CEIGY Victor E. Baker 1985-1986


Citizens Against PACs 1984


Civil Rico October 1985


Clay, Bill: Task Force Member for 8th District Recount Fact Sheet April 24, 1985


Dear Colleague 1986


Democratic Caucus Chair 1988


Democratic Club Debts Article September 22, 1987


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee April 20, 1983


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee December 15, 1983


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Dear Friend Reganomics Sample from Susan Ranft 1982


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Dinner May 8, 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Literature on Indiana Contested 8th District 1985


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Women's Congressional Committee August 24, 1984


Democratic Congressional Dinner March 31, 1982


Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee 1984


Defillippo, Charlotte 1982-1983


Democratic Members, New 1980


Delegation: People's Express Dinner October 1985


Delegation Business 1986


Delaware River Basin Commission December 9, 1982


Deluca, frank: Administrative Law Judge Application 1984-1986


Democratic Caucus 1980-1987


Democratic Caucus 1982


Democratic Caucus 1983


Democratic National Committee Delegate Selection 1984


Dizon, Alan for Senate 1988


Detore, Robert R.: Crossroads Health Plan 1980

Donaldson, Sam 1988


Double Breasting Bill 1987


DSG Committee Assignment Process 1982


WA Dowless 1979-1982


Drug Hearings Newark January 1986


Drug Price Compensation Act August 9, 1984


Dubois, Jim June 17, 1987


Duncan, Robert B. April 8, 1981


Democratic National Committee: LaRouche Candidates 1986


Durkin, Ray 1986-1987


Dwyer Courter Delegation Letter Re: Deleware Water Gap March 6, 1985


Eastern Airlines May-June 1982


Edgar, Bob for Senate 1986


Elson, Roy 1981


Embassy of Italy November 22, 1983


Employment and Housing Legislation in 99th Congress Per Eva August 19, 1986


Environmental and Energy Study January 29, 1986


Ervin, Senator Sam August 7, 1984


Essex County Courthouse Draft Letter 1986


Democratic National Committee vs. Republican National Committee: Consent Order and Settlement December 1982


Esterly, Jane Burgard 1986


Denev, Eva: Legislative Mail Memos 1981


Department of Energy Cable Facts 1981


Di Pasquale, Donald Rev. 1981


Dietz, Christopher: Jersey City State College June 1987


Dioxin in Newark June-July 1983


Direct Mail in the Political Process 1981


Ethnic Americans August 7, 1984


Firelli Cable Corporation 1985


Fishman, Seymour 1981


FMI February 25, 1987


Ford, Gerald R. May 1981


Form Letters 1982


Franklin, Bill 1982


Freehold Raceway Delegation Letter May 1984


Freeport Minerals 1982


Freeze PAC 1980's


Friends of Eye Research 1981


Faiello, Samuel 1982


Friends of Eye Research 1983


GE Letter to Bill Hughes from Bob Barrie May 22, 1985


General Assembly of NJ 1984


Georgetown Center for Immigration Policy Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Center 1980's


Gibbons High School 1982


Gibson, Kenneth 1981-1984


Gibson, Kenneth for Governor 1980s


Gilmore, Bishop Curtis D.D.D.S. 1985


Glazier, Michael: Father Drinan Book September 1984


Fair Employment Practices Commission 1987


Falwell, Jerry: Liberty Federation Rating of Rodino August 1986


Falzarano, Diana 1984


F.B.I. 1983-1984


FBI Thank-You Letter December 17, 1984


FDR Centennial Committee 1981


Finley Kumble 1987


Gram-Rudman Judiciary Committee 1986


Handgun Control: Cosponsors 98th Congress 1983


Handgun Control Inc. 1981-1984


Haley Associates NFA July 1985


Haley, Martin Ryan Olives December 18, 1984


Hart, Peter 1980


Hastings, Hon. Alcee 1987


Hatcher, Mayor John C. 1986


Health Insurance Association of America August 1984


Hennan, Art 1983


Cec Heftel Gov. of Hawaii: Text of Newspaper Ad 1980s


Grandparents visitation Rights 1980s


Hispanic Issues and Organizations 1982


Hobbs Act Amendment 1981


Hobbs, Sharol 1985


Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. 1983


Hofstra U. Truman Conference 1982-1983


Holbert, Martha 1984


Hollenbeck, Hon. Harold June 16, 1987


Holt, Isaac 1982


Holm, Charlie December 1987


Honorarium 1982


Grant, Andrea 1984


Honorarium 1984


Greenbriar Retreat 1985


GSA FTS Line in Office January 1981


GTW/Booz-Allen and Hamilton Study Petition Filed with FCC April 1985


Guido, Kenneth 1986-1987


Guy, Dr. Drue: NASA 1984-1985


Handgun Control Articles 1981-1984


Honorary Boards 1987


HUD Delegation Letter March 8, 1985


Hudson County Board of Taxation Administration Bulding January 1982


Il Secolo XIX June 1984


Immigration 1983-1984


Immigration Bill 1986


Imperatore, Arthur June 1984


Imperatore, Arthur September 1984


Inauguration Material 1981


Independent Counsel December 1986


Independent Federation of Flight Attendants 1986-1987


Honorary Boards and Memberships 1986


Intergovernment Committee for Migration 1981


International Association of Personnel in Employment Security (IAPES) February 1981


International Longshoremen's Association November 1983


International Terrorism 1981


Interparliamentary Union 1981


Investigation Guidelines Re: Public Officers December 1980


Hotel Employees and Resturant Employees International Union May 15, 1984


House Judiciary Committee: Budget Request Outline 1984


House Judiciary Committee: Legislative Activities 1984


Howard, Congressman Jim INS Complaints August 17, 1984


Howard, James J. 1988


HR 1042 Pearl Harbor Survivors Association March 15, 1982


HR 3498 Victin of Crimes Act 1983


Lee Iococca 1986


Jackson, Jesse Endorsement 1988


Jennings, M. Noel, M.D., P.A. 1980


Jersey City State College 1981


Jersey City State College Masters Degree Criminal Justice 1982


Joe Slade White Communications Re: Documentary Filem January 1986


Johnson & Johnson 1984, 1986


Johnson & Johnson Good Government Fund 1982


Johnson, Benjamin F. III January 1982


Johnson, Golden E. 1980


Judelson, Joy Resume 1987-1988, undated


Italian American Dinner September 13, 1980


"Judge Re" 1983-1984


Judiciary Committee 1985


Judiciary Matters 1986


Juliano, Bob May-August 1984


Juliano, Bob: National Academies of Practice July 1987


Kastenmeir, Robert W. December 1980


Katz, Harvey M. November 1985


Governor Thomas Kean 1982


Keegan, Phil: Tort Claims Act/Private Attorneys October 1984


Italian American Fundation Dinner 1982


Kemp, Jack 1988


Italian American War Veterans Charter March-May 1981


The Italian Cultural Society 1981


Italian Tribune News September 1983


Italo-American Heritage Foundation January 1988


I.R.S. June 1981


Issue Industrial Development Bonds/Letter to Hon. Donald Regan October 1981


Keno, Christine file 1986


Leahy Palumbo Fundraiser May 14, 1985


Legal Services 1981


Legislation PATH Strike August 1980


Letter from PWR to Paul Kirk Reccomending Torch to Committee April-May 1985


Lettes to Members/House Leadership (Invites) 1984


Levine, Ken: Seagram and Sons Letter January 25, 1985


Liberty Weekend April-November 1985


Lindsley, Wally P. (Mayor) 1980


Lorenzo, Francisco July 1984


Ludwikowski, Dr. Rett July 1984


Kennedy Gephardt Bill February 1, 1984


Mafia Letters September 1980


Mailing Lists, Planned District 1980


Marchiante, Charlie: AFL-CIO 1987


Marelli, Dante: Visit to Mariana Stango Rodino Center for the Aged July-August 1984


Marianna Stango Foundation Dinner October 22, 1985


Marianna Stango Rodino Dinner 1986-1988


Marianna Stango Rodino Home for the Aged 1980-1985


Marinari and Farkas, P.A. July-September 1984


Mark A. Siegel and Associates 1984


Matarazzo, Dr. Sam 1984


Kiddie 1986


McGuire AFB February 1984


McMillian, robert President of Comission on AIDs June-July 1987


Medal of Liberty Candidates 1986


Members of Congress 1984


Memos: Charlie, PWR, Staff 1985


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Correspondence 1981


Martin Luther King Center Endorsement 1984


Kyros, Peter May 1988


Ladies Auxillary Luncheon May 1985


Landolphi, Joseph C. Nasa Appointment July 1985


Senator Frank Lautenberg 1982


Middlesex County 70001 Congressional Associates Program April 1985


Mielke, Elaine Communications 1986-1987


Miscellaneous 1982


Memos: Charlie, PWR, Staff 1985


Miscellaneous 1985


Miscellaneous Letters, Pictures, Etc. 1985


Momos: Orginals 1986


Memos: VA's copies 1986


Memorandum September 20, 1983


Metzenboum, Howard M. Re: Report on EPA Scandal Involvement November 22, 1985


MIA Medal Presentation Ceremony Arrangements 1984


Mid-Term Conference of the Democratic Party October-December 1981


Miscellaneous Pictures, Articles, Letters 1986


National Association of Arab Americans 1986


National Association of Relators Per Jerry Giovaniello January 30-February 1985


National Council of Negro Women, Inc. February 13, 1980


National Democratic Committee February 1986


National Italian American Dinner 1986


National Italian American Federation 1986


National Italian American Foundation 1982-1985


National Italian American Foundation 1982-1987


National Italian American Foundation 1985


National Italian American Foundation 1986


Mitkins, L&R Medal Treating 1981


National Italian American Foundation March 26, 1987


National League of POW/MIA Families Re: MIA Medal Ceremony August 1984


Nellis, Joe 1979-1980


New Jersey Assembly Energy and Resource Committee 1984


New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Report on Regulatory Problems May 21, 1981


Montanelli, Anthony Venture 1982


Motion Picture Association Opposes H.R. 3521 1982, 1985


Mullen, John R. August 2, 1984


Muscara Tract 1984


NAACP Civil Rights Report Card 1983


Naples, Theresa Re Husband Sam Naples 1982-1986


National Advisory Committee "We The People 200" April 11, 1965


New Jersey Coalition of Black Democrats 1986


New Jersey Democratic State Committee 1983, 1987


New Jersey Education Association PAC 1984 , 1987


New Jersey Governor's Office 1982


New Jersey Governor's Race 1981


New Jersey Gross Recepit Tax 1982


New Jersey Redistricting 1983, undated


New Jersey Savings League 1981


New Jersey School Boards Association Directory 1981


New Jersey Sports and Exposition authority 1981


New Jersey State Assembly 1983


New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry Nulcear Medical and Cancer Center 1986-1987


New Jersey State Democratic Committee 1980


New Jetsey State Society 1980s


New Jersey Teen Arts Program Congressional Arts 1985


New Jersey Truck Association Breakfast June 20, 1984


New York Air 1981


New York Jets 1985


New York Law School Law Review 1980


New York Law School Law Review Article 1980


Newman, Joseph 1984-1985


Newark Boys Chorus 1984


New Jersey Congressional Delegation Meeting with Governor Thomas H. Kean March 24, 1982


Newark Boys Chorus 1985


Newark Housing 1981-1983


New Jersey Council of Churches 1984


New Jersey Delegation 1981


New Jersey Delegation 1983


New Jersey Delegation 1985


New Jersey Democratic Assembly: Hon. Dennis Riley June 1987


New Jersey Democratic State Committee 1982-1983


Newark International Airport 1980-1981


Nowak, Henry 1986


Nunn, Sam 1983


Ottinger, Dick 1980


Payne, Donald 1980


Payne, Donald M. February 1980


Piracy Journal: Re: Miro Nohavec Vs. State of New Jersey January 17, 1980


The President's Commission on Organized Crime 1984


President's Export Council 1980s


Project 500 October 1987


Public Financing of Gubernatorial Primary Elections October-November 1980


Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art 1984


Puerto Rican Legal Committee July-August 1980


PWR Correspondence 1983-1984


PWR Correspondence 1984


PWR Current Legislation January 1980


PWR Daily Schedule 1986


PWR Federal Income Taxes 1981

PWR Financial 1982


Niedermeier, Chris Representative (D, CT) 1986


NIA/CAB Hearings 1980


NISI Foundation 1982


NOAA Fairleigh Dickinson University December 10, 1985


Nonproliferation Task Force 1982


North Ward Center: Loretta Scott King 1982


Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition 1981


PWR Honorary Degree Citations 1983


PWR III Article In NJ Trial Lawyer 1987


PWR III Supreme Court Bar 1987


Quello, James H. 1979-1980


Rabb-Larouche Newsclipping October 15, 1982


Rabinowitz, Bernard "Bay" 1981


Raffaelli, John D. 1987


Raffaelli, John D. 1988


Rangel, Charles B. 1985


Rangel, Charles B.: Special Order for PWR 1985


Rangel, Charles B.: Whip 1985


PWR Honored by US Court of International Trade October 1985


Rauh, Silard and Lichtman, P.C. 1983


PWR Itineraries Part/Present 1985


PWR Institute of Criminal Justice Director 1981-1982


PWR Projected Schedules 1986


PWR, Songs Written By 1987


PWR Taxes 1983


PWR Testimonial Dinner 1982-1983


PWR Voting Record 1983


Judge Re, Edward 1986


RKO General Television 1983


Robbins Fred: Chinese Import Quotas on Textiles Categories 347 and 348 1983


Robinson, Moshere 1982


Rodino, Forman and D'uva: Re: PWR Exemption Status 1986


Rodino, Peter III 1981


Rodino, Peter W. III 1984


Rodino, Peter W. III 1987


Rodino, Peter W. III Resume 1987


Rodino Scholarship 1988


Romano L. Mazzoli: Proposed Changes in the Jurisdiction of Judiciary Subcommittee 1980


Regan Letter to Pope copy 1981


Romeo and Juliet Dinner September 22, 1980


Ronald Regan State of the Union Address 1987


Ronan, Al 1980s


Rosario, Dr. Juan 1981


Rossiello, Ernest 1984


Rostenkowski Dinner Duffy Wall March 20, 1985


Rotenkowski, Dan: Tax Reform Act November-December 1985


Sabreliner Corporation 1983


Regulation Reform Act of 1980 1980


Regulatory Reform 1981


Regulatory Relief 1981


Rep Rodino Breaks Strike with Anti-Trust Club 1981


Rico Projects 1984


Ritchie, James 1987


RKO General, Inc. Supplement to Comments of 1981


Saberliner FAA Flight Inspection Aircraft Program December 3, 1984


Select Committee on Narcotics 1981-1982


Select Commission on Narcotics Abuse and Control Task Forces April-May 1981


Seton Hall Law School Project: Basil Henderson 1980s


Shapiro, Lester 1982


Shepard, Dr. Cancer Institute September-October 1980


Shwartz, Tobia and Stanziale 1986


Sirena Art Studios 1988


SAG New York Lawyer Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control December 11, 1984


Sample Letters 1983-1984


Samuel Klein and Company Finance Information 1980


Scalara, Charles: Invitations 1980-1981


Scalera, Charles: Sub-Committee Weekly reports August 21-November 6, 1980


School of Advanced International Studies (John Hopkins) Dr. Kohl 1982


Seagrams 1981


Select Committee on Immigration and Refugee Policy December 1980


Mayor Barara Sigmund April 1988


Sokol, Leon J. June 15, 1984


Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse and Guido June 6, 1984


South Orange Housing Project 1980s


The Speakers Club July 24, 1981


Springsteen, Bruce January 1986


Congressman Fernand St. Germain 1985


St. John's Church 1984


St. Lucy's August 20, 1984


Staff Financial Info 1985


Stanziale, Charles April-August 1980


Sills, Beverly: Opera Leg February 1982


Stanziale, Charles: County Democratic Organization Endorsements 1986


State Highway 109 Pennslyvania-NJ November 1982


State of New Jersey September-October 1980


State of New Jersey Election 1980


Telecommunications Act of 1980 1980


Television Station New Jersey March 31, 1980


Simone, Dr. Charles 1985


Sitten, Larry April 1988


Smithsonian Institute: Chancellor Samartino 1981


Smollen, Joseph W. III Letter of Reccomendation to Ronald Regan March-April 1985


Snake Freeman: Ethics 1987


Social Security September-October 1982


Sodano, Donato: Chairman Basilone Memorial Committee September 1983


Tenth Congressional District (N.J.) 1982


U.S. Department of Education September 1983


U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council February 8, 1984


U.S. London Case: Port Authority 1980-1981


Vice-President Mondale Dinner September 12, 1980


Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll 1980


Warner Lambert 1987-1988


Washington-Based Organizations and Associations 1980s


The Washington Dossier: Hollywood's Other Man In Washington Jack Valenti June 1981


Washington Staff 1986


The White House August 26, 1980


Trips Abroad: Geneva, Switzerland 1983


Whole Theatre Company July 1980


Williamsburg Seminar 1980


Wilzig, Siggi January 1980


Yankee Stadium Event May 9, 1980


Turin Consulate 1979-1980


Twelve Democratic Steering and Policy Committee Regions November 26, 1980


Unauthorized Disclosures Regarding Abscam, Pendorf, and Brilab 1981-1982


Urbina, Ricardo: Appointment to Superior Court for the District of Columbia January-October 1980


U.S. Assistance Program in Italy's Friuli Region Following Earthquakes in 1976 Book 1981


U.S. Court of International Trade 1981, 1983


U.S. Court of International Trade Ceremony December 19, 1980


District Office: Drugs 1971


District Office: Eye Right, Inc 1953-1965


District Office: Judgeships, Federal New Jersey 1961


District Office: Ladies Auxiliary 1956-1963


District Office: New Jersey Delegation 1964-1967


District Office: New Jersey State Bar Association 1955-1962


Guest Register 1965-1969


Guest Register 1969-1973


Guest Register 1976-1980


Guest Register 1980-1986


Guest Register 1986-1988