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Personal 1909-2005 (22.15 linear feet)

The personal contents within the Rodino Archives are divided into 3 series:  Invitations, Post Congress Bulk and Legacy.  The Post Congress Bulk series is further divided into 9 sub-series.


Invitations are filed by the date of the event and this sub-series is arranged chronologically by month and year. Invitations for award lunches, dinners, and ceremonies, campaign tours, commencements, foreign trips, meetings, press conferences, and speaking engagements attended by Mr. Rodino from 1965-1988 were retained.

The Invitation files may include any of the following: correspondence, ephemera relating to the event, and research information. The correspondence is in the form of telegrams and letters to and from Mr. Rodino and staff and may also include internal correspondence, trip information, newsclippings and photographs. Ephemera include formal invitation cards, tickets, and programs. Research information includes background reports on people, places, and organizations, which may include government reports, newsclippings, and press materials such as pamphlets, booklets, and press releases.

Invitations 1952-1953

Invitations 1961-1963

Invitations 1965

Invitations 1971

Invitations January - July 1972

Invitations August - December 1972

Invitations January - March 1973

Invitations April - June 1973

Invitations July - December 1973

Invitations January - March 1974

Invitations June - August 1974

Invitations September 1974

Invitations October 1974

Invitations November - December 1974

Invitations January - February 1975

Invitations March - April 1975

Invitations May 1975

Invitations June - September 1975

Invitations October - December 1975

Invitations January - February 1976

Invitations March - April 1976

Invitations May 1976

Invitations June 1976

Invitations July - August 1976

Invitations September - December 1976

Invitations January - February 1977

Invitations March 1977

Invitations April 1977

Invitations May 1977

Invitations June - August 1977

Invitations September - October 1977

Invitations November - December 1977

Invitations January - February 1978

Invitations March - April 1978

Invitations May - December 1978

Invitations January - March 1979

Invitations April - May 1979

Invitations June - October 1979

Invitations November - December 1979

Invitations January - March 1980

Invitations May - December 1980

Invitations January - March 1981

Invitations April - July, October 1981

Invitations May 1982

Invitations June 1982

Invitations July - August 1982

Invitations September 1982

Invitations October - December 1982

Invitations January - February 1983

Invitations March 1983

Invitations March - April 1983

Invitations May 1983

Invitations June 1983

Invitations July - September 1983

Invitations October 1983

Invitations November - December 1983

Invitations January - February 1984

Invitations March 1984

Invitations April 1984

Invitations May 1984

Invitations June - December 1984

Invitations January-March 1985

Invitations April-May 1985

Invitations June-September 1985

Invitations October-December 1985

Invitations January-February 1986

Invitations March 1986

Invitations April 1986

Invitations May 1986

Invitations June-August 1986

Invitations September-October 1986

Invitations November 1986

Invitations January-February 1987

Invitations March-April 1987

Invitations May 1987

Invitations June 1987

Invitations July 1987

Invitations September-December 1987

Invitations January-June 1988

Invitations July-December 1988

Post Congress Bulk: 1989-2005

The Post Congress series is divided into nine sub-series which largely mirror the sub-series chronicling Mr. Rodino’s career. These are: Awards and Honors, Biographies, Correspondence and Personal, Faculty Papers, Issues, Lectures and Speeches, Organizations and Associations, Press and Public Relations, and Publications and Writings.

Awards and Honors 1989-2001

Awards and Honors, as well as honorary degrees, received by Mr. Rodino between 1989 and 2001 are found in this sub-series. Additional materials are located in the oversize section for this series.

Awards and Honors undated

Awards and Honors 1989-2001

Awards and Honors: Honorary Degree 1990

Biographies 1989-2005

Biographies contains Mr. Rodino’s printed biographies and drafts. Additionally, there are four folders containing notes, outlines, and manuscript text created as a result of efforts with Bill Berlin to write Mr. Rodino’s biography. Mr. Berlin conducted the oral history interviews, record of which are part of the Audio-Visual series.

Biographies undated, 1995

Biography Notes with Bill Berlin undated

Biography Notes with Bill Berlin undated, 1999

Biography Notes with Bill Berlin undated, 2001

Biography Notes with Bill Berlin undated, 2002

Correspondence and Personal 1989-2005

The Correspondence and Personal sub-series is the record of Mr. Rodino’s letters from 1989 through 2005, in addition to his calendar for the year 2000. The letters in this sub-series are from family, friends, former colleagues, students and fellow faculty members of Seton Hall Law School. Arrangement for this sub-series is chronological by year, with three folders of correspondence arranged alphabetical by author’s last name at the end of the end of the chronological run. Subjects of interest in this series include the comparison of the Clinton Impeachment with that of Nixon, immigration, and Italian stereotypes.

Calendar 2000

Correspondence 1994-1995

Correspondence 1995-1996

Correspondence 1996-1997

Correspondence 1996-1997

Contact Logs undated

Correspondence 1989

Correspondence 1990

Correspondence 1991

Correspondence 1992

Correspondence: Get Well Cards 1992-1993

Correspondence 1993

Correspondence 1994

Correspondence 1997-1998

Correspondence: D'Ambola, Tom 1999-2000

Correspondence: Jordan, Barbara

Correspondence 1999

Correspondence 2000

Correspondence 2001

Correspondence 2002

Correspondence 2003

Correspondence 2004

Correspondence 2004-2005

Correspondence: Cooper, Cardell 1994

Faculty Papers 1989-2005

The Faculty Papers sub-series contains papers related to Mr. Rodino’s tenure at Seton Hall Law School from 1989 through 2005. These document his work on the two seminars he taught each year. The first term seminar concentrated on Civil Rights and Immigration, including in particular the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act. The second term seminar dealt with Watergate and the Iran Contra Affair. While at Seton Hall, Professor Rodino also participated in many significant programs and events, including a Celebration of the Bicentennial of the Bill of Rights. He also wrote several important law review articles on the Ninth Amendment, the Special Prosecutor Statute, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the Presidency. Arranged chronologically at the beginning of the sub-sub-series are the syllabi, seminar materials related to a specific class, and administrative materials relating to Mr. Rodino’s tenure at Seton Hall Law School, followed by an alphabetical run of annotated materials by subject area focus.

Visiting Professor Agreement 1989

Rodino Research Assistant Work Forms 1993

Class Materials: The Constitution: Law and Public Policy Spring 1994, Fall 1994, Fall 1995

Seminar Notes: Seminar Reserve Books Spring 1996

Seminar Material: Immigration Law and Policy 1997

Seminar Materials Fall 1997

Seminar Materials: The Constitution: Law and Policy Spring 1998

The Constitution: Law and Public Policy, Iran-Contra Materials Spring 1998

Class Evaluations Spring 1998

Class Prep Materials: Class Lecture: Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Longest Debate January 31, 1989

Class Outline: Civil Rights Act of 1957, 1960, 1964 September 19, 20

Class Outlines: Watergate and Impeachment Materials undated

Syllabus: Constitutional Law and Public Policy Spring 1990

Syllabus: The Constitution: Law and Public Policy Spring 1991

Constitution and Public Policy: Congressional Authority to Oversee and Restrain the President Spring, Fall 1992


Seminar Notes: Rodino Seminar Spring 1992

Course Outline: The Constitution: Law and Public Policy, Congressional Authority to Oversee and restrain the President Spring 1993

Seminar Materials: The Constitution: Law and Public Policy: Iran-Contra Materials Spring 1993

Seminar Materials 1993

Seminar Notes: MJ Seminar notes 1993

Class Materials: Constitutional Law and Public Policy, PWR Notes January 24

Bill of Rights Symposium Outline 1989

Bill of Rights Symposium: "Unalienable Rights" The Preamble and the Ninth Amendment: The Spirit of the Constitution 1989

Bill of Rights Symposium: Materials 1989

Bill of Rights Symposium: Fourth Amendment 1989

Bill of Rights Symposium: Ninth Amendment 1989

Bill of Rights Symposium 1989

Bill of Rights Symposium Outlines July 31, 1989

Columbus Day Materials 1991-1992

Rodino Notes: Impeachment undated

PWR Notes undated

Seminar Notes undated

Class Prep Materials: Class Outlines, Civil Rights undated

Class Prep Materials: Penalties for Interference with Civil Rights undated

Class Prep Materials: Congressional Record Remarks 1967, Re: Montclair and Newark Riots undated

Class Prep Materials: PWR Notes undated

Administrative Law undated

Civil Rights: Housing, Fair Housing Amendements Act and Related Materials 1980

Civil Rights: Housing Discrimination, David Mann 2004

Civil Rights undated

Civil Rights: Miller v. Johnson Opinion

Civil Rights: Adarand v. Pena Opinion

Civil Rights: Proposition 187

Civil Rights: Housing, Fair Housing Amendements Act and Related Materials 1983

Civil Rights: Housing, Fair Housing Amendements Act and Related Materials 1988

Civil Rights Act and Related Materials

Civil Rights Act and Related Materials 1991

Civil Rights: Attorney's Fees in Economic and Civil Rights Cases 1984, 1985, 1986

Civil Rights: Busing undated

Civil Rights: Civil Liberties October 2, 1992

Civil Rights: Civil Liberties undated, 1999, September-November 2001

Civil Rights Act and Related Materials: Civil Rights Act 1990

Civil Rights Act and Related Materials: 1989 Supreme Court Decisions on Civil Rights 2001

Civil Rights Act and Related Materials: Supreme Court Decisions, Analysis

Civil Rights Act and Related Materials: Civil Rights Act of 1964

Civil Rights: Annual Reports 1958-85 Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

Civil Rights: Hearings on the Implementation of the IRCA of 1986 Before the Senate

Constitution: Articles

Constitution: Articles

Constitution Materials: The Preamble

Constitution Materials: Draft Preamble

Constitution Papers: Columbia Law Review - Black, "Further Reflections on the Constitutional Justice of Livelihood" 1989

Constitution Materials: Compact with the People, Impeachment: Historical


Immigration: "Comments on Proposed Rule on Detention and Release of Juveniles"

Immigration: Extending and Expanding Legalization: An Advocacy Packet February 1988

Immigration: Historical Review of Immigration Policy

Immigration: House Immigration Bills

Immigration: H.R.1915

Immigration: Immigration Acts and Related Materials

Immigration: INS Factory and Border Raids

Immigration: Legalization Appeals Training Packet, American Bar Association

Immigration: Materials from Houston for Pro Bono/Alien Detention Meeting November 1986

Immigration: Safe Haven Legislation

Immigration: Simpson/Rodino/Mazzoli Immigration Legislation

Immigration Act of 1990

Immigration Act of 1990: S.358

Immigration Act of 1990INS - Budgetary

Immigration Act of 1990: H.R.30 Bill Print Immigration Act of 1985

Immigration Institute of the Rodino Center for Law and Social Justice July 31, 1990

Impeachment: Impeachment of Richard Nixon

Iran Contra: from: The Power Game, Hendrick Smith "Another Reagan Pattern: Short Circuit"

Iran Contra: Letter from Pamela Naughton, Re: Bill Moyers Interview: Iran Contra

Iran Contra: National Security Council

Iran Contra: Questions about Iran Contra

Iran Contra: Report Executive Summary, Additional Views 1987

Bork Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court

Impeachment: Impeachment Notes

Impeachment: Miscellaneous Watergate undated, 1993



Impeachment: Watergate and Impeachment Materials: Nixon Clips 1990




Impeachment: Watergate Power Point, Watergate Chronolgy

Iran Contra: Chronolgy

Iran Contra: Outline

Iran Contra: Update

Iran Contra: Additional Views 1987

Dean's Report 1989, 1993

The Peter A. Rodino, Jr. Law Library and Center for Legal Technology at the Columbus school of Law, The Catholic University of America

Seton Hall University 1989-1990 School of Law Admissions Prospectus 1989-1990

The Dean's Report 1990, Seton Hall University School of Law 1990

The Dean's Report 1993, Seton Hall University School of Law 1993

Seton Hall School of Law, Student Bulletin 1992-1994

Seton Hall School of Law, Student Bulletin 1995-1997

Precis: News for Alumnu and Friends of the Seron Hall University School of Law Winter 1999, Summer 1993

The Alumni Review Magazine Spring 1989

New Jersey Law Journal: survey of New Jersey Law Professors March 3, 1993


The Issues sub-series contains information on Food Safety and Italian American stereotyping, which were issues of interest to Mr. Rodino.

Italian American undated

Italian American Organizations 2004

Italian Issues: Challenge of Crime 1999-2004

Italian Stereotype: "Challenge of Crime in a Free Society" Report 2967 Presidential Commission undated

Italian Stereotype: Information undated

Italian Stereotype: Shark Tale Controversy 1997, 2004

Italo-American Topics undated

Lectures and Speeches 1989-2005

The Lecture and Speeches sub-series contains a range of materials from remarks prepared for the Dukakis campaign, to speeches given before the Peter W. Rodino Jr. Law Society at Seton Hall Law School, and lectures given at Albany Law School, Rutgers University, and St. John’s University.

Newark Public Library 1992

St. John's University, Inaugural Ceremony of the Italian Culture Center October 26, 1992

Remarks Prepared for Dukakis Campaign 1988

Lecture: Rutgers "Living with the Preamble" March 14, 1989

"Reflections on Watergate - Iran Contra" Delivered to Combined Constitutional Law Classes, Rutgers University May 15, 1989

Wake Forest University School of Law: Civil Rights Act Symposium November 10, 1989

Albany Law School: Edward C. Sabota Memorial Lecture: "Perspectives on Watergate and the Iran-Contra Affair" November 16, 1989

Albany Law School December 1989

Legislative Bureau Forum, Health and Education: Consitutional Bases April 19, 1991

Organizations and Associations 1989-2005

The Organizations and Associations sub-series is a record of the organizations to which Mr. Rodino belonged and which he had significant interaction. Of particular note is information on the Dehere Foundation which was founded in 1993 to curb the proliferation of guns and mounting violence in the United States.

Ryan, Beck and Co. 1996

U.S. Association for International Migration 1992

U.S. Association for International Migration 1993

Dehere Foundation 1994

National Commission on Judicial Disclosure 1992

Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Ladies Auxiliary and Civic Association October 22, 1994

Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Law Society 1992, 1993

Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Law Society 1994, 1996

Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Law Society undated, 2002-2004

Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Law Society October 15, 2005

Press and Public Relations 1989-2005

The Press and Public Relations sub-series contains press clippings related to Mr. Rodino from 1989 through 2005, in addition to materials related to interviews given by Mr. Rodino.

Interview Questions, BBC 1993

Press Clippings, Joy Rodino January 26, 2005

Interview Regarding Clinton Impeachment 1998

Press Clippings, PWR Mentioned

Press Clippings undated

Press Clippings 1989

Press Clippings 1990s

Press Clippings, Nixon Funeral 1994

Press Clippings, Clinton Impeachment 1998

Press Clippings 2000s

Publications and Writings

Mr. Rodino’s published writings are included in the Publications and Writings sub-series. Articles published in the Seton Hall Law Review, as well as The Antitrust Bulletin, and the Bankruptcy and Developments Journal, as well as the introduction to a textbook by Gilbert Carrasco, are contained in this sub-sub-series. Also included are unpublished works including materials for Mr. Rodino’s biography and an essay about growing up Italian.

Book: Biography of Peter W. Rodino, Jr. undated

"The Future of Antitrust: Ideology vs. Legislative Intent" Fall 1990

"The Simplest Solution" with Alan Parker 1990

"The President in Crisis: A Conversation with Congressman Rodino" 1999

Book Proposal: Chris Forsyth 1990

"The Joy of Growing Up Italian" undated

Op-Ed: "The Vote That Changed America" July 27, 1999

Op-Ed: " The Asylum Process, Fairness and Public Policy" August 1990

Foreward: Immigration Law Textbook by Gilbert Carrasco Spring 1990

"Unalienable Rights", The Preamble, and the Ninth Amendment: The Spirit of the Constitution with Gilbert Carrasco 1990

"Unalienable Rights: The Preamble, and the Ninth Amendment", Drafts and Notes

Legacy 2005-Present

The Legacy series includes materials relating to Mr. Rodino’s death: the funeral program and other ephemera, obituaries, and condolences sent to his wife, Joy Rodino. Also included are posthumous dedications and awards

Obituary May 2005

Funeral Program and Ephemera May 2005

Condolences May-July 2005

Tribute to Congressman Peter W. Rodino, Jr. May-June 2005

Correspondence, Joy Rodino 2005

Tribute by Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey April 2007