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Senior Research Fellows   


Alison Frimmel, '15
Undergraduate: New York University
Major: History


Adam Kirchner, '15
Undergraduate: Towson University
Major: Political Science
"I chose Seton Hall University because its dual JD/MA program includes extracurricular opportunities like the Center for Policy and Research and the Transnational Justice Project for students to make the pursuit of justice throughout the world part of the academic experience."

130207_SHLS_Kutner-6 small

Alexandra Defoe Kutner, '15
Undergraduate: Bucknell University
Major: Art History

Kaitlyn Lapi-130207_SHLS_Lapi-1_edited-1

Kaitlyn Lapi, '15
Undergraduate: Syracuse University
Major: Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises
Hometown:Bergenfield, NJ

Lechleitner 130207_SHLSr-small

Katherine Lechleitner, '15
Undergraduate: Ursinus College


Jessica Rabkin, '15
Undergraduate: Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Major: Marketing

Christopher Rivera 3

Christopher Rivera, '15
Undergraduate: Marist College
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Bronx, NY
"Law has always been a foreign and cryptic entity to members in my community. A legal education would enable me to creatively combine my interests in both law and business to help those without guidance and proper representation. By becoming a fellow of the Center, I'll be able to continue to gain exposure to real legal issues and work on my research and writing skills. In doing so, I'll be better equipped to help out my clients as a practicing attorney."

Russo 130207_SHLS-2 Tiffany M. Russo, '15
Undergraduate:  Fairleigh Dickinson University

Anna Vaysberg, '15
Undergraduate: Rutgers University
Major: Management, Political Science


Russel Victorio, '15
Undergraduate: Montclair State University
Major:  Justice Studies
Hometown: Roselle Park, NJ
"Becoming a Fellow at the Center for Policy and Research has given me the opportunity to work with, and explore, national and international legal issues. During my first year of law school, it also has given me the opportunity to work with very talented individuals, as well as receive a unique, practical, and very hands-on experience with the law."


Christopher A. Whitten, '15
Undergraduate: Franklin College, NJ
Major: History
Hometown: Middlebury, IN
"The Center for Policy and Research was a huge reason why I came to Seton Hall Law School.  I knew that I wanted to move to the east coast for loaw school, but I also wanted to find a law school where I could work on international law and foreign policy issues.  Once I heard about the Center and the kind of work they do, I knew that Seton Hall Law was where I wanted to be."

Hickman J-130220-0556

Joseph L. Hickman (Sr. Researcher/Special Investigator)
Hometown: Baltimore, MD



Becz Helen-120223-0381a Helen Becz, "14
Undergraduate: Rutgers University
Major: History


Dack Jeremy headshot Jeremy Dack, '14

Undergraduate: University of California-Davis
Major:Political Science
Hometown: Wine Country
"My family has a history of military service. Although my disability prevented me from serving in the Armed Forces; witnessing the challenges family and friends faced when returning from Iraq and Afghanistan opened my eyes to the extreme need of lawyering in the area of veterans disability rights. Advocating for veterans at the VARC allows me to use my passion for disability rights by assisting individuals who have sacrificed life and limbs for my freedom."

Kieran Dowling-130819-0543 small 

Kieran Dowling, '14
Undergraduate: Loyola University, Maryland
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Hershey, PA

Froehlich120223-0911 small

James Froehlich, '14
Undergraduate: University at Buffalo
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Westhampton Beach, NY

Gallivan Dakota3

Dakota Gallivan, '14
Undergraduate: Saint Francis College
Major:  Political Science
Hometown, New York, NY
"Part of my job in Iraq involved working closely with city councils to help them grow from inexperienced, loosely organized groups of people into efficient, purpose-driven official entities. The rule of law began to take root, and its promise brought with it a tentative but palpable sense of hope. This observation gave me a deep respect for public policy and pointed me towards law as both a profession and a tool for societal change.My time in the military allowed me to experience the power and potential of law and its many applications."

Gallagher Ryan 120223-0447 smalljpg

Ryan Gallagher, '14


Paul Juzdan 3

Paul Juzdan, '14
Undergraduate: Seton Hall University
Major: Diplomacy and International Relations
Hometown: Woodland Park, NJ

Andrew Lavadera 3

Andrew Lavadera, '14
Undergraduate: Villanova University
Major: International Business & Management
Hometown: West Windsor, NJ
"The most exhilarating moment of my first semester of law school was arguing against the United States to defend a convicted terrorist. My experience with the Transnational Justice Project deepened my understanding and enabled me to apply my legal knowledge to human civil rights violations around the world."

Matthew Miller 3a 

Matthew Miller, '14
Undergraduate: University of Chicago
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Fanwood, NJ

 Lucas Morgan 3a

Lucas W. Morgan, '14
Undergraduate: Ohio State University
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Manheim, PA


Poupore photo_DSC8307a_edited-1

Kelly G. Poupore, '14
Undergraduate: Notre Dame
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Malone, NY


Mary Lynn Seery, '14
Undergraduate: Catholic University of America

 Shaddick Brandi2 Brandi Kalena Shaddick, '14

Undergraduate:  Syracuse University, Maxwell School
Major: International Studies
Hometown:  Honolulu, Hawaii
Military Service: US Army, Captain
"When I came to law school, I wanted to take advantage of the many opportunities offered. The Center for Policy and Research was at the top of my list because it offered the flexibility to work on its many projects with other dedicated students with similar interests. Because I am a veteran and know the special needs that this population has, I wanted to be involved in an organization which would support these under-served groups in a legal capacity, which also allowed me to learn and to serve former service members."

Rachel Simon, Fellow - Center for Policy & Research

Rachel Simon, '14
Undergraduate: The Juilliard School
Major: Trumpet Performance
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
"I came to Seton Hall University School of Law for precisely the kind of opportunities afforded by the Center for Policy and Research. I've always been enthralled by the legal discourse surrounding the protection of civil liberties in America, but have never had a chance to "get my hands dirty" in the field. Within weeks of arriving at Seton Hall, I was able to get involved in two different cases brought by Guantanamo detainees currently in the D.C. Circuit. For those of us with activist leanings, it doesn't get more exciting than that!"

Stepp Richard-30301-411a

Richard Jared Stepp, '14
Military Service:  U.S. Army, Sergeant

 Jason L Stern 3

Jason L. Stern, '14
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Major: Spanish
Hometown: Paramus, NJ

Kurt Watkins 2 

Kurt Watkins, '14
Undergraduate: Fordham University
Majors: Classical Languages, Philosophy, Political Science
Hometown: Medford, NJ

 Joshua Wirtshafter 3

Joshua Wirtshafter, '14
Undergraduate: Franklin and Marshall College
Major: Religious Studies and Government
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

 Kelly Ross 3

Kelly Ross, '13
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Major:  Political Science
Hometown:  Brick, NJ
"I became a Fellow at the Center for Policy and Research because I believed it offered the opportunity to become involved with current national and international issues. During my time here, my experience has thoroughly exceeded my expectations. The dynamic and collaborative atmosphere that exists within the Center has given me an invaluable practical education of the law that will undoubtedly benefit me though out my legal career."

 Bahadir Ekiz 3

Bahadir Ekiz, '13
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Major:  History (Minor: Law, Politics, & Middle Eastern Studies)
Hometown: Hamilton, NJ
"The Center for Policy and Research has provided me with a unique experience where I was given the opportunity to work on issues that have altered the course of history.  My experiences at the Center have given me a chance to work with exceptionally talented individuals at an early stage in my legal education. My work at the Center will continue to be a very valuable component of my legal training at Seton Hall Law."

 Kelly Taddonio 3

Kelly Ann Taddonio, '13
Undergraduate: Barnard College of Columbia University
Major: Political Science, Environmental Science
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

 Eric K Miller 3

Eric K. Miller, '13
"Working for the Center for Policy and Research has been a phenomenal learning experience that has expanded my interest in global affairs and litigation. The Center has exposed me to a wide array of subjects ranging from the treatment of prisoners in and operations at Guantanamo Bay to the financial management of Lehman Brothers. Working under the guidance of Prof Denbeaux and alongside such intelligent individuals has been an invaluable and enjoyable experience for which I will always be grateful."


Edward P. Dabek, '13

 Sean Kennedy 3

Sean Kennedy, '13
Undergraduate: Seton Hall University
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Monroe, CT
"Working with Professor Denbeaux for the Center for Policy and Research has been the most rewarding, challenging and hilarious experience of my law school career."

 Sara Ben-David 3

Sara Ben-David, '12
Undergraduate: Seton Hall University
Major: English (Honors)
Hometown: Lyndhurst, NJ
"Working at the Center for Policy and Research has given me an exciting sneak peek at the role I hope to play as a lawyer, one whose life is dedicated to the pursuit of truth and to the service of others."

Alex Bregman 3

Alex Bregman, '12
Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania
Majors: History and Political Science
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
"I first heard about Professor Denbeaux and the Center for Policy and Research while reading "The Dark Side" by Jane Mayer and it ended up being one of the main reasons I chose Seton Hall Law School over other law schools. The Center has provided me a unique opportunity to see how the law is applied or at least is supposed to be applied in the real world away from the casebooks."

Grace Brown

Grace Brown, '09
Undergraduate: Clark University - Worcester, MA
Major: Government and International Relations/ Theater Arts ('05)
Masters of Public Administration from Clark University ('06)
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
"Guantanamo has forever changed the role of lawyering. Reading and editing the first hand accounts of lawyers with clients detained at Guantanamo provides a intimate view into the strategies that have been used to overcome the numerous and unprecedented logistical barriers these lawyers have faced."

 Scott Buerkle

Scott Buerkle '11
Undergraduate, Lehigh University
Major: BS. In Finance
Hometown: Montvale, NJ



Sean Camoni '11
Undergraduate: Villanova University
Major: Communication (Masters in Theatre)
Hometown: Jessup, PA"
"When I was making my decision as to which law school to attend, I read some of the Center's work, and was immediately impressed. Until I began working with the Center, I did not realize just how much of the work was done by students. The opportunity to do such meaningful, challenging, exciting work at this stage in my legal training is invaluable."



Megan Chrisner Keefe 

Meghan Chrisner, '11
Undergraduate: Syracuse University
Major: Public Relations
Hometown: Fair Haven, NJ
“The opportunity to work with Professor Denbeaux and my esteemed colleagues has been a true complement to my first-year course of study at Seton Hall Law. It has challenged me to analyze material in a unique manner for a meaningful purpose and has become an important piece of my professional education.”

 Charles Church 3

Charles R. Church, '71
Owner, Law Office of Charles R. Church, LLC
Undergraduate: Dartmouth College
Major: Economics
Hometown: Glenridge


 Matthew Darby

Matthew Darby, '08
Undergraduate: Southwestern University
Major: Music Theory
Hometown: Cameron, TX
“One of the greatest things about the Center is that it is effective. The reports we create are taken seriously by the government. They are attached to Supreme Court briefs and cited in Congressional hearings. How many academic research programs can say that the Department of Defense instructed West Point to respond to their reports?"


Joshua Denbeaux '91
Partner, Law Firm of Denbeaux & Denbeaux
Westwood, NJ
Undergraduate: College of Wooster


Adam Deutsch, '10
Undergraduate: Rutgers College; Rutgers University
Major: Political Science
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
"There are moments in history in which the rules adopted by society at large are challenged by a small group. Daily events carried out in the name of America at Guantanamo Bay and the surrounding War on Terror are such a moment and require analysis and scrutiny. By focusing exclusively on government data we are able to provide judgment-free analysis based on the facts as documented by Americas leadership.”

Jesse Dresser 3 

Jesse Dresser, '11
Undergraduate: University of Connecticut
Major: Political Science
Minor: French
Hometown: Colchester, CT
"Never did I think that I would use my language skills for such a noble cause until I began working with Professor Denbeaux.  Speaking to people halfway around the world in the interests of justice while working to bring out the truth in Guantanamo Bay has led me to a stronger appreciation of the research the Center is doing."

 Douglas Eadie

Douglas Eadie, '09
Undergraduate: Itathaca College
Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Tonawanda, NY

 Shana Brittanae Edwards

Shana Brittanne Edwards, '08
Undergraduate: Virginia Tech
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Roanoke, VA
"I have been privileged to meet and work with habeas litigators from all over the country. I watched as my work was cited by thousands of news outlets around the world. And I learned the law from a different angle, working with facts and real world problems rather than focusing solely on doctrine. My work at the Center has truly enriched my legal education."


Richard Eschle, '10
Undergraduate:  Rutgers College; Rutgers College of Pharmacy
Major: Biology; Pharmacy
Graduate: Rutgers College of Pharmacy
Major: Doctorate of Pharmacy
Hometown: Bound Brook, NJ
"My experience working at the Center allowed me to make tangible contributions to the development of the law."


D. Michelle Fish, '10
Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
Major: EnglishHometown: Spanish Fork, UT
“Not only is the research on Guantanamo Bay eye-opening, it is important because it exposes truth, and it seeks to create accountability in the government. As a result of my experiences working for the Center on Research and Policy, I have a new appreciation for the role the Constitution plays in protecting our individual freedoms.  I’ve learned that transparency in government is extremely important in safe-guarding those freedoms.”

 Christopher Lawrence Fox 3

Christopher Lawrence Fox, '12
Undergraduate: University of Texas
Major: Government
Hometown: Circleville, TX

 Jillian Camarote

Jillian Gautier (formerly Camarote), '09
Undergraduate: The University of Scranton ('06)
Major: Political Science and Philosophy
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


David Gratz '07
Solo Practitioner, Austin, TX
Undergraduate: Texas State University


John Gregorek '07
Undergraduate: Lafayette University
Major: Ecomomics
Hometown: West Windsor, NJ

 Shane Hartman

Shane Hartman, '08
Undergraduate: SUNY at Stony Brook
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL
"Working for the Center was by far the most rewarding and fulfilling work I did in law school. The research we conducted on the legal and policy questions surrounding the Guantanamo detainees brought to life what were only abstract questions in my law school courses and spurred my interest in international law, national security and the judicial process."

 Marisa Hourdajian

Marisa Nicole Hourdajian, '12
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Dumont, NJ


Gabrielle Hughes, '10
Undergraduate: American University
Major: Public Communication/French
Grad School: Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Major: MBA in FinanceHometown: Marietta, OH
“As a new law student, I fully expected to study theory, and Seton Hall is a great forum for doing that.  However, it's what you do outside of those theory-based classes that can define your law school experience.  For me, working on the Guantanamo Reports is an opportunity to apply the skills of lawyering while still in law school.”

 daniel lorenzo

Daniel M. Lorenzo, '09
Undergraduate: Rutgers College
Graduate: Rutgers University
Majors: Literature and Film Studies
Hometown: Wallingford, CT

 Chrystal Loyer 3

Chrystal Loyer, '12
Undergraduate: Rutgers University
Major: Middle Eastern Studies, Persian Literature
Hometown: Fullerton, CA
"I am thrilled and honored to be a part of such a thoughtful, committed group of people. My experience at the Center for Policy and Research has deepened my appreciation for the study of law and has strengthened my belief in the Constitution."


Daniel Mann, '08
Undergraduate: George Mason University ('03)
Major: Government and International Politics
Hometown: Bloomington, Illinois 

 Michael McDonough 3

Michael G. McDonough, '11
Undergraduate: George Washington University
Major:  Religion  (Minor: Philosophy)
Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

 Mark Muoio

Mark Muoio, '09
Undergraduate: Canisius College
Major: English & History
Hometown: Penfield, NY
"I was excited to get my hands on actual data, review it, analyze it and collaborate with talented individuals on relevant and widely publicized finished products."

 Kari Panaccione 3

Kari Panaccione, '12
Undergraduate: Bucknell University
Major: Political Science, Economics
Minor: French
Hometown: Toms River, NJ


Michael J Patterson, '10
Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Political Science, Philosophy
Hometown: Balch Springs, TX

 Courtney Ray

Courtney Ray, '09
Undergraduate: University of California at Los Angeles ('06)
Major: Molecular Cell Developmental Biology
Hometown: Escalon, CA
"The Center has provided the students at Seton Hall a rare opportunity to become fellows in an effort that not only has lead to many publications but recognition across the country for their work. The experience is one of a kind and is something I will forever remember."

 Michael Ricciardelli

Michael Ricciardelli, '08
Undergraduate: Drew University ('91)
Major: English
Hometown: Cranford, NJ

 Megan Sassaman

Megan Sassaman, '08
Undergraduate: New York University
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: South River, New Jersey

Amy Seisminski 3a 

Amy Sieminski, '11
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Major:  Criminology & Justice Studies (Minor: Law, Politics, Philosophy)
Hometown:  Wayne, NJ
"After learning about the contributions that the Center has made to the understanding of international detainee treatment, I felt compelled to get involved with Professor Denbeaux and his team. These contributions have not only increased awareness of the intricacies of international engagement, but have also demonstrated Seton Hall's reputation for excellence.It is an honor to work with such a motivated and intelligent group of students and faculty."

 Helen Skinner

Helen Skinner, '08
Undergraduate: Harvard University
Major: Economics
Hometown: Jefferson, PA

Shannon Sterritt

Shannon Sterritt, '11
Undergraduate: University of Maryland, College Park
Major: Communications (Public Relations)
Hometown: Neshanic Station, NJ
"The Center for Policy and Research has provided me with the unique and exciting experience of applying the classroom knowledge to the 'real world,' only months after beginning my legal education. I have been able to collaborate with amazing individuals on various projects and issues that undoubtedly will change peoples lives."

 Kelli Stout 3

Kelli Stout, '11
Undergraduate: University of Kansas
Major: Political Science and Spanish
Hometown: Derby, KS


Nicholas Stratton 3

Nicholas Stratton, '12
Undergraduate: University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Major: Finance and Operations Management
Hometown: Riverdale, NJ

 Paul Taylor, Fellow for the Center for Research and Policy

Paul W. Taylor, '11
Military: 82D Airborne Division, 2003-2007
Undergraduate: California State University, Sonoma
Major: Pure Mathematics
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
"I would make a statement about my experiences at [Redacted], however much of it is classified and/or subject to a court issued protective order. I do believe that I am free to say this: [Redacted] has given me the unique opportunity to [Redacted], to meet [Redacted], and to spend my summers at [Redacted]. This has been a truly great experience."

Philip John Taylor 3

Philip John Taylor, '12
Undergraduate: George Washington University
Major: Political Science
Hometown: South Glens Falls, NY
"I am honored to have been allowed the opportunity to work for the Center for Policy and Research, not only because of the invaluable experience I have gained, but also because I have been able to work along side Professor Denbeaux and amongst a diverse and intelligent group of human beings.  For that I am truly grateful."

Lauren Winchester 3

Lauren Winchester, '12
Undergraduate: Carnegie Mellon University
Majors: Political Science and International Relations
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
"Prior to starting at SHU Law, I had heard about and read some of the reports produced by the Center for Policy and Research. The work that the Center does was particularly interesting to me because of my background in political science and coursework in human rights. Working for the Center has allowed me to continue pursuing my interests in public policy analyses while also expanding my knowledge as we consider the applications of our findings to the law."