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Current Applied Research Projects:

  1. Accountability and Transparency in Governance of Charitable Corporations:  Canon and Civil Law.
  2. Examination of the use of various legal instruments for the management and protection of assets among related corporations:  Charitable Trusts, Community Foundations, Supporting Foundations, etc.
  3. A desk manual for management and directors of charitable organizations addressing such issues as:
    1. the inter-relationship of state law, IRS and Independent Sector principles of good governance;
    2. fundraising among related corporations;
    3. board responsibilities;
    4. independence of appointed directors;
    5. Uniform Management of Institutions Act, Uniform Prudential Investment Act;
    6. transfer of governance control from religious entity to lay control—explanation of relationship between canon law and American law;
    7. explanation of public juridic persons created in canon law to succeed to the governance positions in corporations formerly held by religious institutes;
    8. development of joint ventures with other religious and non-religiously affiliated organizations;
    9. ramifications of developing alternate sources of revenue;
    10. role of state law in related corporations incorporated in different states;
    11. religious affiliation and access to government contracts.