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Basic Street Safety Tips   

It is of paramount importance that the safety and security of the entire Seton Hall Law School community is maintained at all times. Please review the below topics on how best to prepare yourself in the event of an emergency:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times and trust your instincts. Listen and be aware of any unusual occurrence. Do not wear any device in your ear, i.e. I-Pod, Bluetooth while walking on the street. Keep your head up and observe your surroundings.

  • Know where you’re going and the safest way to get there, especially when it is dark. Travel with someone else and travel in well lit areas.

  • Have a plan of action in mind if confronted with a dangerous situation. Know the telephone numbers of the Police and Fire Departments, i.e. 911, (973) 733-6000 (Police) and (973) 733-7400 (Fire). The number for the Central Security Desk is (973) 642-8725.

  • Avail yourself to the shuttle service (more info on this) or take a taxi.

  • Carry a whistle or some other type of noisemaker.

  • Keep purses and packages secured tightly next to your body.

  • Carry only what you need. Do not carry a large amount of cash and do not exhibit flashy jewelry.

  • Exercise caution when using an ATM machine (there is one located in the building outside the Alumni/Development area on the second floor). Only use the ATM in well-lit, well-trafficked areas.

  • If you are being followed (or think so), let that person know you are being followed. Change directions and/or pick up your pace. Walk into the nearest public place and use a phone to summon for help.

  • If you are assaulted or accosted, DO NOT RESIST. Try to remain calm and hand over to the assailant whatever he/she is looking for.

  • If you have parked your vehicle in the street or the garage, take all items of value out of sight and place them in the trunk.