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Event Planning Checklist   


chck_box Determine whether your organization will honor someone with an award. If so, identify the nominee and immediately begin the nomination process by submitting to the Office of Student Services the University Honors Recommendation Form along with a letter of recommendation outlining the characteristics of the honoree that warrant recognition.


chck_box Submit an Event Request Form. (Consult the "EMS Law School Calendar" for guidance in choosing dates for consideration. Be aware of any conflicts with other organizations.) After obtaining approval of the Event Request Form, confirm dates with the Office of Student Services and/or Gina Fondetto.

chck_box Prepare a detailed budget for the event that includes itemized expenses and the expected revenue from ticket sales. Include the number of tickets expected to be sold. Contact any speaker(s) or honoree(s) that you want to attend your event. Confirm availability of dates/times and send a follow up letter to him/her. Do not contact an honoree in advance of receiving approval from the University.

chck_box Contact the Office of Student Services if a down payment or deposit for goods or services is needed.

chck_box Draft an event preparation timeline and assign tasks to organization members. Set deadlines for sending invitations, ordering food and for any other activity that must be done in advance of the event date.

chck_box Send a memo to the Office of Student Services with an overview of finalized details including verification that rooms were reserved with Gina Fondetto.


chck_box Prepare mailing lists for invitations (see Alumni or Career Services for guidance).

chck_box Meet with the Office of Student Services for invitation approval and contact printer for timeline.

chck_box Determine where responses will be sent, who will collect them and when to set RSVP deadline. If RSVPs are being sent to Student Services, advise them of such.

chck_box Meet with Janet LeMonnier, Director of Communications, to prepare an advertising campaign.

chck_box Submit to the Office of Student Services any requests for payments to vendors – check requests take several weeks to process – allow ample time.


chck_box Send out invitations. Hand deliver faculty/administration invitations.

chck_box Arrange for payments to vendors.

chck_box Arrange for an alcohol sponsor, if applicable.

chck_box Prepare letter to speaker/honoree with a deadline for return of the following information:

  1. Curriculum vitae or biography for his or her introduction
  2. Audio- visual needs, dietary preferences
  3. Hotel and travel accommodations
  4. Contact information


chck_box Maintain a list of attendees (first and last name, affiliation, class) to be given to the Office of Student Services immediately before the event.

chck_box Reserve table for ticket sales in the Atrium. Obtain cash box from Student Services and review Money Collection Policy before selling tickets.

chck_box Finalize menu (consult with Gina Fondetto or Culinart, if applicable).

chck_box Notify Kathy Eagan if media is attending

chck_box Meet with the Office of Student Services to review program schedule

chck_box Provide Dean Hobbs, Dean Boozang and/or Dean Cornwell with speaker/honoree information for introductions, comments, etc.

chck_box Follow up with guests regarding travel and hotel reservations.

chck_box Make nameplates for speakers.

chck_box Prepare name tags if using (if plastic name tags are preferred, you must order them in advance).

chck_box Advertise your event – prepare signs – contact Gina Fondetto for large signs, have smaller posters approved by someone in the Office of Student Services.

chck_box Contact Student Services to send out a broadcast email.

chck_box Advise your guests as to where you will greet them.


chck_box Finalize room set up with Gina Fondetto.

chck_box Set up registration table.

chck_box Greet guests and inquire about any needs – a place to put belongings, water, etc.


chck_box Send thank you letters

chck_box Meet with the Office of Student Services and/or the SBA Treasurer to finalize all financial matters.

chck_box Promptly submit all receipts to the SBA Treasurer.