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Cancellation Fees Acknowledgment and Agreement   

I,  , am a student/non-student participant in the Seton Hall Law School Zanzibar Winter Intersession Study Abroad Program.

  1. I understand that Seton Hall Law School will be booking hotel space and arranging for transfers, air flights, ferry transportation, safari services, if applicable, and other incidental travel particulars on my behalf. I also understand that, as part of that process, Seton Hall Law School will be advancing funds to a travel agent, and, if applicable, a destination management outfitter, on my behalf, for the purpose of securing space in the hotels, and reserving space on airlines, safari vehicles, ferries, buses and for other incidental and related purposes.
  2. Seton Hall Law School has been advised that the travel agent and the destination management outfitter both impose a 50% cancellation penalty for any cancelled booking occurring between 60 days and 30 days of scheduled arrival in Tanzania and a 100% cancellation penalty occurring on or after 29 days of scheduled arrival in Tanzania.
  3. I understand that, if I am a student participant in the Program, charges incurred for my transfers/transportation within Tanzania and stays at the Movenpick Hotel in Dar Es Salaam and the Chavda Hotel in Zanzibar will appear on my tuition bill. This charge will total approximately $1,500.
  4. If I am a non-student participant (e.d. family member or friend accompanying a student), I understand that I will be responsible for paying the aforementioned transportation and hotel charges, namely the charges for the Movenpick Hotel, Millennium Sea Breeze Resort, and Mazsons or Chavda Hotel and other incidental charges, directly to the travel agent, upon presentation of an invoice.
  5. If I am participating in the Seton Hall Law School post-program safari, whether student or non-student, I shall pay Seton Hall Law School approximately $2,300 for hotel charges, vehicle charges, safari services, airfare, and other incidentals connected with the safari, and Seton Hall Law School shall then forward this amount to the destination management outfitter. The safari charges and the incidental charges connected with it are also subject to the above-stated cancellation policy.

By submitting this online Study Abroad Cancellation Fees Acknowledgment and Agreement, I agree to be bound by the cancellation policies stated herein and I understand and agree that, if I cancel my participation in the Program and/or the safari, within 60 days of my scheduled arrival in Tanzania, I will lose 50% of any sums paid by or owed by me for hotels, safari services, transfers, airfares, and the like, and further understand and agree that if I cancel my participation the Program and/or the safari within 29 days of my scheduled arrival in Tanzania, I will lose 100% of any sums paid or owed by me. In either such aforementioned event, I understand and agree that I may be billed such amounts by Seton Hall Law School, should Seton Hall Law School be required to pay said amounts to the travel agent or any outfitter, hotel, airline, transfer agent, or other supplier of travel services.