Current Students

General Information   

A student may choose either full time-study (normally six semesters taken during the day) or part-time study (normally eight semesters taken during the evening) to obtain the Juris Doctor degree. A transfer between the two divisions is subject to permission of the Dean of Students and must be applied for in writing.

Students should consult the academic bulletin in planning curricula. Care must be taken to meet residency requirements and to follow ABA and Law School rules and regulations on writing requirements, maximum and minimum credit loads, restrictions on employment hours, etc.

The first year and a half in the full-time division or two years in the part-time division have a curriculum which is predominantly mandatory. These classes are the foundation for later electives, seminars and clinical work. Upperclass students have wide latitude in program planning, and many focus their studies in particular fields. The law school has two formal "concentrations." Detailed instructions are included with registration materials distributed to students in the fall and spring.