Journals Write-on Competition   


[email protected] | 201-407-0568

The Summer 2020 Journals Write-on Competition for Transfer Students begins August 2 and ends August 16, 2020. Questions may be sent to [email protected]

Competition entries must be submitted in Microsoft Word .docx format and all metadata must be removed from the document. Submissions received in a format other than Microsoft Word .docx format will not be graded.


If you have questions during the competition, submit them to the discussion board.

Access the Journal Competition Discussion Board via LawNet and follow instructions listed under the "Discussion Board Access" below.

Do NOT speak to any journal members directly during the course of the competition. To submit a question, you must use the Blackboard discussion thread. The journal Editors-in-Chief will respond to your questions as soon as possible. Check the site frequently whether you have questions or not, as it will contain important information. The steps for submitting a question are as follows:

Discussion Board Access

  1. Login to LawNet/PirateNet
  2. Click on the Blackboard icon in the upper right hand corner.
  3. In the “My Organizations” box click on “Law_Student_Services.”
  4. Click “Discussion Board” button (left navigation).
  5. Click “2020 Journal Write-on Competition Q&A.”
  6. Select the Reply button and change the Subject area to include your topic. Type your message in the Message box.

If you experience issues with accessing the discussion board, please contact [email protected] for access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This competition is based on anonymity. To avoid disqualification once competition has started, please do not contact the Journal members directly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ana Santos, [email protected] who will be the liaison between the student(s) and the Journal members.