Self-Scheduled Exams   

Fall 2021 Semester Updates (10/26/21)

  1. All upper-class exams will be done remotely starting Wednesday, December 8th.
  2. All Required DAY 1L, and WEEKEND 1L, 2L,courses will have their exams administered in person on their scheduled day/time.
  3. All Required DAY 2L,3L and WEEKEND 3L, 4L courses, and bar courses (ex. Wills, Trusts and Estates and Criminal Procedure Inv Arr Counsel) will have their exams administered remotely, with security,on their scheduled day/time.
  4. The above list is not considered to be complete and exhaustive and faculty may direct enrollment services to use remote security on additional exams as they deem necessary.
  5. The remote security to be used on these exams will be the exam ID and exam monitor security addons to the examplify exam software. A web-camera that works with exemplify is required.
  6. All other courses will be Remote, either as a Take Home or Self Scheduled Exams.

Self-Scheduled Exams Policy

Note: The policy below will be activated after we resume a normal schedule, possibly 2021-2022.

  1. All courses with an enrollment of 35 or fewer students will have self-scheduled exams unless a take-home is being given in the course(s).

  2. A student may self-schedule an exam(s) by selecting his or her desired date and time, and entering the required information. The system is first-come, first-serve. A student must place his or herself on the "self-schedule" schedule no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, December 1st.

  3. Self-scheduled exam times are only available during the examination period that has been scheduled for in-class exams.

  4. Once a student “locks in” to sit for a self-scheduled exam, then the same rules that govern in-class exams will apply if a student seeks to be excused (See Examination Emergencies). Students may only "lock in" once for each self-scheduled exam.  A student may change an exam that he or she has "locked in" only with the permission of the Dean of Students. If a student "locks in" and fails to sit for the exam (unexcused), he or she will be withdrawn from the course.

  5. A student “locking in” to a self-scheduled exam cannot claim an examination conflict based upon the date and time they selected.