Self-Scheduled Exams   

Self-Scheduled Exams Policy

  1. All courses with an enrollment of 50 or fewer students will have self-scheduled exams unless a take-home is being given in the course(s).

  2. A student may self-schedule an exam(s) by selecting his or her desired date and time, and entering the required information. The system is first-come, first-serve. A student must place themselves on the "self-schedule" schedule no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, May 1st.

  3. Self-scheduled exam times are only available during the examination period that has been scheduled for in-class exams.

  4. Once a student “locks in” to sit for a self-scheduled exam, then the same rules that govern in-class exams will apply if a student seeks to be excused (See Examination Emergencies). Students may only "lock in" once for each self-scheduled exam.  A student may change an exam that he or she has "locked in" only with the permission of the Dean of Students. If a student "locks in" and fails to sit for the exam (unexcused), he or she will be withdrawn from the course.

  5. A student “locking in” to a self-scheduled exam cannot claim an examination conflict based upon the date and time they selected.

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