Environmental Law Society (ELS)   

About Environmental Law Society (ELS)

Current President(s): Jamie Mitrovic - [email protected]

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) provides students with a forum to explore and advocate for environmental law and policy. The ELS seeks to raise awareness about environmental issues plaguing the planet and the myriad remedies to these unique problems. Such areas include litigation and policymaking surrounding climate change, sustainable development, and conservation efforts both in New Jersey and throughout the United States.

The ELS seeks to be a resource for anyone in the Seton Hall community who wishes to pursue a career in environmental activism, environmental law, renewable energy law, and any other legal career related to environmental conservation and sustainability. Through regular meetings, correspondence, networking events, and social activities, the Environmental Law Society hopes to provide a hub of communication for those seeking information about environmental law and a space within which to discuss and debate environmental challenges and ideas facing the legal community.

Board Members:

Vice President: Nathaniel Waldman - [email protected]
Secretary: open
Treasurer: Reghan E Pattwell - [email protected]
Weekend Liaison: Shawn Tuman - [email protected]
SBA Representative: Shawn Tuman - [email protected]