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Note: Responses and/or resolutions to reports received anonymously will be posted here.

On April 25, 2022 we received three complaints of students using a model answer for Professor Franzese’s Property course for exam prep. We investigated the matter and did not see that this was possible. We discussed the complaints with Professor Franzese. Professor Franzese does not ever distribute model answers. Additionally It would be impossible for a student to print out an answer from a prior exam done in Exam Soft or Examplify. Professor Carmella does provide students with sample “good” answers and it is possible students had been given these answers and were using them to study. This would not be a violation of any kind. Barring additional information or students appearing in person to discuss this matter, nothing further can be done.

On May 3, 2021 an anonymous report of possible impermissible conduct involving take-home exams was submitted. The complaint was thoroughly investigated. The co-investigators concluded that there was not enough evidence to substantiative the allegations in the complaint. Additionally, assuming the allegation was true for one of the exams involved, because of the format and instructions, there would have been no harm done nor any advantage created. Finally, there were reasonable explanations for the reported behaviors. Therefore at the conclusion of the investigation the matter was dropped.

An anonymous report of possible plagiarism on the Lawyering assignment due March 5, 2022 was made on March 2, 2022. The allegation was investigated and there was no evidence of wrongdoing.