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On 8/24/2021 we received an anonymous submission expressing a concern over the lack of tables in front of the library.  Please see response below.

Thank you for your feedback.  The Rodino Center Reading Room was one of the main event spaces during Orientation. As a result, the carpet required cleaning and the furniture was temporarily moved so this could take place. We will return the tables and soft seating to the space as soon as possible.


Note: Responses and/or resolutions to reports received anonymously will be posted here.

On May 3, 2021 an anonymous report of possible impermissible conduct involving take-home exams was submitted. The complaint was thoroughly investigated. The co-investigators concluded that there was not enough evidence to substantiative the allegations in the complaint. Additionally, assuming the allegation was true for one of the exams involved, because of the format and instructions, there would have been no harm done nor any advantage created. Finally, there were reasonable explanations for the reported behaviors. Therefore at the conclusion of the investigation the matter was dropped.