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Network Accounts   

Network Accounts - Local Active Directory (AD), Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg

Once admitted to Seton Hall Law School, students are provided with a local Microsoft Active Directory (AD) account that grants them access to local resources within the law building, at over 100 computer stations in our computer labs, library and clinic, our print release stations, copiers and our wireless network. From our workstations you can access local programs such as Word and Excel, connect to the Internet at high speed, and through the Internet and our Portal reach your Microsoft Office 365 account where you can view your email, store documents to your cloud storage (OneDrive) and access many other tools and services. Please see our our Portal link for more details and instructions...

Using your Local AD Account on Lab, Library and Clinic workstations

To login on any of the local law school devices listed above, please use your local AD username and password.  Your username (also known as your shortname) is an 8 letter code usually consisting of the first 6 letters of your LAST name and the first 2 of your FIRST name. If your last name is less than 6 letters then your code is your entire last name and as much of your first name as needed to reach 8 letters. (Ex: SMITHJOE for Joe Smith).  If your last and first name together do not consist of 8 letters, then use your entire last name and entire first name. (Ex. BELLJOE for Joe Bell).  If your last name is a common name, your shortname may have already been taken by another SHU student so your pattern may be the first 6 of your last name, then the 1st letter of your first name...  then a number..  (Ex: MILLERS1 for Stephen Miller)

Your first time password is a combination of the letters "SHLS" in CAPs, then the last 4 of your Student ID, then the "##" sign. (Ex. SHLS0000##)

Please note that your local AD account and your cloud LawNet/Portal account are separate accounts with separate passwords. 

While your username is always the same on both accounts, changing the password on one account does not change the password on the other.  This is by design, as one account is for local law school resources and managed locally, while the other account is for cloud resources such your Office 365 email, OneDrive storage, Blackboard and other outside law school resources, and managed outside the law school. Many students manually synchronize their passwords on the two accounts to make it easier to remember, but please note that each account has a different password change schedule.

Also, while your local AD account provides you with a small amount of local network storage in a "home" folder, that directory is only accessible on workstations within the law school building, and cannot be reached on our wireless network or off campus.  Therefore we recommend using OneDrive for your document storage so that files can be accessed from anywhere, including your laptop.  Please do not use your local network home folder for game storage, .exe files, jpgs, pics or any other picture or movie files, or any non-school related documents.


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