Network Accounts - Local and Cloud Accounts

Network Accounts - Local AD Account, Cloud AD Account, Lexis, Westlaw

Once admitted to Seton Hall Law School, students are provided with two primary Active Directory (AD) accounts...  a local account to access local resources inside the law building such as wireless, printing and copying, and a Cloud account to access cloud resources such as our University Portal, Microsoft email, OneDrive storage, Blackboard, Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. 

For both accounts, your username is the same code...  which is an 8 letter code usually consisting of the first 6 letters of your LAST name and the first 2 of your FIRST name. If your last name is less than 6 letters then your code is your entire last name and as much of your first name as needed to reach 8 letters. (Ex: SMITHJOE for Joe Smith).  If your last and first name together do not consist of 8 letters, then use your entire last name and entire first name. (Ex. BELLJOE for Joe Bell).  If your last name is a common name, your shortname may have already been taken by another SHU student so your pattern may be the first 6 of your last name, then the 1st letter of your first name...  then a number..  (Ex: MILLERS1 for Stephen Miller) 

Your first time password for local account is a combination of the first 4 letters of your last name in CAPITAL letters, then the last 4 numbers of your Student ID, then 2 pound signs "##" . (Ex. LAST0000##)

Your first time password for cloud account is a combination of the first 4 letters of your last name in CAPITAL letters, then the last 6 numbers of your Student ID, then 4 pound signs "####" . (Ex. LAST000000####)

Please note that while your local account and cloud account have the same username, they are separate accounts, with separate passwords.  Changing the password on one account does not change the password on the other.  This is by design, as your local account is intended for local services only (wireless and printing) and managed inside the law building, while your cloud account is intended for cloud services and managed outside the law building. Please note that each account has a different password change schedule...

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