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The Center for Social Justice (CSJ) and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) released a report, Discharge, Deportation, and Dangerous Journeys: A Study on the Practice of Medical Repatriation, documenting an alarming number of cases in which U.S. hospitals have forcibly repatriated vulnerable undocumented patients, who are ineligible for public insurance as a result of their immigration status, in an effort to cut costs.


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Clinical Course Eligibility Requirements

You must apply now to enroll in a clinic for following semesters:
Fall 2016 & Spring 2017. 

The minimum cumulative GPA to enroll in a clinical course is 2.60. If your GPA is between 2.33 (probation level) and 2.60, you may seek a waiver of the GPA requirement by including within the short essay referenced on the first page of the application form an explanation of why you believe a GPA waiver is appropriate. Such applications will be reviewed by the clinical faculty and then, in appropriate circumstances, will be passed along to the Associate Dean for approval.

Clinical positions are open to all students, both part-time and full-time, who have completed Evidence, Persuasion & Advocacy, and Professional Responsibility before the semester in which they wish to enroll in a clinical course. If you will not have completed all these courses prior to the semester in which you seek to enroll in a clinic, please contact Lori Borgen, Associate Director of the CSJ, at to discuss your options.

We invite and encourage part-time and evening students to apply for a clinic. All clinics will require at least some time from students during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm). However, we are able to set the time for the weekly 2-hour clinical seminar for some clinics to accommodate evening and part-time students with less flexibility in their day-time schedule. Please address any concerns or constraints you might have as an evening or part-time student as part of your statement of interest in applying for a clinic.

Clinical students who have completed two-thirds of the credits required for graduation, i.e., 59 credits, are eligible to appear in state and federal court. All clinical students are eligible to appear in administrative court (such as immigration court). Enrollment preference is given to students who will have completed 59 credits before enrollment.

The Juvenile Justice Clinic is a three-credit course with separate grades for the two-credit clinical component and one credit for the seminar. The Impact Litigation Clinic is a full-year course allocated at two credits in the fall and three credits in the spring, with separate grades for the seminar and clinical component. All the other clinics have a one-credit seminar and a four-credit clinical component that are graded separately.

All the clinics require an average of approximately 15 hours of work per week, and some weeks may require considerably more time (and some less). Taking a course in the clinics is an extremely valuable opportunity to learn how to be a lawyer, to gain practical experience under careful supervision, and to make your résumé attractive to employers who know that clinic graduates are well-prepared to function as attorneys. You should be aware, however, that working in a clinic requires a significant time commitment, one that may well be greater than what is required for other courses awarding five academic credits. Please think through whether you are able to make this commitment before you apply for (and certainly, before you accept) a clinical position. It is generally not wise to do an AWR and a clinic in the same semester. If you have any concerns about your ability to devote enough time to the clinic, please speak with the professor who directs the clinic prior to accepting a position.

Prior to the start of the law school's registration period for fall 2016, you will be notified by email if you are receiving an offer to enroll in a clinic. Please note that clinics may make offers at different times, so if one clinic has made an offer to one student, that does not mean that all offers have been made by other clinics, or even by that clinic.

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