A Diverse Community   

About our Diverse Community

At Seton Hall Law, diversity in all its forms is an essential part of who we are. We strive for diversity in thought, belief, and perspective as well as cultural, religious, ethnic, and gender diversity. Our community is enriched when students from different economic and educational backgrounds and geographic regions come together to learn, analyze, and reform the law. To quote Justice O’Connor, “Diversity promotes learning outcomes, and better prepares students for an increasingly diverse workforce and society, and better prepares them as professionals.”

As part of Seton Hall Law’s continuing efforts to promote a diverse and inclusive academic environment and to help increase diversity within the legal profession, Dean Patrick E. Hobbs created the Dean’s Diversity Council, an advisory body comprised of faculty, administrators, alumni, staff, and student leaders. The Council supports the Law School’s efforts to recruit students from diverse backgrounds and offers guidance to student organizations seeking to enrich the experiences of a diverse student body.

An integral component in our efforts to promote diversity is our pipeline programs that reach out to educationally and or economically disadvantaged students as early as eighth grade and high school and college. Through such programs, Seton Hall Law faculty, administrators and students not only play a role in fulfilling our mission of social justice, but also help to shape and improve the legal profession. We encourage you to explore our Vision for Diversity, our programs and initiatives, offer your suggestions, and discover how you can become involved in these important efforts.


Chair, Diversity Council


Kristin Johnson
Professor of Law