Fast Facts about Seton Hall Law   

The only private law school in New Jersey, Seton Hall University School of Law is located in the City of Newark, New Jersey’s largest city.

Seton Hall Law offers both full-time and part-time programs leading to the Juris Doctor (J.D.), Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Health Law, Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property Law, and Master of Science in Jurisprudence (M.S.J.) degrees.

Now in its second-half century, Seton Hall Law has achieved national distinction in the areas of health and pharmaceutical law, intellectual property law, public interest and government service, and international and corporate practice
Seton Hall Law is home to four centers focused on health law, intellectual property law, public interest law, social justice, and public policy.

Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy - an independent think tank advancing the search for solutions to the ethical, legal, and social issued in the health and pharmaceutical arenas. Building upon Seton Hall Law’s nationally rated Health Law and Policy program, the Center also provides complicate training on the federal and state mandates applying to the safety and promotion of drugs and devices.

Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology - focusing on intellectual property law and the legal issues surrounding recent scientific and technological advances, the Institute serves as a forum for the discussion of challenges arising from innovations in the life-sciences and information technologies.

Center for Social Justice - offering one of the most comprehensive clinical and pro bono programs in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, CSJ consists of five clinics centered on Civil Litigation, Impact Litigation, Family Law, Immigration and Human Rights, and Juvenile Justice. Student opportunities with CSJ begin the first year of law school.

Center for Policy & Research - provides law students with a unique opportunity to develop their analytical skills by working on subjects of national importance, including national security, interrogation and intelligence gathering, and forensics.  
The Seton Hall Law faculty consists of nationally respected scholars and sought-after experts in fields ranging from corporate governance and finance, to health law, intellectual property law, international law, labor and employment law, and public interest law.
Students at Seton Hall Law produce three journals: Seton Hall Law ReviewSeton Hall Legislative Journal, and Seton Hall Circuit Review; and participate in 44 student organizations.

Seton Hall Law alumni are found on the federal and state benches, in top law firms, major corporations, and government agencies across the country and increasingly throughout the world. Consider this network of 15,000 alumni, spread across the country, part of your professional network once you join the Seton Hall Law community.

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