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Image of John Kip Cornwell.

Interim Dean John Kip Cornwell

You are starting your path to becoming a Seton Hall Lawyer at a remarkable moment in our nation’s history.

We cycled through a pandemic, the effects of which continue impact our lives. Technology will forever be a key part of our professional and personal interactions. The issues lawyers and public policy makers are being called upon to resolve will mean the difference between poverty and survival for many. Our cities are being reimagined and our work lives restructured. We are grappling with the unfinished moral imperative that we create a society and legal system that achieves equality for all, regardless of gender, race, national origin, or LGBTQ status.

These challenges are opportunities: to reconceive the law and our legal system, as well as our fundamental social structures, both domestically and globally. That you are starting your legal career now provides you with the opportunity to reshape the world in which you will raise your families and pursue your professional path. Seton Hall Law will educate you well, equip you with the skills to make a difference, and inspire you to be a change agent.

The Seton Hall Law network — faculty, students, and alumni — embrace you and commit to supporting you as you discover and pursue your aspirations. Your journey will be unlike that of those who have come before or will follow you. But the destination will be the same — you will become a Seton Hall Lawyer driven by the desire to make a difference. And with a Seton Hall law degree, you can accomplish anything.

Welcome to Seton Hall Law.

John Kip Cornwell 
Interim Dean and Professor of Law

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